Running Naked Through Nature!🔸

Tara Raw Vegan Goddess

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Running Naked Through Nature!🔸

Being naked, outdoors, in nature...yesss! This is the way life was truly meant to be.

One of the most natural, funnest things in the world to do, very healing, just like laughing!

A powerful, natural, antidepressant! If you are feeling blue, get nude & walk around your backyard, or a park! So simple, but so exhilarating!

When was the last time you set yourself free? ;)

This is one of my favorite areas on Black Cloud Trail... Lined with pretty Aspen trees, and pretty yellow Aspen leaves all over the ground, turns the trail a shimmery gold! I had to run through it, naked!!! 💛

Video Length: 2 minutes

Nude/Sin Ropa

Hearts are removed in video.