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♡Thank You♡

People LOOOOVE Halloween so much,
because it is a wonderful, relieving,
exciting break,
from the conservative,
boring, depressing, unhealthy, suit-and-tie,
tense, stressful, uncomfortable,
kill-the-"adulterer" society
humans have created...
LOL :)-
My bad jokes, based on truth!
Just relax & grow healthy food.
Next to a clean environment (water, air, etc.),
plant foods are the top
most valuable thing,
to humanity entirely,
& the planet!
Shouldn't live life stressing over other,
trivial, matters.
 Everyone loves to be free, naked, and wild.♡
No evil in any of those things...
Racism, physical harm/animal abuse,
killing, war/weapons
bullying/verbal abuse,
cheating, theft, lying,
producing & selling lethal drugs
to people
(regular cigarettes/cigars & vaping products),
destroying health
(alcoholism/pill & cigarette addiction),
killing habitats & animals,
locking non-violent people inside of cages,
Those are all evil.
Things of such nature...
Joy, sharing, honesty, fitness, love, & excitement are
happy & healthy, all winning.
Every day can be a fun party,
if you please! ;)-
Traditional cigarettes have been killing people by the thousands/millions for years,
no outcry from the government,
1 person is effected by e-cigarettes
(exaggerating, slighty)
& now we have a "call to action" to fight e-cigarettes.
That is a little crazy....
Rather than allowing them,
government should also be opposing
regular cigarettes,
which accumulate a tremendous death toll
& medical, & mental health,
expense to society.
Families and friends of regular cigarette/cigar & tobacco product victims are also
left traumatized for life.
Welcome to Sillyville, where people are focusing on the wrong issues.
E-cigarettes, separating people with a depressing wall to stop a Mexican from trying to enter the USA,
and giving everyone & all children a loaded gun to carry around 24/7.
Top priorities of whom?
Funny people.
Get well soon. :( ♡
Everyone makes mistakes & does crazy things under bad influence,
admitting fault is brave, sincere, & respectable.
I am being critical & maybe judgemental I admit.
It is an upsetting issue!
 It does seem like "big tobacco" has government's genitalia in their purse.
"As you wish master,
cigarette sales will continue,
no laws, we promise."
 People also need to just quit.
 Remove the government baby bottle from our mouths, we can take care of ourselves,
and make our own decisions. :)
Governments: outlaw bad things
(Stop putting money before ethics.)
People: don't do bad things
(Have self respect/take care of your "temple", respect all others & choose peace over conflict.)
I do fully agree vaping & e-cigarettes are not good.
Vaping tobacco or marijuana is very unhealthy & people shouldn't vape at all.
I support banning vape machines,
I see no benefit to society, quite the opposite.
Regular cigarettes should be attacked also,
if not much more.
 I used to smoke cigarettes, quitting was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life,
 definitely no regrets there!
 I quit in my early twenties.
I decided I didn't want to smell bad anymore,
or spend the money,
I just quit,
stopped buying them, done.
Exercise, eat healthy, find a new line of work, a new relationship, decrease stress & make doing things that make you feel happy top priority in life!
Thank you for not smoking.♡
Watch the sunrise & sunsets as much as possible,
very important for good mental & physical health!
I looooove these things!
I hope I see it again.♡
No need to fear praying mantis friends,
they will not bite your head
("Sexual cannibalism" is reportedly indeed a thing in the mantis world!)
hits the spot every time!
Oats, mango, banana, walnuts!
No seeds in here folks....
Totally empty!
I have to start opening flat packets at the checkout counter, before I leave the store!
The 2 others are good.
No cilantro. :(
I should sue!
Everyone misses here & there,
I looove this 100% cotton 1 piece but it was not made for a tall person,
have to give it to my little
pixie dust mother.♡☆
Too high waisted on me. :(
Obviously I did not try it on,
I forget sometimes I am giant!
I have to start measuring shoulder to waist before I buy for myself, okaayy.
I will be getting fabrics & making clothes soon,
homemade clothing!♡
Super easy & possible to shop without these unnecessary 
Earth-killing plastics...
Please do not use them.♡
Pretty please!
Super ripe, juicy, & soft,
just melting!
Don't build tall buildings....
Move inland maybe.
Dealing with nature!
I hope everyone stays safe.
♡THIS SONG!!! 1969
Awesome Stephen Winwood
& his awesome band.♡
"Come down off your throne and leave your body alone.
Somebody must change.
You are the reason I've been waiting so long.
Somebody holds the key.
But I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time
And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home.
Come down on your own and leave your body alone.
Somebody must change.
You are the reason I've been waiting all these years.
Somebody holds the key.
But I can't find my way home.
But I can't find my way home.
But I can't find my way home.
But I can't find my way home.
Still I can't find my way home,
And I ain't done nothing wrong,
But I can't find my way home."
An easy, healthier, whole food alternative to processed meat pet food.
Brown rice, organic sunflower oil, & black pepper,
the dogs like it!
Now I am looking for something I don't have to cook,
& will use avocado instead of oil.
Plant food fiber keeps their tummies clean,
deters internal parasites & fleas,
keeps them lean & energetic,
& the nutrients help to prevent diseases from developing.
What they hunt in the backyard is also what they eat.
Rats, lizards.♡
I found a 2nd dead rat in the yard yesterday!
Still far healthier than processed meat foods.
 They also eat the grass in the yard everyday.
They chew the coconut out of the shell no problem,
& they know how to crack open peanut shells to eat the peanut inside. :)
Natural foods...
Sweet little pinto bean blooms♡.
 Another edible plant that can also
easily be grown in a pot,
on a porch!
 Just buy some hard beans at the store, put them in dirt, and water regularly, they
sprout quickly and grow easily.
Bean leaves are also an edible salad green.
The heart shaped leaves in the photo...
They have a nice, hearty, beany flavor!
Protein packed bean pods on the way,
the strongest form of protein!
I bought a swatch of 100% cotton fabric & made Harley a comfy, more eco-friendly collar.
Thank you cotton fabric makers!♡
 Much better to sleep in, not bulky at all.
She has to wear her tags 24/7, in case she slips out the front door accidentally,
she has a tendency to take off running down the street!
First prototype, the next collar will be thicker,
this 1 bunched all up
after she started wearing it,
and it got really thin!
 And if she accidentally loses it somewhere no big deal, it is biodegradable!
The color dye is probably toxic maybe,
 I think it is much easier for the planet to filter out liquid chemicals than hard objects like plastics/synthetic fabrics. 
 And low cost under $2 for a big swatch of 100% cotton fabric, around $2 for quick project fabric scissors, no sewing just cutting,
for this one,
the edges fray naturally & evenly.
It looks so perty!
 Next I have to look into buying undyed fabric and dying it myself with natural pigments,
& making eco-friendly dog tags.
It is impossible to keep any collar on Rocky,
Harley always pulls the collar off of his neck with her teeth!
I gave up!
Luckily Rocky prefers to stay by the house & not run miles down the street, so no worries about him.
Mango trees can be grown for salad greens,
the new leaves are softer, gelatinous,
& edible!
They taste sweet.♡
Think beyond romaine & kale!
Mango seeds sprout quickly & easily,
just put them in soil & water regularly.
 Lots of easy ways to get fresh-picked, powerful, immunity strengthening food into your diet,
on a daily basis!
 Mango seeds could easily grow in pots, on a small porch, for a few years, until they become huge trees.
Edible & palatable are different,
older leaves are thick & tough to chew,
not as palatable, but still edible!♡
I have no idea,
but I love it,
Donovan is a cutie.

"Thrown like a star in my vast sleep
I opened my eyes to take a peek
To find that I was by the sea
Gazing with tranquility
'Twas then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Came singing songs of love
Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Came singing songs of love
"Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang
"Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang
"Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang
Histories of ages past
Unenlightened shadows cast
Down through all eternity
The crying of humanity
'Tis then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love
Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love
Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang
Hurdy gurdy…"
Trippy maaaaan.
 I am assuming it is OK to embed, given the embed option...?
I guess I should find out before I get suuuued.
Oooohhhh nnnooo.
I cannot think of anything I would want to deal with a stressful lawsuit over,
I don't see myself ever suing anyone.
Call or visit your grammies & grandpas.♡
Mi madre y mi abuela.♡♡
My mother & grandmother.
Unfortunately instead of inheriting my mother's/grandmother's perfect little nose,
I got my father's larger nose,
I am living with it.
Love my dad.
These woman...what can I say.
They take care of my spoiled behind.
They are both very petite lol,
I tower over them.
 It is amazing that my 5' 9" frame once emerged from my mother's tiny little body....
 I don't know how you ladies do it, you are almighty, powerful beings, 9 months of carrying then going through labor!
 I honestly do not think I ever will,
 I feel bad, not giving these 2 ladies a little baby to play with, & extending the family, but they are not the ones who have to have it!
 I also feel like this world is too crazy, I really have no desire to bring a child here.
 And no government should force a woman/girl to have a baby,
if she does not want to,
I will just add that in.
To my other grammy, my father's mother, who recently passed away, peacefully in her chair, a great blessing.
 I am so glad I went to visit her when I did, however I am heartbroken I will not get to see her again.
 I am grateful the last words I said to her were
"I love you" over the phone,
the same with my father.
One consolation.
They are reunited now.♡
Celebrate GRANDPARENTS day!♡
2 bananas, 2oz of walnuts, a bunch of shredded pure cacao, & fresh squeezed lime juice.
Gooey, sweet, tangy, &
100% Non-fattening. :)
This full plate of healthy sugar & fat,
will burn off excess body weight.
Eating raw food is like exercising!
Both stimulate metabolism and cause weight loss.
Lesson learned never squeeze juice on top of anything shredded, the juice melts the shreds & takes the pretty finish away!
Still delicious lol.
Thank you Better Foods!
Boyfriend ordered these & they are sooo good & filling.
About 100 grams of raw, unheated, powerful
plant protein
in this here bag, grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
•Over 320 grams of non-fattening fat.
•40 grams healthy saturated fat
•Over 3,500 nutritious calories.
•20 milligrams of iron
•800 milligrams of calcium
(In regards to the recent upset about a feared lack of choline in plant foods.)
Fear not brethren ♡.
 Choline is reportedly found in
plenty of plant foods:
•75mg choline in 1 cup of almonds
(Not very much! Easy to get.)
Unsalted, no added oils, only pure,
raw nut awesomeness!
 Not enough caloric energy, protein, or fat
in a raw vegan diet?
I must say nay amigos!
Eating right makes me more productive, I have energy not fatigued, I feel more calm, I get along better with people not as irritable my personality is better,
I physically look better,
I  physically feel better no aches or pains,
all around GOOD!
Mmmmm :)
Kitties are so easy,
they bathe themselves!
This is Momma Kitty♡.
My sweet ball of fluff.
 Every time I give the doggies a bath, I get sad.
I feel sad for all the poor doggies out there who are not well taken care of,
and never get bathed.
Dogs are always so happy after a bath, it makes them feel so good, just like it makes humans feel good to refresh and get clean, animals are the same way.
 Dogs should be bathed at least once a week, preferably more than that, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors and get really dirty.
 All their bedding and blankets should also be washed at least once a week.
 Keeping dogs' fur, bedding, floor space, & environment clean will also help deter fleas.
 He's calm right now because he's waiting for me to open the bathroom door, so he can dash downstairs & roll around with delight on his blanket lol.
Although I'm annoyed a tad bit right now because I just washed the bathroom rug he's laying on, and I forgot to rinse the bottom of his paws off, so he got some dirt on my white rug that I just washed yesterday...grrr.
 I pulled up the other 2 rugs and put them in a corner during their bath, except for that 1, & of course he goes and lays on it lol.
 I wish all doggies could be as spoiled as these dogs.
So this is all over the news,
I somehow managed to read the articles,
despite my brain damage....
(That was a bad joke, btw, just poking fun at this ridiculous claim that vegan's will be choline deficient and cause brain dysfunction in babies.
 I do not have brain damage, not any caused by a choline deficiency anyway lol.)
Choline is reportedly present in plant foods,
 & nature put in just the right amount that we need.
 If plant foods are not bursting at the seams with choline, then that means we do not need a huge amount of choline in our bodies.
 Again, whole foods are critical, foods that actually contain viable nutrients, not sterile, empty-calorie processed foods,
1 reason why junk food veganism should not be promoted, or encouraged.
 Fresh picked foods are the most nutritionally potent,
 nature's intention was for people to be foraging daily, and eating fresh.
 People who eat a processed food diet are not taking in enough nutrients.
 Since animal products are said to be super high in choline, I would guess, that such a large amount of choline is actually toxic,
since pretty much everything about animal products is bad.
 This mass choline deficiency is not even a real issue, nor will it ever be,
it is just a thought,
from someone in the medical field,
who still eats animal products.
It is just fear mongering,
 and of course all the pro-meat journalists are having a field day with this, & slandering veganism in their headlines & spreading this rumor/false prediction.
All good.
Looky, at this little tidbit of un-shocking information:
The person conjuring up this choline-deficient, baby abusing vegan paranoia is on a meat advisory panel.
Ah, welllll, she is a "doctor",
no questioning her logic.
Lol the meat industry people thought:
"Hey, let's get a "doctor" to say some negative things about plant based diets, and all the simpletons will believe her, just because she went to a medical school...genius plan!"
I know, I am TARA-ble.
Nothing personal!
 Doctors are brilliant, very knowledgeable, and highly educated people however, this education involves outdated information.
 Doctors know the names of all the body parts,
what secretions come from where, etc.,
yet most doctors are not up-to-date on dietary influence, & do not know that humans are actually herbivores,  
 which is cruuuucial knowledge.
Any doctor who eats & recommends animal products is basically not thinking correctly, assuming meats, eggs, and dairy somehow improve people's health.
 People need to realize, that doctors/nutritionists/dietitians do not always have the right answer.
 The public really should not treat these people as if they are omniscient gods, who know everything,
& do whatever they say,
no questions asked.
I would guess hospitals, although they are life-saving & wonderful institutions, probably also kill just as many people as they help.
 With all the pills, injecting people with who knows what, horribly unhealthy hospital food, weird treatments, unnecessary and dangerous surgeries, and bad advice,
with all due respect, it is a very polarized
& crazy situation.
You definitely want go with a plant based doctor who at least is aware that animal products are terribly unhealthy and deadly.
  It is nobody's fault, this information is gradually trickling out, and medical/health staff are becoming more and more knowledgeable every year.
 Soon most doctors will be plant based, and no longer recommend animal products to patients,
there will be a major shift.
Sooo delicious, I could eat this daily & never get tired,
I just need to add some macadamia nuts!!!
1 whole mango
1.5 bananas
1 full cup dry oats
1 oz raisins
Of course you could double that portion if you want to eat more.
Portion control/calorie phobia is not necessary with raw plant food.
Quite the contrary, the more raw food people consume the more nurtured their bodies will be.
Cantaloupe vines are blooming,
melons are a-comin'!
Happy birthday to my daddy♡.
Born on September 1st.
I was born on March 1st!
We both felt like coming out into this wild world,
on the 1st of the month.
I still cannot believe he is gone,
years later.
I get sad, & angry.
This is one reason why I despise alcohol & cigarettes,
100% evil products,
& I do not know how people working in those industries can sleep at night.
Everyone is understandably trying to earn money, however there is no shortage of healthier fields to work in, & it isn't impossible to switch.
  I also do not know how politicians, the "presidents" & their clans, or "Congress" can sleep at night,
those industries to operate & kill, still.
Selling permits, & giving the green light to open up shop & poison people, legally.
  Unfortunately, tolerating these deadly industries, siding with careless people because it is profitable, collecting money, & owning worthless "luxury" items, is more important to some government officials than saving people's lives.
 We never hear any presidential nominees, active presidents, or Congress leaders discussing the prohibition of extremely deadly tobacco products or alcoholic beverages.
 These things are killing hundreds of thousands of people, millions, are suffering and dying.
 Presidents & Congress are ignoring this because of $$$$$.
 Just turn their cheek to all of these fatalities because big tobacco and big alcohol are indomitable?
Really, lawmakers?
 Prohibiting these products should be one of government's top priorities,
they banned cocaine, heroin, etc....
tobacco & alcohol products are just as lethal,
it is just a slow death not immediate.
 People also need to realize that cigarettes & alcohol will kill them, & stop using.
Two-way street.
People, & governments, both must improve.
 Politicians would not have to create so many laws if the people would simply do the right thing,
stop buying and using the stuff.
"It's my body, I can do what I want to it."
Okay, whatever, that's an idiotic point of view,
& explain that to all the people(hypothetically)who have died or been injured from being hit by a drunk driver, or forced to breathe 2nd hand cigarette smoke.
 These bad habits absolutely affect everyone, not just the people engaging in them.
 Cigarrette smoke blends into the air,
and eventually...
we all end up breathing in the cancerous toxins,
not exactly fair.
 I just wish I knew then what I know now,
I could have cured his liver cancer & saved him.
I was clueless back then.
 All he had to do, was stop drinking, stop smoking cigarettes, stop eating animal products (tumor-feeding foods), exercise/sweat it out, get lots of fresh air/lots of detoxing sunshine,
and flood his body with healing, tumor-killing raw plant nutrients.
No chemotherapy or pills.
Essentially, all cancers, all other diseases, & most chronic pains can be cured that way...
 But unfortunately, tragically, I did not know this at the time,
this was before I had changed my diet & realized how powerful raw fruits and vegetables are.
I know I should stay positive, never get irritated, forgive, & be happy,
I try, it isn't always easy.
R.I.P, to all.♡
September 1st, 2019
Mango oatmeeeal♡.
(dry oats, mango, banana)
Lilies grown from bulbs gramma gave me.♡
The dogs trampled on the flower stem & broke it >:( so it was made into a prop!
I have to make the garden beds doggy proof!
Bees were swarming all over this stuff at the nursery,
I had to get one!
Celosia, I love flower names.♡
Gorgeous, of the amaranth family,
entirely edible(leaves, flowers, etc.),
& the bees ♡ it!
Dessert before dinner♡.
Organic peach!
More new blooms!
I ♡ the cute little anties lol.
100% cotton!
The peach one is super thin/lightweight fabric, perfect for summer, & I needed a dark t-shirt that hides stains for messy gardening!
Organic plums♡♡♡.
The flavor!
Melting in my hand ripe!
I cut some tiny agave clippings yesterday I hope they grow into huge plants!
These are super mean plants but so fantastically beautiful.
$19 for garden stuff.
Plants need water, &
water has to be delivered somehow!
I am thinking of alternatives for these plastic garden hoses! Hopefully this will be the last plastic hose I buy.
I don't like buying plastic things...
Metal pipes probably.
Some organic seeds for more yummies.
$27 bucks on wood this morning,
I am making a comfy outdoor platform
to yogi♡ on!
I grew & cut this wood myself!
No I didn't I'm spoiled & lazy lol.
Thank you lumber people!!!
I have been watering all my landlady's plants & they are beginning to bloom beautifully!
Mexican petunias/violets♡ they last 1 day, wilt in the evening, then bloom again the next morning,
& have yummy scent!
Mango time ♡♡♡.
Always delicious!
Raisins are a great high sugar food without any weight gain or other health issues,
almost 20 grams of natural sugar here!
$1-$5 generally, high fiber/healthy sugar kick at very low cost,
whole food/non-fattening,
health conscious alternative to processed foods.
Look for pure/1 ingredient dried fruit,
rather than fruits containing additives of processed sweeteners, preservatives, & oils which cause weight gain & health problems!
Fresh mushrooms!♡
High protein raw food...
Mushrooms are so beautiful!
A banana in the morning is pretty standard.
Breakfast compost.♡
13 grams of protein,
40 grams of fat
3.5 grams saturated fat,
40 grams natural sugar,
75 grams total carbs
for break-fast!
No stomach aches or gas/bloating,
no weight gain,
& no fatigue.
100% positive energy!
Our lives are essentially controlled by our diet.
Unhealthy food, and hunger/malnutrition, causes irritability & depression, which effects relationships, work, self esteem, everything!
Happy food, happy mood!♡
That was delicious &
I feel as stuffed as a teddy bear!
Bread-less Breakfast ♡♡♡
A great way to shed excess weight!
Add nuts/coconut for more fat & protein.
Flat breads are generally less fattening than thick & puffy breads, & white flour is the worst.
Want to lose weight?
Go bread-free as much as possible!
(Anything made from cooked dough/batter.)
 Breakfast compost...♡
Feed the Earth ☆
All peels & lawn scraps back into the soil, not into a plastic garbage bag.
Keep the soil of the planet rich & fertile!
Shopping for lightweight clothing, because it is hotter than the sun outside!
All 100% cotton,
natural fabric/biodegradable,
no silk/animal cruelty,
& very thin fabrics,
so cool & comfy!
I love it when I buy random clothes, totally separate brands, & they actually end up matching each other!
Yaye. :)-
I do not give a rat's whisker about brand names, lol, if it's 100% cotton/linen/hemp/ect., & cute, I will buy it.
I am not a walking logo advertisement,
don't like logos displayed on my clothes.☆
I couldn't care less who makes it,
unless they are Nazi's!
I am typically not big on patterns, I prefer simplistic & solid colored clothes but, pineapples...!!
My sassy gramma's 88 year old toes lol.
Red nails as long as I can remember ever since I was little.
She went shoe shopping for my little 2nd cousin's weddin' day.
Looks like cupcakes take a bite.
I love being a shroom-head.♡
Corn cobs are sprouting, so neato!
I broke whole pieces of corn into halves, planted, & watered, easy!
Fertilizing with fruit & veggie peels,
aaaand my own special nutrients. ;)-
No chemicals or plastics!
Beautiful surprises this morning, lily blooooomz!
& lovely blue Virginia day flowers,
wake up early -those blooms die in the afternoon!
But the day flowers bloom again every morning.
I planted so many tomato seeds, it will be
"Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes"
pretty soon.
 When I was a little girl in day care, the day care staff actually play that movie, for the children to watch LOL, isn't that scared the Dickens out of me!
"Attaaaaaack, of the killer tomaaaa-tooooooes!!"
 Tomato leaves are edible and very nutritious, you can eat the leaves while you're waiting for the fruity gems!
Fruits are a great luxury.♡
Arugula, basil, cilantro, & wittle strawberry sprouties!
Growing happily together.
 When they get too big for their britches I will separate them and plant them into the ground.
I was feeling fancy, I employed dishes this time,
a knife, & a
oooooh la-la!
Mmmm so juicy, pineapple treat.♡
Drinking straight from a coconut nourishes the soul!
Mmmmmmm sweet water.
Mango fruit & mango tree sprout♡♡.
Sooo good, love mango!
I just gobbled up 2 of these beautiful organic peaches, soooo soft & ripe, melt in your mouth!
Eating LOTS of fruits. :)
Somebody got a friend this morning!
6 whole fruits for under $2.00,
breakfast for 3 days,
or snacks.
It is cheap & easy to get whole fruits
into your daily diet!♡♡♡
Betty Baker this morning, ♡ I made cornmeal & tomato sauce doggy biscuits,
all fiber no cholesterol♡♡♡,
dogs also can suffer from atherosclerosis (artery blockage), the dogs ate all of these within minutes, good thing I made more!
Working on homemade, healthier dog foods.
Dogs can essentially eat the same as raw vegans,
& have plant based foods at home.
Whatever I eat, dogs can eat as well.
Although dogs will still eat crazy things!
Dogs love decayed matter,
these dogs will eat old, moldy coconut like it is candy, & dogs also love to roll all over carcasses of dead animals, dogs are strange.
Dogs need several hours of outdoor time
& fresh grass daily.♡
Another great sun-tan-ny food/drink,
2 in 1 :)
They shower you with ♡.
New pretty blooms ♡♡♡.
I mean, RED!!
Gorgeous, Scarlett.
I never knew this happened back in July!
A shooting at a garlic festival???
3 died including a 6 year old boy.
Too many shooting incidents to even report!
Stop producing guns & destroy all existing ones.
Regulations may help decrease gun crime but this will not stop completely unless guns are eliminated from the world.
 The government should buy up all guns from citizens (Need extra cash? Sell all your guns to uncle Sam!) and then destroy them, including all firearms owned by the government.
All of them, gone.
 Not just America, every country, & it's government, needs to discontinue gun use.
The Great Gun Purge, of the 21st century, kids.
Imagine...a gun-less world.♡
Only crazy people are not okay with that.
The people who profit from guns, & fight to keep guns inside communities, please find another livelihood.
* these...children...
Why, would you give an obese child pizza & soda?
That is why they are obese in the first place, adults are not concerned about a nutritious diet.
Are they ever given anything remotely healthy to eat?
It is just unbelievable, & very-very upsetting seeing children in that condition.
Only 1 out of 7 children pictured is at a normal weight.
It is a form of child abuse.
 Children certainly do not feel physically comfortable, or confident, having all that extra weight on them, it causes depression, along with a long list of health problems, & they are badly bullied/taunted for their weight.
Obesity is a sensitive topic however it must be faced not ignored, as body weight & toxic excess body fat is related to health,
obesity is a life or death issue.
A small child weighs as much as an adult, is that alarming to anyone, at all?
Adults serve processed foods & drinks to children because it's cheap, easy/convenient,
and...the children want it.
Who is in charge?
Lack of education, & lack of concern.
As a result, obese children everywhere.
Bananas, oranges...very cheap fruits.
A bag of $1-$2 dollars.
"Junk food is cheap." is not a valid excuse for obesity.
I believe the very destructive "fat acceptance" movement is also contributing to the rise in obesity.
These poor children are also victims of immigration raids in America, a shameful way for the US government to behave, what is this Poland 1941?
I hope they all see better, healthier days
& get help soon.
Another great outdoorsy food,
juicy, sweet citrus!
Perfect way to hydrate!
Yummmy little snacks, fresh picked!
I eat them fresh raw or sun-dried.♡
Protein packed!
Beautiful new blooms today!
God Save The Flowers ♡♡♡
Flowers are symbols of natural beauty, peace, & hope.
I feel really bad,
that my sympathy for this baby's family decreased significantly after I learned they are supporters of this current presidential administration.
I cannot help it, it just did!
 Nothing personal against POTUSAFLOTUSAMOS however they say, I just do not like the tension & the hostility, nor the animal abuse, nor the environmental destruction, nor the promoting of unhealthy foods & poor/expensive health, nor the materialistic greed & superficiality,
the vibe is not good.
I can address that to all past administrations as well.
Those people must first and foremost understand the vital importance of whole-food plant based diets to humanity.
They should also be "ethical vegans", people who avoid using anything animal based, oppose hunting/fishing, oppose animal euthanasia, & support animal rights.
Those people should hold nature as the most valuable asset & work to preserve it.
This is the new ideal to focus on.
Headlines are saying only the president is smiling, the 1st lady is presenting an enormous smile as well while showcasing the baby as some form of an accomplishment.
Why, I don't know.
Not a proud or joyful situation, very odd & extremely inappropriate thing to do.
Everyone makes mistakes.
But whatever, the baby's current family seems to be enjoying it, also very odd.
Just odd, all of it.
 If everyone in the photo chooses to be happy, then good for them, I suppose?
I do pity the poor child & I hope it would find a nice family to adopt it.
 Actually I do feel very sorry for this family, & all other misguided Americans, I hope they see the light soon.
Perfect sun-tanning food, so juicy showering in mango juice, must eat outdoors!
Mushrooms sneaking around the yard ♡♡♡
Nature's crackers!
Trippy insect art :) ♡♡♡.
Love it!
No pesticides, ev-errrr.
Nothing but ♡.
These are either pinto beans, or black beans, I will know when they start blooming!
I just threw beans on the ground & watered.
Black beans have a beautiful purple flower & pinto beans have pretty white or yellow flower, surprise!
Notice how everyone has a
tight, flat stomach.
Such a beautiful sight!!!♡♡♡
The crowd in the background,
nearly all the people look lean.
Obesity was more of a rarity years ago, now, it is flipped, today- flat stomachs are a rarity.
A concert photo from today would look very different, nearly the entire crowd would be obese.
8/9 out of every 10 people today have a protruding, round stomach, a depressing sight on the other hand.
Many reasons.
1. People are moving less throughout the day/couches & televisions.
2. Our food supply has become flooded with awful processed foods & drinks,
filled with more & more chemicals...
& people are eating far less whole foods & drinking junky drinks instead of water.
3. Products...products...products, unhealthy/weird/unnatural modern products people are putting into their bodies today.
4. I believe the supplement & protein powder craze is also responsible for destroying people's metabolism.
5. Pharmaceuticals/OTC drugs, also degrade metabolism.
Those are the main causes.
Fattening animal products,
& processed foods/drinks
are the #1 TOP CAUSE
of today's average body weight crisis.
I greatly sympathize with all the people who were obese by the time they were tiny toddlers,
not their fault,
because their parents were unfortunately not educated, or not concerned, about feeding their children a healthy diet.
Obese toddlers usually grow into obese adults,
& the weight typically just increases
& becomes worse with age.
That must be very hard to deal with. :(
Fit parents who set a healthy example are so important for healthy children.
Honestly...I cringe when I see an obese couple carrying a newborn baby.
I feel so sad for the baby, you just know that baby will not be fed properly, and the baby is likely to be overweight by the time it is just a few years old.
A destructive cycle.
However, I also see thin parents with obese children.
Same reasons, feeding children mostly processed foods, junky drinks, & very little whole/raw plant foods.
Referring to very small children, who still rely on their parents to feed them.
Teenagers eat on their own & parents cannot control their diets.
I began gaining weight in my older, pre-teen/young teenage years.
School cafeteria food is absolutely horrible in most cases & greatly contributed to my weight gain when I was younger since I developed an overeating disorder & was eating large amounts of this unhealthy food.
Pepperoni & cheese pizza
Cheese nachos
Chili-cheese fries & french fries
Icecream cones & cookies
This is mainly what I bought every day from high school cafeterias.
I also ate unhealthy at home & out of school, lots of fast food burgers & soda, lots of cookies & icecream.
But people can always lose weight,
nomatter the situation.
Eat whole foods & exercise.
What are whole foods?
Fruits, vegetables, & pure water,
not pizza & Red Bull... ;)
Plant foods...
A chunk of cooked muscle tissue covered in "cheese"/sour cow milk is not a "whole food" meal,
it is a huge pile of fiber-less cholesterol.
It is saddening, seeing so many out of shape people everywhere. :(
I also battle an overeating-on-junk food disorder, I know how the struggle feels, you just have to shut it down, & start adapting healthier habits.
People have to fight their own brains,
it is hard, but very possible.
A world full of fit people, with beautiful bodies that nature created, would be absolutely wonderful!
Heaven on Earth!
Nature makes everyone beautiful,
the human physique, is a work of art.
Do not destroy yourself,
take care of yourself!
I wish I could jump into that photo, & live in that world. Lol :)- how fun.
Life seemed much simpler then, not as many rules everywhere, &...obesity hasn't completely taken control of humanity yet.
Good habits y'all!!
Never give up on yourself. ♡
I was just thinking yesterday, I wonder how all this gun violence in America will effect US tourism?
America's gun-crazed citizens are a problem.
Gun-crazed governments are a problem.
Guns are a problem.
Simple solution, stop buying them!
Governments should discontinue their use of guns also.
Stop producing them, & destroy the existing ones.
Mmmm, apricot love!
Mass shootings are certainly not the only type of gun violence. Innocent people are being shot & killed on a 1, 2, 3 person basis, every day, in the USA.
Essentially, tragic mass shootings, so to speak, are occurring daily in America.
People screaming at politicians to "fix" gun crime...and how exactly are they supposed to do long as gun shops remain open to the public, & guns still actually exist, there will also be gun violence.
As if there is a magic law that will eliminate all gun crime to prevent any further shootings at schools & other places, & shootings will suddenly become a terrible thing of the past, & no more innocent people will be shot, guns will finally kill only the "bad guys", guns to the rescue.
Impossible scenario & ideal...
No law will be able achieve such a fantasy...
 The only way to prevent gun violence is to
eliminate guns entirely.
Melt all guns & use them for scrap metal.
Close down the production factories of these menacing, deadly weapons,
& not even government should possess them.
 In my opinion, any person who supports guns, & fights to keep guns in society,
is partially responsible for all gun crimes.
 Guns represent nothing but hostility, danger, & violence, & are better kept out of our communities for a more peaceful & safer world.
Any person who promotes racism is also partially responsible for all race related violence.
A majority of American mass shootings occur in Texas.
It is time for Texans to mature, condemn guns, & stop pretending as if guns are a "cool", respectable addition to the image & reputation of Texas.
 Guns are often depicted in Texas based business logos, Texas products, marketing imagery, etc.
Guns are unfortunately very popular in Texas, & throughout "The Deep South".
Even some Texas elected politicians attempt to brag about their use of guns & hunting animals.
I would guess that even certain "pastors", "holy men", & such, also promote guns, & hunting animals.
"High number of deadly mass shootings" is an embarrassing association.
Are we a pack of raging chimpanzees, or, are Texans & all people more evolved than this?
Yes, we are!
(I love chimpanzees btw, ♡ just jokes.)
Guns & racism, both are pure evil.
Owning a gun should be viewed the same as owning a slave...unethical, outdated, & favoring brutality.
Let us abandon senseless, uneducated, old-fashioned ideas & progress!
But...war...we have to fight, with guns.
Says who?
Lunatics...that's who.
Unfortunately there are extremely misguided & violent lunatics on the planet, please do not empower them.
Support only sane, compassionate people.
These look like habanero sprouts to me!
Definitely are pepper sprouts, & growing in exact same place where I planted the seeds. :)
Eager to watch them grow, so much fun!
Or they are tomato LOL, but me thinks these are habanero!
Hoooot nights lately in southern Tejas!!
Late at night, still over 90° outside LOLOLOL
"Everything is bigger" & hotter.....
(Flower photo by moi, from my mum's garden.♡)
Lololol ;)-
Brain food...☆
Cigarette & alcoholic beverage companies are no better than heroin or crack cocaine dealers.
All are terrible drugs which tragically kill many people.
SNL Season 9
Filmed in 1983
"Meat is not healthy?"
That is old news....!
It is interesting seeing all the references to this fact throughout history, it is mentioned often in movies & tv shows, & also in literature back before electricity/tv was invented however, it just gets ignored....
People know, but they don't know.
Omgosh that poor girl & her deranged father!!!
I am really tired of looking at fake eyelashes & cookie-cutter eyebrows lol,
(& color dyed hair)
females today...
everything fake & unnatural, over-"did", artificial,
everyone looks like they should be sitting in a box, on a shelf, in a toy store.
I love natural women, refreshing & tranquil!
:) ♡
I used to dye my hair, & have acrylic nails put on, applied tanning lotions, things like that..."chemical girl". I no longer do those things, I think rocking your natural self is far better, & healthier!
I find all of that to be an insult to nature, trying to change what nature created, which is most beautiful.
People should not take pills for every problem,
many doctors are very quick to recommend a pill for anything & everything, as if pills are almost trendy & fashionable, but it is much better for health to
stay pill-free!
Will & Jim together?? Yes!!
They even kiss each other!!
Love it....♡
I have a wee crush on both of them lol. ;)-
My first time seeing this old skit, LOL.
I just wish Will was being goofy & funny too, instead of serious, both of them acting up & being monkeys together!
I don't get why SNL & other sketch comedy shows have to have a serious character in so many sketches, people want to see the comedic talent of the actors & being serious destroys that.
I wish they would make a film together!!
OMGosh, lol, whoever said working at an airport was boring...
"George, there's another kid coming through on the baggage belt, grab him."
How annoying, the poor mother lol!
Glad the little Indiana Jones is okay.
I would put a leash on that one.
Child leashes may look barbaric, but I think they are very sensible, I wouldn't have any problem using one, it is much better than losing your kid!
Time to regroup on child safety & baggage handling procedures!
Poor, busy parents, I completely understand how fast accidents can happen!
Soooo cute, I lifted a rock to move it & found these 2 little lover sluggies cuddled together in the mud,
I had to put their rock back in place. ♡♡
I am trying to get that flexible!
I love being outdoors aaalll day, hours & hours of healthy sunshine on my skin, & fresh air into the lungs, being outdoors is very healthy for animals as well.
Too spoiled I am! ♡ :)
Melon juice is wonderful...
Yaye :)-
I will eat it ALL!
Shaking my head.
With all due respect,
obesity sucks.
Please, do not promote obesity,
or defend obesity.
Being obese does not do anyone any good.
Junk food veganism equates with carnism, both are negative & destructive.
Why not just eat healthy/be physically fit & be a positive representation of veganism,
rather than insist on eating junk, being obese, & making veganism look bad?
Why would anyone be pro-problem,
rather than pro-solution,
it just baffles me.
It is amazing, the way eating a salad & a piece of whole fruit is such an utterly frightening concept to some people.
A salad for a meal,
& 2 minutes of jogging...♡
I hope all obese people will find the determination & self respect to work towards a healthy body.
Obesity is only caused by a fattening diet,
100% controllable,
not anyone is doomed to be obese. 
I know from experience that carrying extra weight feels horrible, not pleasant,
being obese is quite uncomfortable,
& everyone feels better & looks better when they are fit, lighter, & lean.
A healthier body is always possible,
believe & achieve! ♡
Today's afternoon meal,
1 whole organic peach♡, raisins, oats,
& that NUTMEG!
I can breathe now,
& wide awake!
Very invigorating & detoxing herb,
My face is literally tingling,
blood is flowing!
To clarify, I do not have any breathing problems,
I am just saying herbs stimulate the respiratory system(& all other systems of the body), and aid in breathing, for anyone suffering from those issues!
 Herbs definitely help me breathe better!
 A staple snack when hiking in the mountains at high altitudes.
I cannot stand those idiotic leaf-blower machines.
Leaf-blower machines do nothing but make a bunch of irritating, loud noise, disturbing everyone in the neighborhood, & pollute the air (contributing to climate change).
I had the door wide open, leaf-blower guy walks by & blew a bunch of gasoline fumes into the room, totally smelling up the place, & giving me a headache.
Stupidest invention ever.
Who cares, if there are leaves laying on a sidewalk. Maybe some idiotic Nazi would care,
but a normal person,
does not care about leaves laying on a sidewalk.
And any trash needs to be actually picked up & recycled.
Please do not hire people to use pointless
leaf-blowers on your property, &
please do the environment/animals, & your neighbors, a favor & not use those annoying, smelly machines at home.
Motorized lawnmowers are also noisy/disturbing & polluting/smelly, they also blow gasoline fumes all over your plants, for anyone who has edible plants in their yard, motorized lawn machines make your garden toxic & inedible. :(
I feel so bad for anyone who has been misled to believe they must NOT EAT when they are hungry, & count every calorie, in order to lose weight, & improve their health.
That is a miserable & unnecessary way to live, it is no surprise participants were dropping out of this study.
(Although it is a challenge, to keep any average Joe or Jane, on a healthy diet, for a long period of time LOL.
 A very select few have the determination, most people are likely to give up, and order a large pizza.
"I am just going to be overweight, who cares, I want my cookies & sandwiches."
 The junk food addiction is real!!!)
YES...& NO
Cutting UNHEALTHY calories is good.
Cutting healthy calories, is actually not good.
People can eat 10,000+ calories of raw plant foods a day if they like, & stay lean & clean.
The less fattening things people eat,
the leaner & healthier they will be,
I do not know why that is such a big phenomenon to people, it is very simple. Perhaps because these folks still believe all food is, if you eat too many apples you will gain weight...?
Contrarily, the more healthy foods people eat,
the better.
 A huge myth is that a plant based diet, especially a raw plant based diet, is a low calorie diet.
Not true.
 I eat a very high calorie, raw diet.
Lots of high calorie avocados, nuts/seeds/coconuts, & sweet fruits.
 It is the vegetables that generally have very little calories, however you can really pack in the calories with lots of fruit and nuts.
 Vegetables do provide a great array of minerals and vitamins, definitely eat your veggies.
 It is also perfectly fine to eat healthy/raw, plant foods late at night, I do it all the time.
 Again, people should not be eating fattening, unhealthy food late at night, or ever really.
In summary, consume less unhealthy things, like salty/sugary processed foods, processed drinks, meats/eggs, & anything made from the milk of a farm animal.
Consume as much healthy foods as you like,
anytime, day or night, such as raw fruits, nuts, herbs, & vegetables, & eat anytime you feel hungry!
If you feel hungry....EAT!
Even if it is 2am.
Your body is telling you it needs nutrients.
Just keep it a healthy snack,
& no worries.
Absolutely no need to starve yourself. ♡
I also do not believe in fasting during the day.
Our bodies are already designed to fast every night, while we sleep.
 Depriving yourself of food during the day is extremely stressful, stress is not good, and totally unnecessary in my opinion.
Day fasting is not required to lose weight and improve health, & I would say day fasting can even be damaging.
Organic plum w/nutmeg
Avocado w/cumin, cayenne, & black pepper
So fast, easy, no-cook, delicious, & healthy.♡
Any food that is fattening or bloating
is not a healthy food.
Raw plant foods are 0% fattening
& 0% bloating.
:) ♡
Watermelon & red pepper.
Sandía y pimiento rojo.
Just friggin' legalize recreational marijuana already, this is an improvement, but still lame.
Hopefully they will go full 100% progress soon, & stop quibbling around, including every other idiotic state & country that doesn't allow recreational marijuana.
Lol. :)-
"Ohhh NO, what are people going to think of me, if I publicly declare, that marijuana is okay?"
 Who cares, what a bunch of simpletons think, honestly.
It is just annoying...
Give me a break.
This is a non-lethal plant, it is not linked to any health issues or violent behavior, it has only been associated with medicinal benefits, & people should not be fined or jailed for using it.
 The only things that should be banned are all these unhealthy edibles, and vaping, that is not marijuana, those are processed, unhealthy products.
 The consequences of those products should not be blamed on pure marijuana flower.
 Opponents of legalization are all probably a bunch of drunks....people who drink frequently, on a consistent daily or weekly basis, which is far worse than smoking marijuana.
Lol, was I harsh?
BTW "decriminalized" only means a person may be fined, no longer arrested, for carrying X amount of marijuana (3 grams or under in Hawaii's case).
Larger amounts are still subject to arrests.
This is not official "legalization", as in Colorado or California where buying, growing, & selling is permitted, & actual dispensaries are legal to operate.
They act like people are running meth & heroin labs in their homes, no more than 12 plants are allowed & the plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked space, invisible. The plants are not allowed to just grow outdoors in the fresh air openly as they should be.
And only 3 plants are allowed to be flowering at 1 time.
 There are no such laws pertaining to alcohol, or guns in the home, completely absurd.
 Adults can leave alcohol bottles all over their house if they want to, and all over their front porch if they want to, readily available for any child to grab and drink, or worse...a loaded gun.
 People are also allowed to fill up their houses with deadly cigarette smoke, and make their children breathe it. Or walk around the city, openly, smoking cigarettes & making everyone else breathe it.
 There absolutely is a difference, cigarrette smoke on the other hand, is cancerous & lethal, it kills & maims thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people every single year.
As does alcohol.
And guns.
Marijuana smoke does not.
Yuuuum-yum snack ♡
Apple, oats, ginger, cinnamon, raisins, & choccccolaaatte on top.
Happy Mood Foods ♡ :)
The brave man in the solid grey hat, who ran up & appeared to be the one who "choked out" the man in red, with his arm wrapped around the man's neck & got him to the ground,
then walked away, wow.
I am guessing alcohol was a cause of this,
or some type of weird drug...negative chemical brain reaction.
I would be shocked if the man in red was completely sober.
& the woman spectator who can be heard laughing while watching this....???
Has she been drinking?
 I admit I become boiling enraged, all the time,
 most people experience fits of anger almost on daily basis.
 Anger is a natural reaction to negative stimuli,
 which life has plenty of.
 The brain and the body are 2 different things, at some point your brain stops your body from actually killing someone or physically assaulting.
(Simply not wanting to go to jail also prevents a lot of conflicts.)
 Unless you have been experiencing high levels of stress/fear/hunger/sleep deprivation/etc.
Or if a person has been drinking alcohol, or using/ingesting other dangerous substances that cause hostility.
(Steroids & such also.)
 This behavior, fighting and traumatizing children, is definitely not ideal & I hope everyone gets help.
I know family members can be very irritating, but we don't physically fight them.
 At the very least I hope this will raise awareness and hopefully have a positive effect.
at "Oga's Cantina".
Until then alcohol was not offered to the general public at Disneyland,
Here we go, instructional video,
safe choking everyone.
(Choking out can be fatal if not done properly or released fast enough.)
The man in the grey hat probably thought that other man was going to seriously injure or maybe kill that woman, & he made a fast decision to get that man off of her with the help of the other men restraining him also.
Brave guys, considering the large stature & temperament of the man!
I used to oogle over Paulina when I was younger and I longed to look like her, I thought she was gorgeous.
She still looks great, she stayed lean, & she looks beautiful still.
In this article she is lamenting over having wrinkles on her face & dealing with insecurities about aging as a woman.
There are quotes saying basically that women inherently become less attractive as they age.
(Especially high fat/protein)
(I never buy "skin care" products anymore, cleansers/lotions/toners,
they typically contain harsh chemicals.
I just rinse with water, & sometimes moisturize
with raw aloe leaf.)
 Of course I respect dermatology & cosmetic surgery, but you have to admit, there are some crazy & very harmful procedures going on inside those clinics!!!
 I recommend avoiding all of that weird stuff, treatments, chemical injections, & surgeries, just eat healthy and have good lifestyle habits.
 Getting in an accident and having your face all torn up, and needing reconstructive help is one thing,
 but undergoing unnecessary procedures just because of bad lifestyle habits is kind of silly.
Never avoid the sun. Depriving the skin of sunlight is one of the worst things a person can do.
Sunlight actually cleanses and conditions the skin, improves tone, tightens pores, and gives skin a more youthful appearance, forget what you've heard!
I strive to tan in direct sunlight as much as possible.
The more water you drink,
the smoother your skin will be.
Plain water & juicy fruits...
Doing all of these things will keep the body hydrated & will prevent wrinkles.
I guarantee if I live to be 60+, I will not have a bunch of wrinkles on my face.
I am 40 years old now, & I while do feel sad sometimes that I do not have the skin of a 15 year old girl, in general, I feel great & I am very much satisfied with my appearance.
I literally have 15 year old boys sending me messages! I do not respond to them lol.
Wrinkles are also ERASABLE!
All you have to do is rehydrate.
Have you ever watered a droopy, shriveled plant that you thought was sure to die, but then miraculously it pops back to life,
looking good as new...?
Water can do wonders,
I believe the skin on a person can do the same thing, dehydrated/wrinkled skin just needs to be watered!
 There were 2 little tomato sprouts in a pot I had planted, they were completely flaccid and limp from not being watered, they practically already looked dead, I thought they were definitely not going to make it, but I water them anyway....
 I could not believe my eyes the next day when I saw them, they had completely perked back up, no sign at all of any stress, the leaves were full and bright,
no longer shriveled.
I was amazed!!
I made pure aloe mouth rinse,
fresh picked leaves from my plant!
Aloe is a strong & natural antibiotic.
Pretty color!
I just used the entire leaf,
no cutting open & scooping out the gooey stuff.
Breakfast today... ♡
Is, mango oats & a
spinach banana ginger smoothie.
It is insane that a "biologist",
or any thoughtful person,
wouldn't realize this poison is going harm
everything on the planet,
including humans,
not just mice.
Poison manufacturers rejoice however,
Y'all are doing great work
poisoning the Earth...
These islands are close to the shores of San Francisco, beach swimmers are going to be swimming in this poison, it will wash up into the sand, it will eventually invade everything.
Lawn "care" for example,
spraying poisons,
herbicides & pesticides,
all over the soil & on plants,
on a regular basis.
Humans end up ingesting these poisons,
same thing.
We have been polluting for centuries & people think I am just being negative when I say this planet is "going to hell in a handbasket".
Copy & paste my message below
or compose your own:
"Please do not approve this disastrous & extremely harmful idea to dump rat poison on the Farallon Islands.
Humans will be negatively effected by this poison pollution, a fact which is quite obvious & being ignored & covered by the people who will profit from this act of violence.
This poison will also likely harm the very animal they are claiming to try & save, including many other innocent animals.
Has anyone ever ingested poison?
I am sure it is not fun, a slow, agonizing death, these animals will endure.
This is wrong.

Thank you."
I could literally spend every second of my life protesting all the awful things people are doing.
There is too much.
At least let your voice be heard
on some of these issues. :( :(
"Eve Of Destruction"
Performed & recorded by
Barry McGuire
Written by P. F. "Flip" Sloan
Awesome to see I am not alone in thinking the 2 party system is outdated & destructive.
Someone with the courage to go against
the crowd & stand alone,
very refreshing!
I do not support the executive branch
of government at all.
I see no need for 1 individual &
their family to be placed on
such a pedestal above all others,
appointed to live in material luxury
& be waited on by servants,
while American ghettos
continue to thrive.
Nor do I agree for such power to be granted
to 1 single person,
that is borderline dictatorship-esque.
Any "American president" should be praising all US citizens, & appealing to all Americans,
not just Americans from
the president's political party,
while insulting & condemning
Americans from other affiliations.
This division does not create
"one nation".
This is the challenge/impossibility,
electing 1 person to represent all Americans.
There is no need!
Solar eclipse this afternoon. ♡
Totality is not visible from the USA however.
I have looked directly at solar eclipses without glasses on more than 1 occassion,
& nothing ever happens...
I know other people have also.
Why all the fear-mongering?
I am utterly amazed at the way the media & commercial influence has absolutely, literally gripped everyone into buying glasses, a huge racket & those glasses are not biodegradable,
& people thinking their eyes are going to melt if they look at the sun during an eclipse!
Controlling the masses is so easy to do, wow!
The trick to viewing with bare eyes is there must be a thin cloud covering the eclipse, otherwise the light may be too blinding to see anything
or focus for very long.
A thin cloud covering the eclipse blocks more sun light & allows you to focus in, & see the actual eclipse, without eye strain.
Some believe the Earth is flat.
I have never been into space,
& I am usually eager to
challenge normality,
but, flat...?
I don't know about flat.
Like, frisbee shaped?
I do not see how that is possible,
I have not read much about it however.
Maybe the Earth is heart-shaped?
I am a heart-Earther.
I have so many pepper leaves I thought I should start eating them!
Leaves from pepper plants are edible, very mildly hot, delicious, & give everything a spicy-momma taste!
I used a full handful of pepper leaves,
2 bananas, & 2 strawberries.♡
Forcing my brother to drink 2 full glasses of green smoothie DAILY!
Fresh picked greens,
the most powerful.♡
He is down to 216 pounds from 230,
getting there!
Pepper is wonderful for respiratory issues like coughing, asthma, bronchitis & snoring!
(These issues are typically caused by a lack of raw plant foods, animal meat-eggs-dairy,
cigarettes-cigars, alcohol,
and/or air pollution.)
Mmmmmm breakfast!
Strawberries, banana, oats,
& fresh shredded coconut!
I unfortunately ran out of cacao to make it chocolatey, next time, chocolate!!!
No table sugar, processed sweetener,
table salt, or bottled oil in anything, pure.
Still SUPER SWEET.... :)
Homemade meals!☆☆☆☆☆
Perfect meal after a good morning outdoor
run with Missy girl.
I am trying very hard, not to eat all of these candied almonds I just made for my brother. :)-
Soooo good! ♡
Super easy, no cook:
○Raw/unsalted almonds
Almendras crudas sin sal
○Rolled in maple syrup,
Enrollado en jarabe de arce
○Shredded cacao (100% cacao/fair trade),
Comercio justo cacao rallado
○& fresh shredded(unsweetened) coconut.
Coco rallado fresco sin azúcar procesada
4 ingredients cuatro ingredientes.
No table sugar sin azúcar procesada
Just leave them out to dry,
if you can resist the urge to devour them.
Shredded cacao mixed with a sticky syrup creates a sauce coating, no melting chocolate required.
Brainstorming healthy snacks to satisfy my brother's sweet tooth.
Trying to stop him from buying those sugary, fattening granola bars, no más no more!
Need to make the next batch 20x larger lol.
& use more toppings for a complete coating!
1st batch exceeded expectations!
These sweeties burn fat, they do not create it.
Not cool,
dogs are not mountain goats:
Dogs have softer paws,
not rock hard hooves for mountain climbing.
Dragging dogs up to the peaks of super tall mountains is animal abuse, this dog is not wearing any paw protection.
This is the same as forcing a human to climb 14+ thousand steep, rocky feet
completely barefoot...
Humans are wearing foot protection however
the dogs are essentially climbing "barefoot".
This should be illegal!
Even for service dogs, get a human guide
& leave the dogs at home,
this is putting dogs in danger & wearing them out, hiking & scrambling for
hours & hours & hours....
There is no way I would make a dog climb with me way up there, it is a brutal journey,
& no place for dogs.
 These trails are not just rocky and sharp, with dangerous cliffs, they are very steep, the incline is extremely tough to handle, I know these poor dogs are super sore after these climbs, it just isn't right.
Oh, & another thing....
Guns = "Deerrrpp"
Kill a gorgeous, old mountain goat,
I draw you into el diablo
le diable, the devil :(
with a posessed soul
con un alma poseída
avec une âme possédée.
I may have to remove this. :/
It is tough being a physically fit, handsome, & intelligent man, lots of other jealous & insecure men out there, with nothing useful to say.
Keep yapping! :)-
I like her, pointing out that government should focus on preventing disease,
rather than just treating it.
Refreshing & efficient stance!
I differ from her on some things but
she is the only one I have heard mention anything like this, & this idea is revolutionary.
Everyone else is worried about how to get people their pills & finding research money.
Focusing on disease prevention is what
must be done.
"Eehhh, being healthy, nooo, booooo,
go get beer, order pizza & soda!
We can eat some cheese nachos
while we wait!"
I do not vote for presidents,
but this is a brilliant view on how to drastically improve health care problems,
& I hope it emerges!
Sneaking raw, organic spinach into little brother's fruit smoothies mmuuaa-haHA.
Looks green & tastes like
super sweet bananas!
Spinach has a very slight flavor so you
can sneak it in everything.
I am trying to pump his body full of raw greens as much as possible.
He has lost 12 pounds so far,
in 1 month/4 weeks. :)
It would be much more if he
would do everything I say, but he doesn't! :)-
I am making him exercise daily also!
Intense cardio, weights, & abs.♡
This tastes delicious & it is a
super fat burner!
I found oats that are not packaged with any plastics, particularly hard plastics.
Decreasing plastic use is a must.
Easy adjustments to preserve our fragile climate
& use less fossil fuels that everyone
must be willing to make!♡
•El objetivo de cada semana es no tener plástico en los contenedores de reciclaje.
•Le but de chaque semaine est de ne pas avoir de plastique dans les bacs de recyclage.
(Even recycling bins are made from plastics!)
I definitely do not live 100% plastic free,
but I strive to drastically reduce
my plastic use continually.
2nd BLUE debate tonight,
no stress....LOL
I wasn't glued to the screen,
the whole show was just giving me a headache.
I think the backdrop & props were too glaring.
& such a negative tone,
so much tension,
difficult to watch.
I saw the majority.
Fight, fight, fight.
"Go-to", generic political statements.
Elections are unpleasant....!
Generally, all good people,
pushing for some level of progress,
commercialization has created a
media monster out of elections.
I would highly respect any candidate that doesn't use the term "The American people".
That sounds nationalistic to me.
Peaceful patriotism,
less self-centered, combative,
pretentious, pompous,
imperious nationalism.
"Where are you from?"
¿De donde eres?
"The USA, great country, you should visit!"
¡Los Estados Unidos de América,
gran país, deberías visitar!
That is peaceful patriotism.♡
The aggressive style
&#@! YOOUU!!" attitude
Is Neo-Nazi...esque.
Competitive sports....
There doesn't have to be so many colossal problems to solve if all people would:
•Abolish guns/weapons of war entirely
•Let people travel freely
•Eat healthy
•Ban alcohol & tobacco products
•Mind their own business concerning other people's body's & love lives.
(Does anyone enjoy being controlled...?)
We create these issues ourselves.
They should hold debates outdoors, in a park.
"Well, you know, like, whatever maaan,
it's all groovy."
"Yes, I agree."
Okay debate over.
The USA is a wonderful place to live,
& Americans do many great things.
But there are no shortage of severely neglected neighborhoods, hunger issues, & unthinkable,
barbaric atrocities
happening, legal & illegal, in the US,
at the hands of Americans.
No country is perfect.
My abstract tribute to the
blue & red battle....♡
Cinnamon & cacao,
banana, apple, & oats.
Canela y cacao,
plátano, manzana, y avena.
Cannelle et cacao,
banane, pomme, et avoine.
Alabama is embarrassing,
we don't know you...
"God, Guns, & Freedom"
Is the title of this frightening car sales campaign.
It is true, people actually behave this way
in real life,
it isn't just parody you would see on an episode of Beavis & Butthead.
Religion, nationalism, & violence are like
bread, peanut butter, & jelly.
Religión, nacionalismo, y violencia, son
pan, manteqilla de cacahueta, y jalea.
My brother tells me
"Don't dilly-dally...."
I'll dally-dilly instead.
Coconut orange oats.
Holy §#!%.
I will admit, I do become irritated when I cannot communicate with a person when dealing with any American business, because their English is not fluent enough.
I do catch myself thinking:
Then I immediately feel like an idiot for thinking that.
 It takes time to learn a new language of course and people must be patient.
  I do think anyone wishing to live in America and work in America should be encouraged
(But without acting all Hitler about it...)
to become fluent in English,
it just makes sense.
And the same goes for any English-speaking person wishing to move to a different country
with a different language.
 Language is sentimental to people, and some understandably wish to preserve their culture.
  Every person is responsible for being able to communicate with different people.
English-speaking Americans should be fluent in other languages as well.
All English speaking Americans should learn Spanish.
Dinner & dessert. ♡
Was delicious!
I like to shred stuff.
No American democratic presidential nominee would ever force a woman to have an abortion
against her will,
These people, I would say at least 95% maybe more, all struggle with alcoholism
& are strung out on cigarettes.
As a result, they feel squalid, hopeless, have lost all self confidence.
 Some of these people (were told by doctors) that they are terminally ill due to their unhealthy habits and have given up on life.
 I know this because sometimes I speak to them during my travels, while puffing on a cigarette, they reveal these things to me.
 Alcohol & tobacco products
have a horribly negative influence.
 Being intoxicated also makes these people more disruptive, loud, and sometimes
aggressive and violent.
 Of course not all homeless people are disruptive alcoholics, I see many who are peaceful, keep to themselves, and do not bother anyone.
 Another issue is they tend to leave litter everywhere, however, so do people who have homes!
 Every time I go to a park, and at Lake Travis, I have to pick up baby diapers, drink containers, cigarette filters, and all kinds of gross things that are left behind by paying customers who likely have homes.
 The 1st step in improving the homeless situation would be to ban alcohol and tobacco products.
Not having everyone intoxicated and chain smoking gross, unhealthy cigarettes.
 This will improve people's health
and their self esteem.
 So Austin, TX has recently lifted certain bans on public camping, panhandling, & sleeping on sidewalks, & the govna' doesn't approve.
 My only dislike is the panhandling, I have no problem with someone taking a rest on a bench, please, have a little compassion for unfortunate people...
Innocent children & people being held against their will in miserable confinement.....?
No, that isn't concentration camp-y at all.
Just kidding it totally is.
Humanity is so disgusting & ignorant,
1 reason why I have no desire to bring children into this awful world.
Shoot arrows & bullets into yourselves
more sweet, beautiful deer,
less horrible & grotesque humans.
Pure evil.
All governments are horrible,
animal killing establishments.
Makes me sick!!!
All this pollution way back in the 1960's,
this is 2019 now.
Fishless "dead" rivers randomly catching on fire, from all the oil & chemical pollution!
I am amazed people & animals are still living & breathing on this planet.
A great way to cut down on pollution is to stop buying needles things, particularly non-biodegradable things.
If you go into any store & look around,
aisles are packed with non-biodegradable junk that we can certainly live without.
Stop buying so much junk,
& those companies will stop producing so much junk.
Yes, society provides unhealthy foods to people much more abundantly, & at lower cost.
Salty/sugary, processed foods are highly appealing to the tastebuds & in a way, have an exciting image
that people enjoy.
Awww, WOW, just look, at that box full of cute,
pretty cupcakes....
& pizzaaaaa...PARTY TIME!!!
I get it, the "thrill" of
processed foods.
 I admittedly love pizza and donuts and all of that stuff, OF COURSE,
but I choose not to eat it,
because I do not want to be obese,
and feel horrible.
 I enjoy feeling good, and looking good,
& not suffering from diet related ailments.
(Bloating, gas, weight gain, fatigue, constipation, headaches, inflammation, joint pain, etc.)
Living comfortably & pain-free,
& liking what I see when I look in the mirror
is far more important to me
than eating junky foods, which also
make me more irritable.
 If you are so inclined, you could take the time to make raw, vegan versions of cupcakes and pizza
and such things.
They are actually delicious, non-fattening, & healthy!
 A few, rare restaurants in select cities do sell raw vegan processed foods.
 There is nothing wrong with raw vegan processed foods/gourmet, I just think people should be accustomed to eating simply, and not be so hooked & dependent on highly complex foods,
that are difficult to make.
 This truly makes life much easier!
A "church"...talking about
"intruders and trespassers"
it's a church dude.
Shouldn't all be welcome?
We are appointing armed guards,
God Bless, Amen.
 These big, fancy churches, why don't they hand some of that money to unfortunate, hungry people,
instead of worrying about showing off so much
 with unnecessary, expensive, opulent buildings....
? Hmmmm?
Humility is far more benevolent & respectable.
Again, bottled water is not pure...
Tap water isn't 100% perfect either,
 This photo would be absolutely beautiful if it wasn't for all the human pollution.
Just heartbreaking.
Start thinking about where all your garbage is going, it doesn't vaporize into thin air and disappear.
Likely also leaking traces of
chemicals into water...
and sure to be leaving some toxic chemicals in your water since they are all made
from non-organic materials.
 Tap water is not 100% pure either,
 some cities have had issues,
however I think in general
tap water has intentionally been
over-slandered to instill public fear,
& boost sales of bottled water.
 Neither are perfect but the better option is the one that does not pollute the planet with plastic bottles and plastic water filters.
 Many people drink city water & well water, & have been on a regular basis, for years,
without any issues.
My mother simply boils tap water
in a large pot,
she has been drinking this for at least 10 years,
never a problem,
& this is what I drink when I stay with her also.
 I am proud that her garbage can is not filled with a million plastic bottles,
harming the planet.
 Pay attention to news about your city's tap water, making sure you are up-to-date with any contamination issues that may occur from flooding or accidents at water plants, etc.
 that you should be aware of.
  Foods which fight harmful bacteria within the body such as raw fruits and vegetables will help protect against bacterial infections.
Particularly potent anti-bacterial food such as garlic, cloves, ginger, and aloe vera.
 Eating these foods on a regular basis will help boost immunity and protect from germs in water.
Raw fruits & vegetables, &
lots of high-liquid/juicy fruits,
also detox the body,
& help to excrete any chemicals.
There is such a thing as
healthy fat,
& that includes saturated fat.
The total fat in coconut, is said to be almost entirely saturated fat, & since coconut is notoriously healthy,
obviously, that means unprocessed, raw,
plant based saturated healthy!
Saturated fat is known to be the most stable type of fat, very durable to heat, air, & light exposure.
One reason why I aim to consume lots of coconut,
those strengthening properties apply to the skin & protect against skin aging.
This is important to me,
since I am getting on in years,
So coconut is super high in saturated fat,
does coconut cause atherosclerosis then?
Absolutely not, coconut actually cures atherosclerosis.
It's the animal fats & products people need to avoid,
to lower risk of atherosclerosis:
meats/fish, dairy, eggs, gelatin, etc.
are a no-no, for people who wish to age well.
Aahhhhh, yaye marriage.
Think hard before you hitch!
Get all tangled up in the courts & have people controlling your life!
I think marriage & monogamy is stupid &
weddings are ridiculous LOLOLOL,
ahhh, that felt good to get out!
 It's all about the women wanting to play "dress up" for 5 minutes, and/or possessive men wanting a woman all to themselves.
A huge amount of money,
to get divorced 12 months later.
 I guess some people think if they are married, it makes them appear more successful.
 50 plus percent of marriages end in divorce so obviously other people think so too!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Self control & composure is the greatest show of
I cannot believe killing 150 people over the destruction of an unmanned drone was ever considered, but thankfully the decision was revoked.
Proud of this news, America needs to move on,
this is 2019, not AD 30.
It is time to evolve
& not resort to violence over every upset.
Who knows what the true story is, & what is actually going on behind the government curtain,
I am just glad there was no attack.
Bottled water is reportedly not so squeaky clean,
pretty much all water is tainted at this point, may as well not pollute & destroy the Earth
with plastic bottles.
Microplastics can likely be found in everything nowadays.
Monitor your city's tap water quality to make sure it is clean enough to drink.
Flouride in tap water!!!!???
Yes, but...
microplastics in bottled water!!!
Both are undesirable, may as well not use the one that causes this:
I think I'd rather deal with flouride in my body than microplastics inside my body.
The more bottled water produced...
the more microplastics will find their way into the entire water supply of the planet,
including spring water.
Buying less bottled water is a must.
People also need to support the banning of synthetic flouride added to tap water.
Supporting something can be as simple as not fighting it.
Get over the drone thing, & move on,
this is turning into a ridiculous pëńįš contest.
Costly loss, but absolutely
not worth more violence.
The South Carolina senator and all others pushing for hostile retaliation can fly to Iran & fight Iranians themselves if they want to go to war over this.
Rise above, set an intelligent, civilized,
self-disciplined, mentally mature example.
The USA should not sink to a low level &
behave like a bunch of chimpanzees.
Okay bye.
I added mango today for lunch. :)
Seriously y'all, sooo good!
Super hot too,
cumin seeds, cayenne, & red pepper.
Make it a HIGH FAT salad
with creamy avocado dressing.
(Avocados burn body fat,
they do not create it!)
& I am a garlicaholic...♡
I don't understand this....LOL
I am FORTY...
Not 75 yet people,
excuse you...
"Wow, she looks great for 75!!"
Told ya, raw food works.
what is this all about?
40....75...same thing.
Suuuuper chocolatey ♡
High fat & high sugar...
Without guilt!
This burns fat, doesn't create it.
Magical, truly!
Coconut ~ banana smoochie.
Coconut, pure cacao powder,
2 bananas, coconut juice, & ice.
I sometimes skip the ice,
 but it's hot!
Poor raw vegans, &
their tasteless foods,
Wrong, amigos!
Fresh coconut water, mmmm.
A little messy to extract but
completely worth it. :)
Far healthier than store bought coconut juice,
which might be pasteurized (cooked/denatured),
and/or full of additives.
Get it fresh!
All for meee♡
Hellish salad...HOT, HOT!
I loves tha hot.
Black pepper, chiltepin peppers, garlic cloves,
lime juice, cumin seeds, avocado, tomato, kale.
Sooo delicious.♡
Are extremely high in vitamin C!
Reportedly just 45g of raw, red pepper,
contains as much vitamin C
Peppers are essentially a natural
vitamin C supplement. ;)
Summer staple, gotta have it!
 If I had to pick 1 food to live with,
it would be watermelon.
Because it contains so much
essential water...♡
Coconut is the whole package actually,
fatty "meat" & juice!
Okay coconut 1st,
watermelon 2nd.
Delicious beauties.♡
Very little plastic waste. ♡
100% non-fattening. ♡
The apples, oats, & kale are "organic".
I have decided non"organic" foods
without plastic packaging
is ultimately better, than "organic" foods
all packaged in plastics!
Don' make no sensibles to moi.
I think its easier for the planet to filter out liquid chemicals than try to decompose
non-biodegradable plastics.
But on the real, nothing is truly "organic" now,
the soil, air, & water is all
extremely tainted at this point.
(Despite what some politicians claim lol.)
I aim for unpackaged, organic foods
as much as possible.
Missy doggy loves tomatoes,
that one is for her.♡
I shouldn't watch or read the news anymore.
Everything is too upsetting.
I just don't want to know.
I don't want to see.
I don't want to read.
I don't want to hear.
Tired of feeling upset all the time.
I am well aware,
severe disorder is upon us.
I just don't need to know all the gory details.
Too many completely insane
& careless people in the world,
I wish things were different.
Starting tomorrow...
So...don't ask me,
I donno nuthin.
I am not voting Democrat, or Republican.
I do not support this competitive 2 party system,
or the belittling concept of a "president" & a "1st lady",
expecting all others to worship these 2 people,
(Worship this LOLOL)
this harrowing, degenerative operation
must be abolished.
Every presidential election is a nightmare & it gets worse every time, seemingly.
Anyone else had enough?
No president, just Congress...
for starters, until we adapt a
better system.
We do not need a "president",
this is ridiculous.
 How do we accomplish this?
 Everyone stop voting in presidential elections.
Lol, what would they do?
Arm wrestle, & winner gets to be president?
Double chocolate chip,
banana ginger!
2 bananas, about 3/4" slice of ginger root,
100% pure cacao powder & 100% pure cacao bar.
•No table sugar or processed sweeteners
•No cow milk or whey
•No protein powder
Burns fat, non-fattening ♡
Chocolate/pure cacao is absolutely allowed in a healthy diet!
I think I would go mad (madder) without it.
The cacao plant is a healthy gift from nature.
Loooove the cacao. ♡
●The chocolate industry however is known for it's unethical child labor use, & even child slavery!
can you imagine....
Informative read here:
People should try to avoid buying large amounts of chocolate from those companies.
Here is a list of chocolate producers who are reportedly "fair trade" certified:
Not enough people....
are actually willing,
to make any effort,
to cut down on their waste production.
People just want to continue with their polluting way of life & not be bothered with having to make any changes or exert any additional time or thought into not being such a litterbug.
Too much trouble.
& governments certainly cannot be trusted to value nature over destructive, profitable production.
Their focus is centered on maintaining their
grandiloquent, greedy lifestyles &
being able to keep all of their servants.
Thank you, to the people who are at least trying.
 People should be forced to keep all of their garbage in their backyards from now on,
or their living room.
 Maybe then, they will start making an effort.
 These pharmaceutical commercials are just
pure evil, nauseating to even watch.
I do not know how these people sleep at night.
They make it sound like you can eat the healthiest diet in the world and exercise every day, do everything right, (no cigarettes/alcohol) & you will somehow, mysteriously, phenomenally,
...still be afflicted with diabetes and heart disease and everything diet and lifestyle related.
These people are full of it.
 They want people to think that this pill is essential despite everything they do,
nothing will work,
& people need to take this pill.
 It is utter nonsense, people who eat a whole food plant based diet and exercise, avoid alcohol and cigarettes/cigars, will not develop diabetes,
heart disease, etc.
Completely insulting to the public's intelligence.
Should be illegal.
But, ya know...$$$$$
King Dollar rules the country.
Do not take these unhealthy, useless pills,
just take care of yourself!
•Whole food plant based diet
•No alcohol/tobacco products
•No OTC drugs
It will work.♡
More guacamole/kale salad
for my little brother. ♡
I just tear everything apart with my hands,
fast & easy, no knife.
The green onions are homegrown,
fresh picked. ♡
He wanted to run out for
a veggie sandwich, (smh),
but his tyrannical, bossy sister
said no-way José.
Noooo DOUGH!!
Sandwiches, are fattening,
I am so sick of fattening junk,
I could just scream,
making my brother, &
millions of other people sick!
Enough!!!  >:(
he ate it all...yaye.
:) ♡♡♡♡
The biggest challenge is his appetite for
Foods/meals that are a pain in the aš§ to make,
Can I just die now??
Just, freakin' EAT the šhť already,
"Don't play with your food."
For permanent weight loss people really need to become acquainted with eating
Whole foods...raw.
Bam, done.
& much healthier!
"God" help us.
Some people are unbelievable.
How, are they not embarrassed?
With no brains of their own,
parrots just mimicking whatever they hear,
mindless followers...
utterly frightening.
I cannot wait for this reign of terror to be over,
it will feel like a gigantic weight has finally been lifted off this country.
(Looks like a bunch of redneck, cigarette smoking dummies to me, no offense.♡)
I don't understand vegans who slave in the gym, & then turn around & eat unhealthy,
fattening junk...?
& then try to talk about
I'd take a less hugely ripped man who eats/encourages healthy salads, nuts, & fruits,
any day...yummy♡
That is real fitness,
from the inside out,
rather than just a facade.
Raw vegan men are the most attractive,♡
ssssomebody sssstop me lol.
Eating unhealthy is a great turn off,
it symbolizes obesity/disease,
low self esteem, depression,
& the utter degredation of society.
I do love nice muscles however, :)-
don' get-er twisted!
Physically active & strong is a must.
The full package!♡
Whatever! >:(
It's the perfect plan!
All I saw was lightning & rain. :(
The clouds were not kind last night.
Here I go again raining on people's parades,
but I have to say, I just cringe when I see women buying a million different types of
spandex yoga pants and tops.
 I just look at their photos and think to myself
"Noooooo!!! STOP!"
 I understand they are form fitting and sexy
(And they can stretch...)
but they are terrible for the environment.
 I myself was also unaware of this until recently but people should avoid buying large amounts of synthetic clothing because it is generally not biodegradable, and it is toxic.
 Tons of fossil fuels are required to make these synthetic fabrics, so they are also a waste of our precious, limited, non-renewable,
natural resources.
 Not even really healthy to wear either,
or have against your skin...
chemicals absorbing into the bloodstream.
 I'm going to be phasing out all these bathing suits I have and start wearing cotton bikinis!
Men also, it seems like almost all clothing especially workout clothing is synthetic material,
polyester, spandex, nylon, acrylic, etc.
Look for 100% cotton. ♡
Natural, plant based fabrics like linen, cotton, & hemp
 are biodegradable. ♡
Shoes are more difficult, but if people start focusing on buying more eco-friendly clothing at least,
that would be an enormous help!
 And natural fabrics are far more comfortable!
I did not make it to the plumber's rally in Austin today but I heard it was a provisional success,
no Texas State Board of Examiners
shut down,
it's operation extended until 2021
for now.
I only care that plumbing is done safely,
whomever is knowledgeable..!
Brief aloe break for sun therapy.♡
Keeping wound soft & pliable with aloe constantly
& overnight,
better to not let wounds dry out &
harden, pull & tear!
Aloe helps keeps the skin alive
& mends it together.♡
A series of claims & opinions, tons of
fact checking to do after reading this.
The best thing to do is grow it yourself.
Commercialization & capitalism is
turning legalization into a frenzy
of unhealthy processed products.
Despite the socioeconomic politics & health hazards of the new age edibles, the bottom line is:
Regular marijuana should be available for people to use, without legal consequence.
That's it, & that's all,
don't make it complicated.
I would support a federal/nationwide ban on vaping, marijuana edibles, & infused alcoholic beverages.
They are no bueno.
The physical effects of these products are not the same as the effects from smoking regular marijuana.
Yet plain marijuana is receiving the blame for issues caused by processed, infused products.
Go 1 full day without consuming
Which basically means,
no restaurant food & no processed foods.
(They usually put table salt in everything.)
Unless you go to a restaurant & eat all raw food.
Can you do it...♡
No table salt is super easy for me now,
you adjust & adapt!
A healthy, unprocessed form of sodium is known to be found naturally in plant foods,
no need to add table salts.
Homemade meals without table salt....♡
Why no table salt?
1. Wrinkles the skin/dehydrates
2. Raises blood pressure/hypertension
(Hypertension can develop into heart disease,
heart disease can cause a heart attack.)
3. Body bloating side effect/water retention.
Is "sea salt" safer?
Look at this magnificent place...
(Not my photo.)
The Dead Sea ♡
The shoreline elevation is -1,400+ feet,
known to be Earth's lowest point of land,
the Jordan river flows in, but
there is said to be no exit out of this lake,
(An endorheic/closed basin.)
everything in the water is collected here.
Reportedly being dried up by climate change.
Said to be gone someday!
Great read here.
I would love to see this place!
Kinda salty here too....LOL
Reportedly almost 10 times saltier than the ocean,
hence the name "Dead Sea",
inhospitable for most life to thrive.
I was reading about table salt & stumbled on this salt lake, hypersaline lake,
& I am in love with this lake now!
I had heard of it before, but never really looked at photos, amazingly gorgeous!
Beautiful day at Lake Travis earlier today lol,
except for the motor boats & wave runner noise, & gasoline smell, giving me a headache.
I feel so bad for the poor fish & turtles & plants in the lake being sprayed with gasoline.
Motor powered water vehicles must be banned for recreational use.
The lake water would be so calm & smooth,
the boat waves make the water choppy,
disturbing the fish,
& the area would be so nice & quiet.
Banning motor water vehicles would be wonderful!
It is so quiet & peaceful until a noisy motor boat or wave runner drives by, being loud & chopping up the water, sending the poor fish scrambling,
& soaking them in gasoline.
The rough water beats up the fish... :(
Otherwise their home would be nice & still.
Ouch :(
Cleaned up in hot shower,
& put fresh aloe on it.
Aloe is a natural disinfectant.
I was wondering why this psycho Harley was hovering over my groceries all strange like,
& would not move out of the way,
right after I took this photo she began growling & then Rocky stiffened up, & I thought
"" then bam,
a dog fight broke out, that I had to break up.
I do not know who bit me.
I learned something.
If you have to break up an animal fight,
keep your limbs away from their mouths.
I would grab the larger dog by the lower part of it's body & yank it away from the other dog.
Difficult when you are thrown into that chaotic moment & focused on breaking it up before they hurt each other.
Not too severe but ouch!
Harley became possessive over the avocados,
I realized.
This is what happens when these dogs do not get their avocados, they get moody.
Did I beat the dogs for this?
I put them outside with 2 avocados each to eat.
Moody, carb hungry dogs are dangerous.
These dogs are normally best buds!
They actually love each other to pieces.
Harley.... :/
She can get feisty (er, ferocious)
& Rocky doesn't play either,
he will fight her back hard.
They made up now.♡♡
Alrighty, huge piece of fresh cut aloe leaf
under there working it's magic,
it feels so cool & soothing! ♡
No sting at all,
much better than rubbing alcohol
or hydrogen peroxide!
Bath time for the dogs,
a bath always puts them in a good mood.
Hilarious meme I saw today had to share,
100% true,
I have never thought of that before!
Oppositionists have no valid argument whatsoever.
Fighting legalization of a non-deadly plant,
while endorsing fast food cheeseburgers.
? Wow....
Probably 80/90% of all products sold in grocery stores, even "health food" stores, are deadly.
Killing people right & left with heart disease, cancers, & diabetes...still perfectly legal,
not under attack.
Soooo YUMMY♡
Banana ~ pure cacao ~ fresh coconut 
No table sugar,
no cow milk,
no additives or preservatives,
burns fat, doesn't create it.
You could drink gallons of this
high fat/high sugar carb smoothie
daily, & still lose weight.
Cures diabetes & heart disease,
doesn't cause them.
I had no idea this was a thing.
At first I thought "deranged Alabama"
then I read other states including Florida & California have already passed this law!
If I had a 6 year old or so child who was molested by an adult, I may very well feel differently, but as of now I find this to be "cruel and unusual"/unconstitutional.
I had never heard of "chemical castration" before.
It is an anaphrodisiac pill treatment designed to decrease libido.
Ewe. No doubt accompanied by unhealthy side effects, as with all pharmaceuticals.
My first totally uneducated mental image of this was pouring chemicals on it,
until it is no more.
I thought..that sounds dramatic & horrible, why not just use a surgical removal method...
Lol, I don't know, that is what "chemical castration" sounded like to me.
Okay so it isn't quite so brutal & barbaric.
It still sounds weird, & unhealthy,
as is child molestation.
This world is insane.
I guess female & male offenders would take these pills then?
It reminds me of cutting off a thief's hands as punishment for stealing...
Good Lord...
I don't know why the "patient" is smiling?
I am not even sure how exactly surgical castration is performed, I looked it up & found this informative illustration, 15th century style. Yikes.
And why is the patient smiling?
"Yea! Let's do this!"
Ohhh, maybe he was a "eunuch"...
(I am now reading all about the history of castration this morning because of this article.)
Wow, can you believe people could face a death penalty for engaging in any type of nonprocreative sexual activity!
Lol Jefferson was like:
"Nope, gotta do away with that crazy law."
I feel like any type of bodily harm as a form of punishment is barbarous, &
contributes to a hostile society.
Success, my little sibling actually likes my guacamole salad, hurrahh. :)
To my surprise he ate the entire bowl last time,
I made it for him again tonight.
I mixed the kale in ruuull good,
so he cannot pick it out,
like a Stubborn Stanley.
Hahaaa, I am such a devious sister.
He tends to leave green stuff behind on his plate.
These are desperate times.
Here is a real challenge:
Refrain from calling a person names,
regardless of what they do...
Can anyone do that?
You quite literally couldn't pay me 1 trillion dollars, to shoot an animal in cold blood.
I would tell you to take that check,
& choke on it.
Dead serious.
Well, these people will all be returning
to hell,
where they came from,
these unyielding murderers,
who refuse to stop killing animals.
Ohhhh, I failed my own challenge already!!!
The main cause of this is,
people thinking they need to eat animals
to be healthy.
Do you know of any vegans who hunt & kill animals just for fun, but do not eat them?
Do you know of any vegetarians who hunt & kill animals just for fun, but do not eat them?
Hunters all generally eat animals right?
Some people are well aware that they can be healthier on a plant based diet,
but choose to eat animals & support animal slaughter regardless.
I do not know.
If there is a hell,
who knows.
Maybe I am going to hell also.
I fished a few times when I was very young,
before I realized, at a young age, that fishing was cruel, & I never fished again,
but I still ate fish,
pretty ignorant right...
Never hunted & killed any other animals
in my entire life,
I used to stand by & watch as people poured live crawfish into boiling water,
that guilt will haunt me forever.
And I didn't stop eating animals until 2011.
Like I said, the devil's cold grip...
I do not really believe in hell honestly.
Good vs. evil,
it is a mystery.
All I know is,
"good" people,
do not hunt & kill...
"Good" people do not bring pain & suffering upon
innocent animals.
Strive to be good not evil.
Groceries & dinner,
I am hooked on these avocado dressing salads,
they just hit the spot every time.
Kale, red leaf lettuce, avocado, turmeric, cayenne, lime juice, mushroom, onion, & garlic.
I don't always feel like taking the time to make salads especially when I am starving,
but they take just a few minutes,
like literally 5 minutes if you get it down fast,
no cooking(I friggin' hate cooking lol!)
& I am always glad I did... ;)
No regrets!
I had to pull over & move this poor, teeny-tiny baby deer out of the road, on my way back from the park today. :( :( :(
It had just happened, it's body was still warm, & my heart breaks for the poor mother,
if she was there when it happened.
Everyone was just driving right over this poor baby like it was nothing.
I put it under a tree to rest. ♡
I just hate that!!!!!
Please do not speed down the roads in deer country,
I have noticed, everywhere I go,
very few people drive the speed limit,
most people are flying down the roads,
on curvy roads, in the rain,
& in the dark.
Accidents can always happen, sometimes even if you are going under the speed limit, animals will still run right out in front of you, but driving slower will help.
I usually drive under the speed limit on roads like this, with "deer caution" signs everywhere,
I don't care if I annoy people,
the speed limits are too high & people even go faster than the speed limits.
After I laid it down, I saw ticks crawling on it.
Pretty gross, to think people kill these animals,
butcher them, & then eat them.
Not the most sanitary meal in the world...
R.I.P. sweet little deer. :( ♡
(I used some bags to pick it up with,
I didn't touch it with my bare hands,
but I would have, if I had no other choice.)
Elderly/more religious people/conservatives/alcoholics,
must step aside, &
stop fighting progress.
Reportedly younger generations are less interested in practicing any type of religion.
It is good to see the majority of New Yorkers
support improvement.
"55 percent of voters back the legalization"
I had a terrible nightmare wake me up this morning.
In the dream I was on a beach with a handsome gentleman having a romantic moment, & then suddenly appeared these wolf-sized foxes, reddish fur but large in size, & the foxes were all being mercilessly stabbed to death,
by a group of psychotic men,
blood....everywhere, blood flying through the air,
these poor fox/wolves writhing in pain
& dying slowly,
I hear another woman's voice, from somewhere,
screaming to these mad men in protest:
"What are you DOING?!!!!!!!!"
I immediately take off running, towards this horrific scene, intending to do whatever I could to stop it,
whatever I had to do,
leaving my dashing date in my dust,
& as I was running down the beach
as fast as I possibly could,
I woke up.
It was horrible.
I am sad because I know this nightmare is a reality.
Then I went onto the porch &
was greeted by a gorgeous new squash flower
that had bloomed overnight.♡♡♡
I thank Nature for beautiful, happy flowers.
Please, stop the killing.
There is no need to kill animals, it is evil.
It is a nightmare, on Earth.
Be a kind flower.♡
Squash is on the way! Yaye!
I am guessing reading this article the other day & seeing this horrific image sparked my nightmare.
I also watched Pirates of The Caribbean
last night with my brother,
lots of romantic beach scenes.
The brain is a crazy device.
Apple & fresh shredded ginger/coconut.
Healthy fat & sugar...♡♡♡
I put ginger/herbs into everything,
they are so great for all the systems,
circulatory, digestive, respiratory,
immunity, digestive, everything!
"Herbs" are very detoxing/cleansing & nutritious,
I believe.
You can literally feel them working internally they are so powerful!
Herbs are plant foods that really pack a punch,
things like basil, oregano, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, onion, garlic, mustard, cumin, etc.
All those tasty goodies.♡
Great for burning fat also,
very stimulating for the metabolism,
increases heart rate & gets the blood moving like exercise does.
Herbs kill cancers/tumors, they also cure heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver/kidney/lung issues, pretty much everything they can cure.
Delicious salad for dinner!
Avocado dressing with kale, fresh shredded carrot, garlic, cayenne, & onion.
Probably not a day goes by, that I do not look at other females & think "I wish I looked like that..."
or "I wish I had that.."
& then I begin to feel depressed.
That jealousy & insecurity will probably never cease, the one thing I can do is focus on what I DO have.
Love yourself,
none of us are 100% (naturally)flawless,
& everyone possesses a unique attraction all their own...♡♡♡
Coool, a step in the right direction.
But people are still going to smoke, including minors.
A super bold move would be to start treating tobacco products like heroin.
Tobacco products should be "schedule 1",
and alcoholic beverages.
I think the death toll tobacco products & alcohol have caused over qualifies them as such.
How many people have lost loved ones to those 2 addictions....
How many people are currently laying in a hospital bed as I type this, because of those 2 addictions, &
how many people overall, are suffering from health problems, because of those 2 addictions...
Ban this madness.
I made some delicious guacamole for my brotha'.
If you are trying to lose weight,
sneak raw greens into everything you eat.
He has put on some pounds :(
so I am trying to help him.
This has mushroom, tomato, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, lemon juice, onion,
(& kale, sshhhh).
No table salt, or bottled oils.
Trying to get more raw greens & vegs into this boy's body, it is quite a task.
All he ever wants to eat is potatoes!
He loves guacamole though.
Feed loved ones healthy, longevity food,
not deadly animal products that
cause heart disease, strokes,
& cancers(meats, eggs, dairy)
or sickening, fattening junk foods!
A bit of late night munchie shopping.
Mmmm, I haven't had an organic honey crisp apple in sooo long, they have such a delicious flavor.
I think all suit wearing folks should be granted a break during the summer, & be allowed to wear tank tops and shorts, it's HOT!
How do people wear pants, long sleeve shirts, & jackets in this heat?
So your doctor walks in wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cutoffs, so what.
Congress convenes in cool, casual, summer clothing, it's all good LOL.
I just see these poor politicians walking around campaigning in those hot dress clothes,
dude, change into a tank top & shorts,
I will still respect you. :)-
I once waited tables at a small
"fine...dining" restaurant(yank-yank)
for like a week, then I quit LOL.
& boss made us wear a white dress shirt,
dress pants, & a tie...& it was not comfy.
I rode a bike to work wearing that stuff,
in the summer, sweated off about 5 pounds cycling in those hot clothes!
I sympathize...♡
Just completely awful.
This witless fishing & hunting craze,
is beyond saddening, & very destructive.
A terrible decision.
What a surprise.
Then regular marijuana will get all the blame,
for all the hospital visits.
Because people are 'toooopiiid.
Stay away from all this very unhealthy,
processed, cannabis-infused junk.
Alcohol sales are declining,
which is friggin' awesome,
that news actually makes me really happy ♡,
but the alcoholics are scrambling to keep everyone drunk & sick, 
desperately looking for ways to bring sales back up now they are eyeing the booming cannabis market.
Please, don't.
This is not a good thing.
Don't buy it, will cause health problems.
Why, is the world so crazy.....
Why, why, why.
Seriously, why?
"A registered dietitian says....
eat lean steaks."
those R.D.'s...
really know their stuff."
You just feel so embarrassed for these people,
who are writing this...
& I cannot believe I used to believe it too.
No, do not eat rotting cow muscle tissue,
of any kind.
Published in a magazine for runners.
It's too bad, by the time everyone in the world finally goes plant based, the Earth will be so extremely polluted by then.
I wish it was thousands of years ago, when the planet was still pristine & beautiful,
& everyone was raw vegan/clean.
No hunting/fishing, no classism or racism, no cigarettes or alcohol, no junk food/drinks,
no obesity/disease, no lethal drugs,
no pharmaceuticals,
Hopefully that is the heaven I will go to.
The only people who think a nude woman is "indecent" are people who look disgusting naked...
So, there.
In my opinion.
Um, you are the one who is indecent,
not me...LOL.
A fit, healthy, nude, human figure is a gorgeous, inspiring work of nature's art.
Not saying I am perfect but,
just sayin' folks!
Especially these critical, preacher's wife type of women who have multiple children....LOLOL,
yes, it is clear, what your favorite hobby is...
(Cue the porn music.)
People who are modest, have self respect!
Says the 300 pound women,
who has no respect for her health,
I have more self respect than those people do.
 This post was inspired by some comments I read on someone else's video, not from comments directed towards me.
 Although I would guess people are saying similar things about me....?
the opinions of ignorant people
are so important to me LOL.
Being naked is a blast!
The Battle of Normandy, 1944
Began on this day, June 6th.
"We're going down there,
and we're throwing everything we have into it,
and we're going to make it a success."
- Eisenhower 
Was he actually there, also,
getting shot at, & mutilated?
I think "you're" is a more
appropriate word to use,
not "we".
You...go fight,
while I watch from a distance,
because my life is
more valuable than yours,
good luck to you...
& thanks so much for that.
No disrespect intended but
I just think that is pure absurdity,
call me crazy.
R.I.P. & best wishes to all of those men who were physically there,
enduring unimaginable hell,
and dying.
 Whole food, plant based dinner for my brother,
the only things steamed are the peas & potatoes,
(just soft enough to chew, barely heated)
he is eating more raw foods. :)
I put some pure, organic maple syrup in everything because he has a crazy sweet tooth.♡
Cabbage/spinach in the potatoes &
spinach in the peas, all raw, with black pepper, turmeric, & garlic, & fresh picked green onions.
No table salt
No isolated oils
No table sugar 
I like to think all people are born with "good" hearts,
some are just misguided.
Under the influence,
of the "devil".
Is there a point of no return?
Or can people always have a change of heart?
First time growing yellow squash!
So exciting!!
Planted from seeds of an organic yellow squash momma bought from a grocery store.
Thriving & doing great!♡
Those little buds bloom into gorgeous flowers
& then morph into squash,
then you EAT...IT♡
lol, whaaaat...
it is the most thrilling thing to watch!
Gardening is totally trippy!
& saves a ton of your money,
free, organic, fresh,
"cremè de la cremè" quality food!
Good, thumbs up.
No reason to be in jail for this.
It isn't as if huge masses of people are dying from magic mushrooms & peyote....
If highly deadly alcohol & tobacco products are legal, then these medicinal plants certainly have a right to be legal.
Successfully decriminalized in Denver, Oakland, & a bill was introduced into the Iowa legislature,
by a Republican...?
Lol, that's cool,
good luck Iowa!
Lol, soooo....
To all of the insane pro-wall people...
why are y'all mad at this woman?
This is what you people are all about,
& what you symbolize:
This is your point of view,
slapping you in the face,
& doesn't sound so great,
when you really stop
& think about it, does it...?
"Oh no, we cannot have this shameful,
16th St. Baptist church behavior,
tainting our reputation,
fire her, at once.
LOL, what?
("I see brown people...")
Check out these comments from
some very nice people:
"This teacher should be given an award at the White House for patriot of the year for complaining about illegals in her school not fired!"
"President Trump, anything you can do to remove illegals from our country is greatly appreciated. Prosecuting traitors and seditionists in our government would also be greatly appreciated, especially if it ends with the crack of rifles or the snap of ropes tied tightly around the necks of Clinton and all her ilk. Ilk being Obama and everyone that has hid her crimes against this country and our citizens."
Good grief, unbelievable.
So very pitiful, I cannot help but kind of feel sorry for these people, for being so ignorant, & so extremely bothered by something as simple as people of another race who didn't fill out some paperwork, LOL, wow.
I think we all know, that even the "legal" immigrants vex this particular group of people.
I literally could not care any less,
about immigration laws,
personally. :) ♡
Come on over, welcome all!
Deer Park, Texas
Guess which one is my momma...
R.I.P.♡ to her dear friend, who just passed away overnight last night. ☆☆☆☆☆☆
The sweet blonde girl in the red dress,
smiling brightly,
standing right beside my mother.
(In the purple dress.)
She lived a life filled with love &
passed while in her husband's arms.♡
I did not have the privilege of meeting her,
but my mother said
"She always told me what a beautiful daughter I had."
Thank you, beautiful Kathy.♡
It is pointless, and simply cruel, to mock people for physical features or habits they were born with.
Does anyone enjoy being bullied for something they have no control over?
 People should condemn only actions which are actually doing harm, & deserve disapproval.
Yummy pistach-ioooos,
this my stash, get yer owwwn.
I am also a ra-ra-rapper,
Just kidding, I share!
Back from an outdoor jog with my little bro-ski.
Working on turning him into a runner!
Starting 1st day with 2 minutes nonstop of light jogging,
& then working up daily to longer time,
& more intense strides.
People should be able to run for at least 5 minutes without stopping, healthy endurance.
When I first began running, I could barely jog for 2 minutes straight!
After just 2 minutes I was gasping for air.
Now I feel like I could run forever.
Speed, is a different thing.
I usually just like to see how long I can run without a break.
But always stop if you feel anything alarming,
never over do it.
Avocado dressing salad, spicy, mmmm!!
Cayenne & turmeric.
Onion, garlic, & lime juice.
Orange, raisins, dry oats, cinnamon.
The good side of life.♡
Watermelon~ginger drink,
awesome taste.
Fat burning,
not fattening,
like fountain drinks & soda.
Also any drink that comes out of a can
is fattening.
People who do not want to be obese/unhealthy, shouldn't drink anything out of a can, &
people who do not want obese/unhealthy children,
should not buy them canned drinks.
Also anything out of a bottle that isn't pure water or pure fruit juice.
Every time I see a little obese child with a bottle of soda, I become sad & irritated.
 Especially the tiny children, 2/3 year olds,
drinking sodas & fountain drinks.
Oh yes, that is just what that poor baby needs, obviously.
I wish these drink companies would disappear, & stop making everyone sick.
How do those people sleep at night?
And the parents should make better decisions for their children.
I may visit these "parks" just to experience the scenery,
but I have no respect for the ignorant, barbaric people who run these places.
These park people pretend to be
"wildlife professionals",
then they turn around and invite all the horrible people in the world to come into the parks with guns,
so they may get their deranged kicks terrorizing & hunting the poor animals.
And they choose cruel euthanasia over
finding a humane, ethical solution.
Shame on Glacier National Park.
The innocent bear was just looking for food,
you murderers.
Well, this is a little scary!
Alrighty, just hand the babysitter an extra $20, & a manual, have her fix our gas leak while she's here lol.
Everything is bigger in Texas,
including our gas line explosions.
There is a plumber's rally in Austin to protest this decision, hmmm:
Regardless of the outcome,
Please continue to hire qualified, professionals
to fix plumbing issues,
perform installations, etc.,
so we don't all die,
k thnx. :)
"Plumbers install medical gas, they install the potable drinking water that we have every day. If they're not doing it right, people's safety is at risk."
Not a pleasant looking scene here,
very upsetting, & very sad.
Parents teaching their children to be racist, & militant is quite disturbing.
This is an embarrassment to the capital,
& those parents are putting their, unfortunate,
son in danger.
The parents seemingly do not care, they reportedly plan to hold more hot chocolate selling fundraisers soon, wow.
Whatever, he is not my kid!
Regarding that private construction spectacle that is currently going on in El Paso.
This same boy was invited & given the humiliation of cutting the symbolic ribbon of racism.
Super tasty salad, I might make this every day!
Lettuce coated in avocado, portobello mushroom chunks, onion, garlic, topped with fresh squeezed lime juice.
Lots of other things I can add next time.
So xxxciting ;)-
Mmmmua! ♡♡♡
Awesome, yaye Illinois!
(That photo, is so hilarious LOL.)
They're like
"Let's light up, right here, right now!
I wish Texas would get it together,
enough with the
"Jesus doesn't like marijuana,
God bless Texas, beer, and whiskey,
where's my guuun."
nonsense, give us a break.
You cattle branding, little baby calf murdering, deer shooting alcoholics are not fooling anyone with that phony, holy-church facade.
However why isn't Illinois pardoning all marijuana possession crimes, not just low level posession?
That is stupid, why does the possession amount suddenly become a crime,
when it is just simply higher?
"Well, it is legal now but you just had too much marijuana in your pocket, sorry, you stay in jail."
I feel sorry for those wrongly convicted people who are behind bars for no logical reason,
some with families/children.
Well, this is excellent news, progress!
Support legalization, rather than fight it & continue putting people in cages just for carrying a harmless, non-deadly plant.
That is absurd!
 We have been living in this country with alcohol,
of all things,
being legal,
drunk people everywhere,
drunk people driving on the roads,
minors exposed & influenced to drink,
ads & billboards everywhere,
parents drinking around their children,
 and alcohol is an awful drug that is actually deadly, and causes numerous fatal health problems.
Search how many people die every year from alcohol related diseases, drunk driving accidents, alcohol related violence, the numbers are quite staggering,
yet alcohol remains legal.
We can certainly manage with marijuana being legalized.
 Last but definitely not least, cigarettes and tobacco products.
Those have never killed anyone. :/
I smoked my first cigarette when I was
much younger than 18.
I quit cigarettes for good at around age 20,
saved my health, my skin, my internal organs,
no longer contributing to cigarette smoke air pollution, & forcing other people to breathe deadly toxins as well.
One of the smartest decisions of my life,
next to going on a plant based diet.
Minors are smoking those cancer sticks left & right, no sign of banning those things nationwide anytime soon.
Give me a break, oppositionists.
Oranges, coconut, ginger root, guava, lemon,
organic pears, mango, organic lettuce, limes, avocados, portobellos, & raw/unsalted nutties, & organic oats.
Working on eating more greens, greens with lunch & dinner, every day.
That is the goal anyway, may not always happen but at least strive for it & stay on the path.
The only things that are a challenge to buy without a container are nuts & oats.
Still, very little packaging waste here,
mostly unpackaged foods.
If you are filling up your trash can to the top every day with plastics then you should really make an effort to buy more unpackaged foods.
Reduce waste....
I mean, I believe, the Earth is definitely doomed LOL,
humans are completely destroying the planet,
in uncountable ways.
Plastic is not the only environmental threat,
but at least, try to slow down the destruction process so it has a few more years before it erupts into a nuclear blaze, or everyone slowly dies from air & water pollution, or whatever is going to happen.
LOL omg.
Just do what you can!
Have you heard, about this šhįť......
"It is stuffed with radioactive contaminants that include plutonium-239, one of the most toxic substances known to man,"
And this is leaking into the Pacific.
Destroyed this island paradise.
All to test some idiotic nuclear bombs in the 1950's?
Yaye, humans.
There is already pollution everywhere,
all in the air, in our water, we are saturated in it,
right now, & it's only getting worse, fast.
"She's so negative."
Yes well, that is because, I do not have my head completely inserted into my derrière,
clueless, & ignoring everything.
Ya know?
Or, perhaps I just need a cup of coffee,
& a nice "fattie" LOL ;)-
Will that make all the plutonium disappear lol?
I am thrilled to see KFC is more open minded, logical, & thoughtful in comparison to that stupid Arby's.
Arby's reportedly is refusing to even consider a healthier (& more lucrative, which is idiotic) plant based option for their gross, artery clogging, customer-killing menu.
All signs are pointing to huge profits if any restaurant goes plant based, that is wonderful!
Just be sure to eat your whole veggies & fruits also.♡
Candy for breakfast ♡
Whatever I don't finish, I will nibble on throughout the day, it's great to have fruit ready & waiting,
whenever I get hungry.
Getting really hungry, & not having healthy food around, leads to junking out on fattening foods!
And then, weight gain,
rather than weight loss... :(
Aren't they pretty...♡
People should start thinking of fruits as a meal, not just a topping, or a dessert.
There are SO many different fruits,
all different flavors & textures.
Think beyond just apples, oranges, & bananas.
What you see in a grocery store barely skims the surface of the entire fruit world!
Silly little june buggie flew into the room through the window.
They always look like they are struggling lol.
I used to make leaf houses for these when I was a GIRL, I'm officially a "lady" now. :)-
I used to carry a bunch of them at once in my hands.
They are so friendly,
they never want to let go of you. LOL
Into the grass it goes, join it's friends.
Wata'melon con limón!
Omgosh, sllluuurrrppppp.
Dessert ♡
Soooo delicious.
Natural suuggaarrrr...
The good, non-fattening sweets!
Lazy-gyal's guacamole & greens dinner.
No patience for chopping,
momma hungry!!!
Well, I'm a doggy & kitty mommy...♡
chiltepin peppers,
red onion,
lemon juice,
jeez...flavorless raw vegan nonsense LOL
It's freakin' incredible.
Everything gets mixed, in my mouth!
A bite of this, a bite of that...
Such lovely, beautiful food♡
(Meat resembles a grotesque horror film on a plate.)
Whoever grew all these beautiful gems,
thank you-thank you!♡♡
I am partying hard today,
someone stop me...
Mmmm yum, I wish these could all be full grown by tomorrow!!
People totally take fruits & veggies for granted,
have you ever tried growing food?
Every apple, every head of lettuce,
is a miracle of nature!
The most valuable thing on Earth,
healthy plant foods.♡
Dogs are not mountain goats with hard hooves,
they have soft paws,
& they are not wearing boots or any type of paw protection, during the hike,
like the humans are...
their feet are good & protected,
but not the poor dogs.
The rough terrain will beat up their bare paws.
Truly, I passed a person on a trail in Colorado once & noticed their dog walking very carefully as if it's paws were hurting.
The person noticed I was staring at the limping dog & remarked that the dog was sore from yesterday's hiking.
I thought to myself,
"If the dog is sore, then, why is it out on another trail, today...?
& I see photos online of dogs waaay up at the summit of 14ers & it is very upsetting,
forcing a dog to endure that super
strenuous activity,
practically non-stop hiking
& climbing over rocks
for hours & hours & hours....
No! :(
That is a person's goal,
not theirs.
Doggies should only hike smaller mountains.
Thank you♡
Quick little weight-loss &
nutrient rich snack-wrap,
sooo tasty. :)
Lettuce (2 pieces, doubled up),
raisins, & lime juice!
Sweet, tangy, crunchy, chewy,
& awesome. :)
So a "vegan" starts eating animals again.
So what.
Suçķś to be them!
Any strange or rare health problem these folks (allegedly) experienced,
was due to something weird they were doing,
not from fruits & vegetables LOL.
I would just say best wishes, &
may they all get well soon!!
Many other raw vegans all over the world
are doing fine, these pro-meat journalists searching for something anti-vegan to write about should be aware of that.
Brushing & flossing is not even necessary if you eat fresh, raw greens, daily.
Rocky & Harley both have very clean,
very white, healthy teeth,
& their teeth NEVER get brushed.
How is this possible? Wow!
They go outside & eat fresh grass right out of the ground, every day & also get lots of vitamin D from the sun from being outdoors frequently.
& they do not drink soda/coffee & eat cake all day lol.
I feed them lots of avocados, watermelon, nuts, healthy foods.
Animals who are mostly indoors all the time & are unable to eat fresh grass, will have more health problems, especially with their teeth.
Feeding animals processed "treats" like this will also ruin their teeth & health.
This is basically unhealthy "junk food" for pets.
Unless the ingredients are pure/all natural.
Does everyone even know what "pure & all natural" means?
All ingredients should have the name of a whole food that was just picked from a plant.
No processed table salt, table sugar, isolated oils, no additives or preservatives, no petroleum based food coloring.
(Yellow #5, Red #3, etc.)
& feeding dairy to pets is basically killing them,
dairy also destroys teeth, very high in bacteria.
Cheese, is unfortunately a popular but deadly snack people are feeding their cats & dogs.
I am currently working on repairing my teeth naturally(as much as possible) from the damage caused by years & years of bad food & drink choices!
Stupid me...
I will still have to go to a dentist to remove all my composite bonding material, uhg, fun.
I wish I had never had that done.
Would have been super great to be born & raised as a raw vegan, I wasn't so lucky!
But still, I am very privileged & extremely grateful for my life.♡♡♡
It wouldn't surprise me if brushing & flossing actually causes cavities...
I have been pondering that possibility for a few months now.
Because nearly everything in society is backwards.
It seems logical.
I only feel a need to brush & floss my teeth,
after eating or drinking something icky,
that I should not have consumed.
Raw foods leave the mouth clean,
cooked foods leave the mouth feeling dirty,
even plain cooked vegetables.
Anything cooked, may be a cause of cavities.
A day late but,
(& a pregnant woman drinking beer...?
She looks GREAT btw! Except for the beer.)
R.I.P. ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Those men sitting around drinking champagne in the comfort of their public-appointed mansions are not going to suit up and go fight their wars themselves.
They don't want to get dirty & be shot at.
Or die.
They expect other people to do all of that for them.
It is absurd.
Stop enlisting...
If you live in a country that still practices conscription/draft,
you should move!
If these horrible, lazy, selfish, careless tyrants do not have any soldiers supporting them,
then they are essentially powerless.
Even the USA, still considers a draft a possibility
"if needed"...
Sorry, but that is the complete opposite of freedom,
forcing a citizen to fight & possibly lose their life.
Sending the people into wars, while the presidents play golf, & the clueless 1st ladies spend their days meeting with wardrobe stylists & getting manicures.
Far away from the battle zones, nice & safe.
Those 2 people can put on a helmet & grab a rifle also...along with all of their children who are old enough to fight,
get in there....have fun.
"Okay you, go fight...
while I sit on my rear end,
inside my mansion,
and have my servants bring me food
& wipe my mouth."
"Um, no..."
No soldiers = no wars.
Stop enlisting, & stop supporting murderous tyrants...all countries!
Every tyrant has an entourage of minions assisting & helping to keep them in power.
These lunatics are impotent, without all of their soldiers & officers.
I guess the soldiers & officers are just as murderous as the tyrant.
Greed... :(
The best...
weight loss aid & tummy tightener
on the planet.
Fresh greens.
Eat fresh greens daily,
you will lose SO much weight,
so fast.
Without any exercise.
Assuming it is not followed by a large double meat & cheese pizza & a huge box of cupcakes.
If the junk food calories are just overwhelming then weight loss may not occur.
I keep greens in a cup of water to keep them fresh & perky, & they last longer. ♡
Make it flavorful & satisfying with spices, nuts/seeds, mushrooms, avocado, peppers, fruits/dried fruits...
put it all in!
A lot of restaurants & fast food places offer pretty boring/flavorless salads, & that is why nobody likes salads.
Bittersweet news. :) / :(
Great for the animals, no animals slaughtered for this burger, yaye, but, still,
not so great for the waistlines of adults & children
who are struggling with obesity.
Those white flour hamburger buns are ultra-fattening, & the processed veggie patty is still salty/oily, filled with additives, still fattening, will cause some weight gain after you eat it.
And the soda.
It would be wonderful if everyone would
eat a salad, a piece of fruit,
& go for a jog.
That would be some real good news. ♡
This, regardless,
compared to a bacon/beef cheeseburger.
The absolute worst thing anyone could eat.
Whatever, I don't care.
Why should I care, LOL.
I am tired of caring lolololol.
Who cares.
Eat what you want just please don't eat animal products.
Because I am extremely tired of seeing obese children & people everywhere, it's like 85/90% of the population now has a big, round, protruding gut,
all the men looking like they are pregnant,
little children very overweight :(,
women's thighs fighting each other,
that is why it bothers me, it is depressing!
It is a sad...sight.
Sometimes I literally feel like I am in a
Twilight Zone episode.
I go out in public & look around
& truly, almost everyone I see is obese!!!!
Why not feel good & look good?♡♡♡
 There are lean people, who eat nothing but junk.
How do they stay lean?
Because overall, they do not eat very much...
They do not overeat on junk.
It's the overeating of junk food calories that causes obesity.
For example, while I was camping once, I noticed 2 women on another campsite.
1 women was a little overweight, but still had an hourglass shape, and the other women was severely, morbidly obese.
They were both eating the same snack,
looked like a "Little Debbie" iced coffee cake or something similar.
A very fattening food.
The obese women, devoured the entire thing in like 5 huge bites.
The leaner women was nibbling on it slowly, with smaller bites, I am not sure if she even finished the entire snack.
There you go!
Eating the same junk food, but different body weight,
because of the overall junk food calorie intake difference.
(I like to people watch.)
On the other hand,
people can completely oink-out on healthy foods,
& never gain weight.
Because healthy foods are not fattening.
That was delicious♡♡♡
& then you get to drink all the yummy juice at the bottom! Hee-hee :)
I made a fresh, all natural toothpaste from
fresh picked mint leaves (free)
& aloe vera ($1.98/leaf at grocery store).
Both are known for their potent
antibacterial properties.
Smells delicious!
First batch, still experimenting.
I wanted to add fresh picked lemon leaves also but they do not mash easily & I was impatient lol.
Maybe next time.
There are many other antibacterial plants I could add.
I think essentially all plant foods & herbs are antibacterial, one reason they are so healthy.
Flouride is said to be naturally present in all plants.
So there should be some in there! :)
Using as a fragrant, antibacterial,
moisturizing, all natural soap also!
Works great with a body sponge. ♡
Still working on shampoo and conditioner,
those have been the toughest to figure out!
Sad & scary.
During the initial aftermath of a natural disaster no less, when people are highly stressed (genius).
Great, I feel so safe in Texas, a bunch of trigger happy wackos running around with loaded guns,
brilliant idea.
And all the other open carry states.
I wish all their guns would accidentally 
go off, while carrying.
All at once...nail the targets,
& finally alleviate humanity of
this highly deranged & dangerous class of people who are obsessed with
carrying a gun everywhere they go
like nervous, frightened, weaklings.
We would be much better off without that reckless insanity.
This is not "The Old West", late 19th century,
get a grip.
Yes I really appreciate you bringing a deadly, loaded weapon around me, mighty thoughtful and considerate of you-all.
If I had children, out in public, and I saw some hill-billy moron walking around me with a gun, I would go off,
not the gun!
What is this "responsible gun owner"
going to do...shoot me,
just for exercising the 1st amendment?
These people are allll about the "Constitution" right?
Not seriously wishing death on people,
just frustrating,
hoping this group of gun-loving people
soon realizes that
guns will never bring peace.
This is not post-apocalypse era,
as these people pretend to live in.
As if humanity has undergone total anarchy & they are hiding out in a tent deep in the forest, forced to fend off hungry, desperate, thieves & murderers constantly trying to steal their daily forage.
And the zombie threat of course...
Homemade raw tacos ♡
Romaine, avocado, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, lime juice, garlic.
Of course my mother had to email me this story...
My mother is certain I am going to die while hiking alone one day.
I am so glad this woman was found, safe & healthy,
great news, she is a hardcore champion!
Be very careful out there!
Always look back & make sure you can recognize where you came from.
I started making visible markers out of rocks & branches to help me find my way back.
A big risk is wondering off a trail....
This is a great way to get lost if you do not pay close attention.
I have become lost in the wilderness & literally scared a few times, doing this.
Now I pay very close attention.
Accidents happen to everyone.
Happy ending!
"The baby needs something to chew on...."
"Just give her a string of xmas lights,
& plug it in,
so there is electricity flowing through the wires,
when she puts it in her mouth,
& bites on it."
"You are a genius, done."
This is so inaccurate it is just hilarious,
only an idiot would believe smoking pure marijuana "flower" causes vomiting,
marijuana is not poisonous...LOL.
If there is actually any relationship between legalization and people regurgitating, it is once again the fault of all the processed edible products, & the other weird, unnatural things the shops sell.
Maybe even vaping too...
Vaping is just weird, very unnatural, & people shouldn't do it.
I can assure thousands perhaps millions of people on the planet who have been smoking daily for years, could attest that smoking marijuana has never made them regurgitate....LOLOL, omg, seriously...?
Something that definitely does cause vomiting,
is alcohol,
because it is basically poison,
& causes death.
Alcohol causes vomiting because that is a natural response to being poisoned,
the body trying desperately to remove the poison from the system.
Sweating is another response to poison,
the body trying to excrete the poison out through the sweat glands.
This is why people who have been drinking look "clammy", sweaty, & highly intoxicated people may begin to sweat profusely.
Sweating and vomiting is not a side effect of smoking marijuana.
Alcohol makes living people look like they are dead,
shrivels the skin terribly,
because it is extremely dehydrating.
But who cares right?
Not a big deal.
Keep that deadly drink legal, &
"bottoms up".
Sad :(
Such a mess.
Guns just suck, & they need to GO.
Guns make any situation worse & more dangerous they do not make anything better.
I have 0 respect for gun manufacturers,
making the world a far more dangerous place & also instilling hostility in people.
Have to keep in mind, police officers are called to respond to terrible crimes, all the time,
they are on very high alert,
they have to witness crazy, awful things constantly,
they are naturally very defensive, & they have no way of knowing what the truth is when they first walk up on a situation.
People lie to police officers all the time.
 I also completely understand this poor man's frustration over being harrassed simply because of his appearance, while standing on the lawn of his own home.
Policemen should realize how irritating that would be, for any person, & expect some resistance & anger from the person they are questioning.
It is just a mess.
But this innocent situation only became dangerous when the officer started threatening gun violence,
even if he did honestly think the man may be armed & start to shoot at him.
Which happens, police have no way of knowing if a person they are approaching is armed, they are on constant defense mode,
they do get shot at.
Ultimately the officer's gun was the main problem.
Guns just need to go,
guns are pure danger & ignorance.
If only all towns could be like Mayberry and all officers be as peaceful as Andy. :)-
I think motorized water vehicles should be banned for recreational use, everywhere.
Travel is valid.
(If a boat is the only way to reach a destination.)
Trade/business is valid.
But not polluting everything, & contributing to algae blooms, just for funzies,
making the problem more severe.
Try rowing yourself, get some exercise!

"This pollution can affect the pH and dissolved oxygen in the lake, which can influence the type and abundance of fish and wildlife.

Another main impact by motors is churning up the lake bottom in shallow areas. This action stirs up the lake sediment, re-suspending nutrients (phosphorus) that are at the lake’s bottom.

When these nutrients reach the surface of the water where the algae are,

they can feed algae and cause and algal bloom.

This stirring can also decrease the water clarity because of additional particles suspended in the water column."


They are also very noisy & disturbing, & dangerous to the passengers, swimmers, & animals.









Interesting read about reviving wind-powered merchant ships & moving away from fuel-dependency, great efforts!




I am bored in Austin ZZZzzzzzz no big mountains or pretty beach, lake Travis is pretty to look at but I don't want to swim in this little, gasoline-polluted lake, ick, swimming in gasoline from motorboats & wave runners, ewwww.
(& the traffic here is hell.)
I have to come here because my friggin' family lives here.
Leaving family & being alone isn't easy.
time to "get".
Junk food vegans also contribute to the
decline of humanity...
encouraging people, & children, to eat foods that make them obese & sickly,
continuing to strain the healthcare system.
Junk food vegans who promote obesity/bad health, are also one of the world's biggest problems.
Veganism means much more than just not eating meat or dairy.
Veganism is good health, being physically fit, growing plant foods, & caring for the environment.
Whole food vegans promote good health, & produce
far less litter & waste
than junk food vegans,
who eat everything out of a plastic container.
Essentially helping to turn the planet into a giant landfill & destroy the habitats of animals with all their packaging waste.
Then they turn around & say
"Vegan, for the animals!"
Pretty stupid.
Pizza, cake, & cookies are LIFE!
Nothing else matters!"
I just do not understand it.
Why, would anyone, encourage people to eat unhealthy foods that cause weight gain, & illnesses, which could possibly develop into a life-threatening health problem?
Obesity is not to be taken lightly,
it is a serious medical issue.
Cholesterol isn't the only health threat....
People can still maintain lots of excess weight as a junk food vegan, by eating cooked, doughy foods, & drinking processed drinks.
Excess weight brings great strain on the heart, degraded body cells & organs, weak immunity, & much more!
Why not promote cocaine, & tell people to inhale gasoline while they are at it.
The awesome Stephen Winwood singing & playing, & his awesome homies.
I always loved this awesome song,
since I was little!
My parents both love rock music
& I grew up listening to classic rock they played all the time.
They sounded super awesome in this video live!
Awesome ♡ :)-
I love this genre of music:
"Dear Mr. Fantasy,
play us a tune,
something to make us all happy.
Do anything take us out of this gloom.
Sing a song, play guitar,
make it snappy.
You are the one who can
make us all laugh.
But doing that,
you'll break out in tears.
Please don't be sad,
if it was a straight mind
you had,
we wouldn't have known you
all these years."
Organic peaches mmmmm♡♡♡
They are squishy & ripe, juicy & perfect!
Organic peaches are such delicious gems!
I got an heirloom tomato for the seeds to plant.
You can also eat the tomato leaves off the plant, :) they are very tasty & healthy.
I put lemon on everything & in my water, for extra vitamin C, nutrients, & flavor.
"I donno what's gonna happen man,
but I wanna have my kicks before the whole §hįť house goes up in flames.."
-James Douglas Morrison ♡
"The Lizard King"
That is hilarious... ;)-
Great quote by Jim he rocked!♡
He died about a year after saying this,
at age 27.
Proclaimed heart failure/alcoholism. :(
He was the son of a navy admiral.
R.I.P. God of music & poetry ♡
The recent salmonella story with the
backyard chickens, if related,
it is most likely due to unclean living conditions,
& feeding the birds unsanitary foods.
Birds should have raw nuts/seeds, fruits, greens, & vegetables,
no germy animal products,
& a clean living environment.
Chickens are fine to cuddle if they are kept clean &
they are super sweet animals.♡
Ben E. King was a cutie!
& this song just made me cry, LOL
I know it is that time of the month, ahhh.
"Stand By Me"
The lyrics are so strong,
he was one of the writers of this song.
"If the sky, that we look upon,
should tumble and fall,
and the mountains crumble,
into the sea,
I won't cry, I won't cry,
no I won't shed a tear,
just as long as you stand,
stand by me..."
Check out this awesome concert!
Ben E. King live:
Nice groove, & everyone getting along. ♡
Lloyd Thaxton was a goofy lol he cracked me up!
I think this is lip-sync, but it
still sounds great & he is so cute!!
"Stand By Me"
Aahhhhh, yikes.
People should really try to get a grip,
there is more to life than eating donuts...
Yes, donuts are freaking delicious but the reality is donuts make people obese & sick....
(Even plant based donuts made from cooked dough, & table sugar are fattening, cause cavities, interrupt digestion, cause bloating, inflammation, aches/pains, all kinds of fun stuff.)
Donuts are not air, or water, LOL
This worshiping of donuts is just strange lol!
It's like people have secret shrines in their closets dedicated to donuts.
Naming their baby "Donut".
Leaving their life savings to donut shops when they die.
Their tombstone will read
"I am glad I ate some donuts."
This is why the majority of Americans and people in other countries...are overweight!
This obsession with fattening foods.... :(
A donut every blue-moon will not cause obesity but daily...weekly, may cause significant weight gain.
Priorities folks!
I admit I love the taste of donuts too!
(Vegan donuts)
Why don't I eat them every day?
Because they make me look & feel bad,
& I always regret eating them, boo.
I encourage people to put their bodies & health
in 1st place!
Donuts really should not be the most important thing in anyone's life lol.
If you can find a RAW vegan donut shop,
They do exist, they are just very rare right now.
It is just unfortunate, that modern society has taken the vegan diet, & made it UN-healthy & fattening.
So now, going vegan doesn't necessarily guarantee weight loss.
People will only lose weight if they eat a whole food plant based diet, not a bunch of plant based processed foods made from cooked dough, & loaded with table salt & table sugar.
A healthy society, where everyone is FIT,
not overweight....
Doesn't that sound wonderful!
That would be a dream come true!
Good Lord, calm down man.
I know, life can be very depressing, &
"donuts make me happy"
but being physically out of shape, has got to feel worse than anything.
(& junk foods & drinks make depression
much, much worse!
They literally alter the brain & cause bad moods.)
A person who has been overweight since they were a toddler will not know the great feeling of being lean,
but they can!
If you are feeling super, crazy sad,
get up and go for a jog, lift weights,
do some handstands, cartwheels,
somersaults, it will help!
Be sure to drink cool water all day, this also helps keep the mind calm.
True happiness, not temporary satisfaction....
Abortion is certainly not pleasant,
mentally or physically,
for any female to endure.
These tips can help decrease
abortions/unwanted pregnancies,
so less females (& concerned males involved)
have to suffer:
1. Avoid using abortion as a form of birth control,
rather, prevent pregnancy from occurring
to begin with.
Alcohol should be avoided.
(Alcohol/wine wrinkles the skin badly, causes heart disease, cancers, & many other health problems.)
3. Females: If you are being sexually abused, try to gather the courage to get OUT of that situation asap.
Go to the police station, a community center/women's crisis center, tell a trusted family member, walk into a court house and notify someone, move into another living situation, just end the abusive relationship if it is that simple,
whatever you have to do.
4. Males: "PULL OUT" BEFORE ejaculation,
this may be one of the biggest causes of
unplanned pregnancy.
Assuming nothing will happen.
there is always a chance.
Even if he does it once & nothing happens,
there is no guarantee you will not become pregnant the next time,
it is rolling dice each time,
even if a condom is used,
protection is not 100%.
5. Females: If you truly do not want to become pregnant then do not allow your partner to try
& talk you into it,
stand your ground, it is your body, & your life.
Sometimes men & boys simply find it "cool",
& a show of strength,
to impregnate a female,
without considering all that is required 
to raise children,
& sometimes these males have no intention of being involved if a pregnancy occurs.
6. THINK LONG & HARD before getting pregnant.
Cute little babies grow big fast, babies cost a considerable amount of money to feed & care for, babies require lots of your time/attention
(Unless you hire a nanny,
to take care of your baby for you,
& have other people
do all the hard/dirty baby work,
so you are not bothered with it.)
Make sure this is what you want, & are ready/willing to embark on.
7. Find the courage to break away from any religious oppression, if religion is forcing you to become pregnant when you do not want to be.
8. Females: Avoid dating men who are not careful about preventing pregnancy.
(Does he have 50 children by 50 different women, all on welfare...? Might not want to date him...)
Males: Be aware of females who want to become  pregnant, & may try to "trick" you.
9. Females: Be selective & do not become pregnant by a man unless you know him well enough to decide that he should be in your life,
not necessarily as a "husband",
but the father of your child,
someone you will have to communicate
& work with forever.
Males: Think it over before you decide to impregnate a female, be sure you want her in your life.
10. Females: TALK with your partner & make it clear you do not want to become pregnant,
& ensure that he will pull-out every time.
Kind of a moment-killer, but worth it,
pregnancy is a huge deal.
11. There is much more involved with a baby than snuggling a cute little bundle,
it is a full time, morning to night job.
Babies grow into adults very quickly,
suddenly "poof" is grown!
I would not take any form of birth control,
they are all very unhealthy,
pills/oral contraceptives (OC), shots,
none of them are a good idea.
I am very glad I chose to stop taking
Depo Provera!
I was going to a clinic & receiving shots/injections, for a few years, fun-fun,
then I decided I should not be on any form of birth control, too unnatural & unhealthy.
Condoms are a toxic/unhealthy,
I stopped using those many, many years ago,
even long before going vegan.
Pulling out before ejaculation is the best birth control method.
STD's & infections are caused by animal products,
having germs within the saliva,
germs inside the body,
& germs on outside body parts.
AIDS is curable, & all STD's are curable,
with a disease-fighting, whole food/raw
plant based diet.
Interesting read on reasons for abortion:
Teenage abortions are much lower than I expected.
The main reasons stated are:
1.) Interference with education/career.
2.) Lack of funds to care for the baby.
What is Alabama's, & all anti-abortionists,
stance on assisted reproduction
& embryo transfer?
Meanwhile in Alabama....
Business Hours:
From what I have read
fertility clinics basically manufacture embryos
& juggle them around like apples
and a portion of those
embryos(babies, precious lives!!!)
"die" in the process.
Embryo death is not only common in these procedures,
it is expected.
It is an anticipated outcome, not accidental.
Is this cold blooded murder?
The hypocrisy of banning abortion, yet permitting fertility clinics to do what they do, is just unreal.
Calling girls/women & surgeons "baby-killers",
without any attention given to essentially the exact same situation going on at these clinics.
So absurd, is it hilarious.
However logic is not a strong point in the church community, or amongst religious politicians.
In my opinion.
Religious folks are terrified of gaining a negative reputation, amongst other religious folks.
(What an awful way to
What it boils down to is people siding
with team "Pro-LIFE",
in the case of abortion,
simply because it sounds &
appears more virtuous,
by ear, & on paper.
Fertility clinics, on the other hand, are holy establishments helping to bless people with children, Amen, Praise God.
No embryo destruction/"baby-killing" going on there.
La-la-la-la-la....we don't see you.
(covering eyes)
Anti-abortionists women:
Those who can,
need to all register to become a surrogate mother
if they are concerned about these babies being born.
Abortion just needs a new image, like the successful image fertility clinics have established,
then it will be accepted by the critics.
Call it "postpartum depression prevention surgery"
or something like that.
The word ABORTION is what is frightening the
religious folks.
Call it "Pro-Liberty",
rather than "Pro-Choice".
A title that portrays a happy ending.
Single embryo transfer, implanting just 1 embryo into the womb instead of many, is a lesser destructive option, although doctors and patients still realize the embryo may die in the process.
Likely to die in the process rather,
failure is far more common than success, in IVF.
According to reports, thousands and thousands (millions over time)
of embryos("precious baby lives"!!)
are destroyed & aborted with IVF.
However according to the church community & religious politicians,
these embryo deaths are permissible,
it is all in the righteous, holy act of trying to conceive a child.
Yet a pregnant female who does not want to give birth cannot abort the fetus in her womb,
& she is a "murderer".
IVF doctors and patients participate in embryo destruction,
but have somehow dodged this criticism.
Aborting many, many "babies" is lawful & respectful,
as long as the intent is to get pregnant?
But not wanting to be pregnant,
& aborting 1 "baby", is illegal & evil.
"You can kill several babies,
in an effort to become pregnant with one.
That is fine, & doesn't make you a murderer.
However, if you want to abort 1 baby you are pregnant with,
Off to jail with you!
Baby killer!"
Does this make sense?
It is illogical.
Personally, I mind my own business,
and do not care what people do.
I do believe a woman or a girl should have the right to end their pregnancy if they choose.
Fertility clinics can also carry on, for all I care,
other people's families are not my concern.
If people want to practice IVF,
I have no objections.
I am happy to read many district attorneys are refusing to enforce these new downright bad laws,
& are vowing not to ever prosecute pregnant females who choose abortion.
What percentage of anti-abortionists
are also pro-death penalty/pro-murder.....?
"Pro-LIFE! For God's sake man!!"
Just has a nicer,
more...holy...ring to it,
doesn't it...
It is all a facade.
"I am pro-life, which means,
I am a gooood...person.,
save the babies,
precious life.
Murderer!!! Killing babies!
How could you??
Sheesh, just throw all those Hispanic kids in a cage, get'em outta here...
Black, American boys (American youth) are shooting each other in record numbers,
but who cares about that,
we'll just ignore that &
keep supporting the wonderful gun industry.
Life is precious!
Praise God!"
People trying to appear good & righteous,
love to shout "pro-LIFE", "praise God".
Then turn around and vote to poison people to death.
"Pro-life" is just a convenient slogan,
that sounds virtuous,
which distorted people like to hide behind.
Please read this horrifying & very saddening article describing a death-row inmate's
electrocution/lawful murder, in Tennessee.
Yes the crime was horrible.
However the death penalty is no more civilized or humane than the crime.
Abortions have been performed since ancient history,
using abortifacient herbs & physical trauma.
This is just a characteristic of humanity, many pregnancies are terminated naturally with stillbirth, & miscarriage.
If a woman does not want to carry a baby in her body for months or give birth after all,
then she has every right to end her pregnancy.
Early abortion methods:
For the religious, anti-abortion folks,
is "God" killing all of these babies......?
It is extremely painful, major surgery.
It is a risk to health.
1 surgery requires more future surgeries,
after the implants age, & have to be replaced.
This unnecessary, agonizing, harmful, & potentially fatal surgery should be illegal in most cases.
In regards to "preventative surgery" for breast cancer,
that is a nonsense sales pitch.
(For "men" who wish to have breasts, it is really best to learn to love yourself as you are! This surgery, SURGERIES rather, not just 1 surgery mind extremely unhealthy & not worth it.)
Hot peppers, ginger root, garlic, basil, oregano, cinnamon, etc.
This operation is marketed as
simple, easy, no-risk, with minimal pain,
& that is untrue.
* is awesome that they care!
Buuuut, is that big banner they made biodegradable lol....??
Plastic has totally invaded everything,
almost our entire GDP is plastic products, non-biodegradable materials, or at least packaged in plastics.
The planet is seriously doomed, LOLOLOL
we can ban bottled water & plastic bags here & there,
as if those are the only 2 mass produced things in the world made out of plastics & non-biodegradable materials....
Children's toys
Baby products/bottles
Holiday decorations/balloons
Gardening products
Restaurant supplies
Synthetic clothing/fabric/carpet/rugs
Beauty products/makeup containers
Automotive supplies/tires
Construction/building materials
Cleaning products
Pet supplies/toys
Furniture/Interior decor
(To name a few, much more out there!)
Look around your is everywhere,
it is everything.
Go into any store, & look around,
plastics everywhere.
Plastic Earth.
1. Buy less...nonessential cřäp
2. Do not use plastic bags, use reusable bags
3. Do not buy synthetic fabric clothing
4. Buy less plastic things in general 
(I no longer buy trash bags, & never use plastic bags at the grocery store.)
5. Avoid buying large amounts of foods packaged in plastics especially hard plastics.
Reportedly there is now a "garbage patch" floating in every major known gyre(ocean water vortex) on Earth.
Debris within these patches is present from the water's surface
all the way to the ocean floor,
it is reportedly not an "island" of pollution as people assume.
A large percentage is microplastics (less than 5mm).
5 main gyres recorded:
1 in the Indian Ocean
2 in the Pacific Ocean
("Great Pacific Garbage Patch")
2 in the Atlantic Ocean 
Grumpy Cat died!!?? :(
I just read this. :(
From a urinary tract infection?
(Or any animal.)
Dairy causes UTI.
(Dairy products = bacteria)
In humans and animals.
So no, cow milk is not a healthy thing to feed a cat or a kitten, despite it being a popular dish to serve to a cat...a bowl of cow milk.
Cheese, yogurt, etc. none of that is healthy for a cat or a kitten.
Or dogs/puppies.
Poor Grumpy Cat :( 
Cats also need to roam outdoors frequently & eat fresh grass,
eating fresh grass is a natural habit for dogs & cats which helps to keep them healthy & prevent illnesses like UTI.
Sweet kitty.
Common store bought cat litter....toxic, & unhealthy for cats.
I have 1 cat & she is allowed to come & go as she pleases through an open window,
luckily she goes to the bathroom outdoors always & I never worry about a litterbox.
But if I did have to use a box,
I would use natural dirt/soil.
Q & A
A question I just received:
"How can I decrease my hip size?"
Weight loss is dependent primarily on diet,
what people are eating & drinking.
And of course exercise.
Weight gain is the result of fattening foods,
not lack of sleep or pharmaceuticals.
Most processed foods that are promoted as healthy, are actually fattening, such as most cereals for example, and breads.
So people think they are eating healthy, when they are really eating foods that cause weight gain.
Eat a whole food/raw vegan diet, drink water not fountain drinks, and exercise to lose weight.
Unfortunately eliminating animal products is not a guaranteed weight loss solution.
People must eat whole fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables & drink water,
rather than sandwiches, pizza, pastas, cakes/cookies, & fountain drinks.
People can also retain lots of excess weight on a processed food diet even if it is plant based!
Because processed, unnatural foods, especially those containing additives and preservatives, are fattening.
They are not digested adequately & have negative side effects such as weight gain & bloating.
A slice of cake, a cookie, or a glass of soda every "blue moon" will not cause significant weight gain,
I am referring to what people eat & drink on a regular basis,
consistently, every day/every week.
Fattening food calories must be kept to a very low minimum to none.
Healthy food calories may be consumed in unlimited amounts.
Eating nuts, fruits & veggies all day in large amounts is fine, & very healthy,
on the other hand,
eating fried chicken and donuts all day is not fine, extremely fattening, & very unhealthy.
Please, please.....
Avoid taking young animals away from their mothers...
For example these 2 puppies above are far too young to be separated from their mothers, & stop breastfeeding.
(Photos above are just an age example.)
Only in an orphaned situation is it ethical to adopt a young animal, otherwise it is in every animal's best interest to breastfeed until the animal & it's mother decide to stop, & be allowed to grow up around it's littermates/"brothers & sisters" rather than separated from it's family at a young age.
Young animals are popular because of their cuteness,
however taking them away from their mothers/denying them the nurturing breast milk they need & forcing them onto processed food, and removing valuable play time, love, & bonding with their littermates is inhumane.
When I think back of all the animals in my life,
I may be guilty of adopting too young also,
I would not do it now, I believe it isn't right.
Imagine if a bunch of strangers suddenly took you away from your parents & siblings when you were still extremely young.
Imagine how the mother feels, calling out, & searching for her babies...
Some people have experienced that unfortunately.
Isn't it a sad concept?
There ought to be laws prohibiting the separation of young animals from their mothers & families, in every state,
even for an older age than just a few weeks.
Some laws reportedly have a 6 week mark,
that is still to young.
Sad :( R.I.P. little one.♡
Why have children...?
So many people......
Not just migrants, lots of Americans are struggling, but still reproducing.
I think religion influences some people to have babies, despite not being quite prepared to care for children.
"Children are a blessing from God (or whomever)."
So people think reproducing is what they should do (to appease their God?),
even though they are not in a stable situation.
Just have intercourse and if "God" wants us to have a baby, then the woman will get pregnant,
& we are blessed.
I am guessing.
Another reason is lack of knowledge, assuming pregnancy will not happen, & not taking precautions to avoid conception.
Women with multiple children, especially 5,6,7,8,9,10+ children.....
Giving birth that many times!
Because you sincerely want to....?
Or maybe some people simply want a cute little baby to cuddle, and do not take the time to think things over.
(Babies only stay tiny & adorable for like 10 minutes, then suddenly they are no longer babies....keep in mind!)
I just don't understand why people bring children into an unpleasant situation.
Are these pregnancies mostly planned, or accidental?
I understand accidents happen.
Just wondering!?
It's a mess. :(
If governments would simply let people go where they want, allow freedom of movement, & not be so obsessed with this "illegal alien" nonsense, then "border patrol" wouldn't have this insane situation to deal with.
Looks like families & children,
in every article I read.
An "alien", in present time, is equated to an extraterrestrial being,
all humans are Earthlings, not aliens.
"Illegal alien" is one of the most ridiculous, racist, & ignorant terms ever coined in the history of language.
Calling someone an "alien", in this day, or even an "illegal", is negative, and impolite.
Simply traveling to another country is not an offensive/harmful act, certainly not criminal.
Interesting read here:
I agree with California's decision!
Yes I wanted to climb La Blanca in Colorado recently,
but it was covered in snow, so, no,
I do not hike in heavy snow, too dangerous.
Looks like there will be snowy peaks for a while this year!
There are lots of smaller mountains to hike in Colorado (not so small really), under 14k feet, that do not have snow.
Anything over a couple thousand feet high is still a pretty good climb/workout.
I hiked to the peak of Mount Elbert at the very end of August last year & there wasn't any snow,
dry rocks at the top.
And the most adorable little big-eared mice looking creatures squeaking at me as I walked by :)- living waaaaaay up there on the peak of a 14k+ foot mountain, in that gnarly environment, amazing!!
People are ganging up on Monsanto....
A handful of people
(Go whole food vegan/no alcohol/tobacco products, kill cancer!♡♡♡)
develop cancer linked to Roundup
& the outcry is tremendous.
Where are all the lawsuits against the meat, egg, & dairy industries, & the alcohol & tobacco industries?
And all the junk food/drink companies?
They all cause cancers, liver disease, heart disease, etc.
They are all getting off easy....
Millions of people die from unhealthy diet & bad-habit related cancers annually yet the burger joints & liquor & tobacco stores just keep opening.
Cancer was here long before Roundup ever was.
Glyphosate was reportedly developed in the 1950's, & Roundup was not used until early 1970's.
Cancer is known to be present in all of human history, inflicting people long before Roundup was invented.
Not every case of cancer or liver disease is the fault of Roundup, animal products, junk foods/drinks, alcohol, & tobacco products, & pharmaceuticals are also primary causes of cancers & liver disease, strokes & heart attacks.
People protesting Roundup likely eat meat & dairy & processed foods/drinks daily, & probably some of them smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, use OTC & prescription pharmaceuticals, receive unhealthy clinical treatments (hormones/steroids),
all huge cancer factors.
People should be protesting animal agriculture, alcohol/tobacco products & pharmaceuticals
as much.
At least they do know that toxic garden chemicals are not healthy!
I am fully anti-chemical in regards to plant agriculture,
I never buy/use pesticides or herbicides.
Raisins are great in the morning after I wake up, when I am not really hungry yet, just need something in the belly. ♡
Get pure raisins, only 1 ingredient.
Additives & preservatives cause weight gain, & other deadly health problems, boo!
We do not want that do we folks!??
Lunch salad ♡
Tomatoes, veggies, & peanut dressing.
Whole~Foods ♡
I just recently read Brigitte Bardot is a natural brunette, just like Marilyn Monroe was.
Both gorgeous beauties.
Maybe I should try blonde life?!
Stay in the sun all day & bleach it out!
Mmmmm, some groceries I got...☆☆☆☆☆
Fruits, nuts, & herbs!
Whole ~ Foods