Tara Pagan

The day of the total solar eclipse of 2017.
If nature did not create it, we do not need it...including specialized solar eclipse glasses!
I looked directly at the eclipse through my regular prescription sunglasses, I would not have been able to see anything without my prescription lenses, and my eyes are fine. :)
I am not telling anyone to do this, just reporting my experience, and I know others have also looked at an eclipse with bare eyes, without experiencing any optical damage.
The clouds are there to help! When a cloud passes over a solar eclipse, you can see the phases beautifully! Otherwise the sun is too bright & all you can see is a spot of light.
I was curious what sales were like for these glasses, here is 1 article I found:
"One of the approved manufacturers selling the special glasses, American Paper Optics, has sold 45 million pairs over the last two years — 10 million since mid-July, said John Jerit, president of the Memphis, Tennessee-based company." $2-$12 per pair....times 10 million -since only July-...and these numbers are for just ONE of the many, with ALL the different manufacturer sales pretty big business!
Me and the bird babies at Lake Colorado City State Park.
I am traveling north to COOOOOL Colorado again, fleeing from the heat.
Since I am going to be outdoors frequently, I need to be in a comfortable climate.
I will come out of hiding after the summer heat subsides lol.
I have been running more lately, and it feels great. Running is a wonderful way to release mental, and physical, stress! It is also a great way to help burn excess pounds.
My legs are already looking and feeling tighter, leaner, and more shapely. ;)-
Get your running game on! XOXO
Beautiful scenery, this park was so quiet, not crowded at all. I was the ONLY one in the entire camping area lol, it was wonderfully private, not a soul around anywhere.... :)

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