tara raw vegan goddess father

Kiss from father.

He is not listening to my very interesting and important story.

We were both born on the 1st.💚

Stephen Michael Pagan ~ Sept. 1, 1953 - Jan. 21, 2008


 Mother sent me this photo and said:

"We were at Disneyland, but this was your happiest face all day."

Well, what is more fun than dad hanging you upside down by your ankles? Nothing!

My daddy was so handsome. :) He had his bad, deadly habits, but

he stayed trim and fit until the day he died. I hope I see him again.

My cute mother, way before she she had me. 1950's

My mother in her childhood.

She could walk across a basketball court on her hands. ;)-

I guess I should learn...!

Melinda Ryan



My tiny mother, in the middle, with all of her sisters...my aunties XOXO.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Deborah, Melinda, Pamela, Jonelle



Momma bonita & I, 1 million years ago...piece of cake, right mom..?



Never change lol...little me.

My mother actually posed me this way, for the photo...lol, cute!



Anyone need sand..? I thought so...



My awesome father built this for us, with his own hands, he was a great carpenter. :)

He also painted it a really cool camouflage pattern, he was a terrific artist, but the stupid city made him paint over it.   >:(  I am a Bitter Betty!!!

Wish we had snapped a photo before he painted over his neat design. :(



Winning.... :)

Our old poodle Chelsea...sweet girl R.I.P. XOXO



Poco, half chihuahua half dachshund, sweet girl R.I.P. XOXO



Art school days, around 22 years old.

Heading out on the town lol.

Super long hair, & way over-plucked eyebrows! Lol

I am growing my hair long again!


27- ish years old, living & dancing in Los Angeles.


Mi en Sea Rim State Park June, 2017....SO much fun! XOXO



Mi hermanito and I, many moons ago in Texas. 

*Photo of my hot momma coming soon ;)-


My full name is Tara Michelle Pagan, and I was born in Houston, Texas on March 1st, 1979. 

Gardening, traveling, playing with animals, exploring nature, foraging wild foods, dancing, drawing, painting, swimming, sunbathing, loving, relaxing, and nudity (lol) are my "favorite things". 

In October, 2011 I was convinced to stop eating animal products, which was perhaps the best decision of my life!

I literally feel reborn, and estranged from the person I was prior to this change.

The purpose of my life is to be an example, proof, and evidence that humans....are....herbivores, not omnivores. 

Good health is not dependent upon bloodshed, or depriving a baby animal of it's mother's milk.

This is wonderful news! I believe all people would be truly happy about this, but I digress. 

I grew up in The Woodlands, TX, and after graduating high school there, I traveled to Sarasota, Florida and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art in illustration from a private art college, Ringling School of Art & Design. Ringling was the college I chose, after my applications were accepted into all 5 top rated, reputable art schools around the country I had applied to ;)-. Florida was my final preference, simply because...sun and hot beach! The other colleges were located in northern states, in the cold lol. 

After graduating art school, I moved back to Texas, where I lived in Houston for a few years, then I traveled to Los Angeles, California where I lived for about 4 years, focusing highly on my dancing passion over that span of time. I then moved back to Texas, to live in Austin. After a few years in Austin, I was finally, magically enlightened. 

A divine intervention of sorts?

Diet, gardening, fitness, and environmental awareness have since captured my attention, and so here I am, typing my autobiography on my new website, dedicated to highlighting the crucial importance of eating well, staying physically active, nonessential material irreverence, having compassion for animals, caring for the Earth, and caring also for the universe!

To be continued...thank you for reading. ~Tara 

*The color palettes, fonts, logo, artwork, and page layouts of this website are all designed by me (I do not create the actual fonts lol, to be exact, I just choose which font to use).

I add all of the pages, I take all photos used on my website, record all videos, upload videos & photos, write text content, design the page layouts, create all artwork and logos used, choose the color schemes, etc.

Shopify handles the technical developing, coding, and such, thank you!

Moi en Florida Keys, 2017

tara raw vegan goddess vegan dog

Harley Boo, sweet girl. Austin, TX 2017


Website established in April 2017.