Moi XO

Happy Sundayyy... ♡
I had some off days with weight loss, oh well!
I made a coconut, guava, strawberry, banana smoothie for breakfast today.
Making salad for lunch, & planning on eating salad for dinner also!
This picture was the best out of 3♡.
What am I eating?
Fresh picked oregano ♡♡♡.
Running boost...
Open carry advocate....
Of yummy bananas!
I weighed 128 this morning :/.
My brother bought corn tortilla chips, &, I ate a few, when I was hungry...grrrr.
Plain, raw corn is healthy...not super salty & fried. :/
Also, oddly, just wasn't craving greens yesterday, ate banana/strawberry fruit & oats for dinner.
& no, super, heart pounding exercise yesterday, just light yoga, & couple minutes on brother's stationary bike before bed.
Only 1 pound gained, no biggie!
Never give up, keep going!
Progress report!
My coconut water & I.♡
A little bit lighter today, cool!
I did not eat any coconut yesterday, again!
Really need that fat-burning coconut.
&, I only ate a little amount of lettuce yesterday, just 1 leaf of red chard before bed.
Lots of coconut & raw greens today!
This 100% cotton dress is so cotton♡picken' comfy!!
Look at this enormous mangoooooyumyumyumyum.
Now THIS is sweat!
Looks like I jumped in the pool lol!
Nice, refreshing, energizing run.
Been way too long, getting into this again. ;)
This is how hot it is in TX...look how much I'm sweating...
;)- I kid, just climbed out of the coool poool.
Underwater camera battery is dead, dernit!!
Darn camera, doesn't know how to plug itself in,  what kind of useless camera is that?!
Shoveling down some strawberry oats before swimming.
Going swimming! ♡
Hit a weight plateau, no lighter than yesterday.
Only did a very quick, light ab & glut workout yesterday, before bed.
I didn't eat any coconut yesterday, & had only a small amount of lettuce yesterday, for dinner.
That's okay!
Going hard today, no reason to stop!
Disrespecting your body, is an insult to nature (Or "God").
Love yourself, take care of your body.
Alcohol & tobacco products, meat-eggs-dairy, & processed junk foods, pharmaceuticals, DESTROY the body, organs/skin....everything.
Unwinding with 1 beer, 1 glass of wine, a couple times a month, or a few times a year, will likely not give you heart, lung, or liver disease, but try to avoid consuming these things on a regular basis, especially if you want to age well!
I honestly, love the taste of beer, lol, just being truthful(cigarettes on the other hand, are atrocious, & need to go), & life gets VERY stressful, & sometimes an ice cold beer, really hits the spot....however, I know alcohol is not really healthy, it will wrinkle my skin, damage my liver, my arteries, my heart, & much more.
Extreme moderation should definitely be used!
The problem is, so many people abuse alcohol & tobacco products, they consume WAY too much, sometimes all day, every day.
This will make your skin look like tree bark, as will meats-very dehydrating & damaging, & completely deteriorate your body!
My belly pooch is almost gone, woohoo!!
Feels great!
Only a teeny bit lighter today :/.
I failed to eat any salad yesterday, again, 2 days in a row without whole greens, no bueno.
And no exercise yesterday, except taking Missy for a walk around the park.
Slow walking is better than nothing, but it really is not intense enough to cause significant weight loss.
Unless you walk for an extremely long time, and/or, up an incline. 
The heart rate needs to be elevated, greatly, enough to make you start breathing heavily.
An elevated heart rate requires a lot of energy(calories) from the body, as fuel.
When you burn this fuel, you lose weight!
I still feel woozy & weak today, but the stomach & back pain has pretty much passed, yayeee.
Just keep at it!
After you de-bloat, lose your water retention, caused by eating foods that are smothered in processed salts, the inches will begin to melt away.
I laid down to go to sleep (hoping to feel all better by tomorrow, uhg!!) but then I got hungry lol.
Got up & made a deliiiiiiicious fruit salad:
Banana, strawberry, with my homemade coconut/hazelnut crumble I made this morning, topped with fresh lemon juice, SO yummy.
I did not feel like filming, & uploading, which takes a long time for a high def video, just snapped a photo.
Got my legs in the shot, to make the photo more exciting LOL, let's be honest, people love seeing skin, don't lie.... ;)-
Our bodies are a beautiful creation of nature.
The Lord Almighty created our bodies, right?? Every.....part ;) shame.
No need to pretend like you are a nun or a priest.
Although the word "priest" is somewhat losing it's credibility lately isn't it...yikes!
Silly how many religions act like our bodies were created by Satan, & being nude, or engaging in intimacy, is just pure
Such not fall for it!
You know it's late, when you go from fruit salad, to Satan, in one
Only about 1 pound lighter today. :(
Probably because I didn't eat any salad yesterday, & I didn't do any exercise at all yesterday, except roll around on the floor, in agony lol.
So, screw it, I'm going to eat a whole pizza, & a dozen donuts today, & just live life overweight, who cares.
I feel super weak & light headed, my back & stomach hurt, but I'm going to go grocery shopping, for kale & more coconut!
Or, maybe send my brother to the store for me LOL.
That is what brothers are for! ;)-
He is the sweetest, I am getting him to lose weight also!
Earlier this year he weighed 250 lbs, he is down to 231 now!
We both struggle with our weight, & overeating.
My brother is vegan too!
After I decided to go vegan, I made him sit down & watch animal slaughter videos.
He didn't want to be any part of that nonsense.
I asked him "This is horrible right?"
He said "yea".
My brother is a sweetheart ♡♡♡.
Even before he went vegan, he never had an interest in fishing, or hunting, or any such activity that involves bullying & hurting animals, he just loves to play video games, fair enough!
Oooooouuucchhhh :( :( :(
I am SO, ready....for menopause.
Please, hurry up already, I am so sick of this.
Pretty sure I do not want to bring any children into this embarrassing, shameful, violent, unhealthy, ignorant, materialistic, careless society, overpowered by greedy, lying, money hoarding, gold leaf toilet paper tyrants, which are worshipped & supported by brainwashed masses of impoverished people, so bring it on, ASAP!!!!!
That is honestly the way I feel, I cannot help it.
There are plenty of unfortunate, orphan babies in the world.
I could always adopt.
Children are a sweet joy, don't get me wrong.
But, they only stay little & adorable for like 5 minutes, then boom, they are adults LOL.
Is there a pill to keep babies little?
May just be the PMS talking LOL.
Honestly, even though my children would be absolutely beautiful, SUPER healthy/lean (raw vegan since conception), calm, well mannered("please"/"thank you"), kind, love all animals, talented, brilliant, & perfect, ;)-...
I really enjoy just living my life, & not having to worry about any children.
Life is stressful enough. :/
So no, I will not carry your baby, con someone else into it LOL ;)-.
That one was bad, sorry...just jokes.....!!!
My children would also be raised on, healthy, human milk.
Not cow, goat, or rhinoceros milk....weird!
Plus, the sad reality is:
Humans = pollution.
This was never nature's intention for us, but this is the road we have chosen.
The Industrial Revolution catapulted us onto a devastating, toxic path, that we are not willing to stray from now, because we are too comfortable with our modern conveniences.
We are destroying the Earth, & even polluting the space around the Earth!
Eliminating habitats, & killing animals.
Unless you are living in a cave, never buy anything, wearing leaves as clothes, & foraging/growing all your own food.
Is anyone doing that, or planning on it?
Killed another 2 pounds!
I feel no remorse.
In the proper 120's now again.
I had gained some weight in recent months, yucky. :(
Not finished....!
Fully dressed, for a change!
Lol. ;)-
Obviously.. my life does not revolve around expensive foo-foo clothes, matching $2,000 handbags, & seeing how many shoes I can pack into a village-size closet.
 & so unnecessary lol!
But, I have to buy some clothing to wear, so I am not arrested.
Off to the grocery store...oooo-la-la!
They are still tight (major...wedgie LOL).
But I can, at least, button them now!
Couldn't do that before!
Hee hee :)
One of the best feelings in the world!!!
Don't want to stretch them out of shape though, a few more pounds to go, before I'll wear them. 
Ha haaa :)
Get'it girl....get'it girl
My weight has decreased nearly 5 pounds,
in 2 days.
How ya like 'dem salads....
I recall a weight loss commercial I saw, many years ago, for some kind of diet pill or diet drink, do not remember exactly, saying
"Lose 5 pounds in 5 days!"
Shhiiiiiii, I'll double that, for free:
SALADS, fruits, veggies, COCONUT, exercise,
no meat, no eggs, no dairy, no fattening food or drinks (or, just a few bites/sips, at the most).
Get started today! XOXOXO
Shed 15 pounds in just 1 week, eating as much (healthy) food as you want!
Uhg, it never stops lol.
I get a letter in the mail:
"You are not PCI complaint!!!"
"Do this now, or you will be charged $50/month!"
I am exaggerating lol.
Not about the $50 charge, that was true.
Hu? What?
I don't do PCP!
I need to fire my personal assistant, for not staying on top of this!
Oh yea...that's me.
Forgot, I handle my own business.
Well, I am fired, pack up my office.
Already...over 2 pounds lighter than yesterday!
Yesterday I weighed in at 134.8!
I step on the scale every...morning, completely nude (no extra weight lol), in the morning, after I use the restroom, & before I eat breakfast.
The only exercise I did yesterday was a quick ab workout right before bed.
Eating raw food all day did the trick!
When I visit momma, I get to sleep on the same sheets I slept on when I was a wittle gyal, so nice & comforting.
My entire room was pink, & I had a giant strawberry toy box lol.
I was a very fortunate little girl, very grateful.
Strawberry Shortcake & Friends....♡♡♡♡
They have known me since I was little.
They understand me... ;)-
I have been sleeping on the floor of course!
My lower back was very stiff & aching, from the recent drive to Colorado, behind the wheel for hours, all better now!
Love my new 100% cotton short-shorts!
One problem....they do...not fit lol.
I bought them anyway, a few more pounds to shed.
I am around 134 lbs right now. (I am 5'9" tall)
The tag just says "Medium", this brand runs very small.
TO CLARIFY....I do not eat 100% raw every day.
I still struggle with temptation & overeating on fattening foods, especially when I feel depressed, & do not
Staying raw is also a challenge when I get really hungry, & there is nothing but cooked food around me.
Some raw vegans claim they have not consumed 1 single spoonful of cooked food, in years & years.
To be brutally honest, I simply do not believe it.
I think the only way anyone could, truly, pull that off, is to exile themselves to a deserted tropical island, void of stores & restaurants lol.
Cooked food is everywhere, it is much more abundant, & available.
I believe all raw vegans eat a bite or two of cooked food every now & then, over the years.
Are they still raw vegans?
If you eat some of gramma's mashed potatoes, you are kicked out of the, elite, raw vegan club!
Of course they are still raw vegans.
I think anyone who:
truly believes that uncooked plant foods
provide the greatest health benefits,
promotes raw veganism to others,
& eats a lot of raw food,
is a genuine raw vegan. :)
Many people do-not-believe that raw is better!
I had an omni chef tell me once:
"A raw vegan diet will kill you faster than anything".
I see many people greatly stressing themselves out, worrying about eating 100% raw.
Do not stress about this!
ABSOLUTELY, aim to eat 100% RAW every-day.
Just remember, wandering off the raw path, after a while, is normal, & I believe it happens to all raw vegans.
So do not get down on yourself, but continue to progress in the raw(right) direction!
Exercise/running, lots of juicy fruits-raw greens-coconut meat,
will get me into these little shorts!
Exercise is not required to lose weight, raw food will burn away excess body fat on it's own.
Exercise just gets you to your goal much faster, & also firms & tones the muscles.
Austin,  TX
Walking Missy, & collecting juniper berries to eat & play with!
Don't give up on me now, my tushy friend, 39 approaching 40, means nothing to us!!!
Fight! Conquer! Defeat!
A frequent, heart-to-heart, pep talk, to your tush, eventually becomes necessary...
(R.I.P. NYC 💔🖤💝)
Yumzy, for late night hungries, organic strawberry snack, grateful for these delicious, nutritious, edible gems.
(R.I.P. NYC 💔🖤💝)
Missy bratty, making herself comfy, on my dirty laundry.
Laundry day...partyyyy!~~~
Don't let her innocent look fool you!
Poodle demon...
Early exercise done, more later!
Working out here & there, all day long.
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Rainy Sunday.
Hiking is great for the back of the thighs!
Making a goal to do more squats every week,
for the gluts.
Firm muscles, make me happy...
Feels nice being back in Austin with family,
after being alone in the mountains for a few weeks!
The beautiful Spanish Peaks,
view from La Veta.
I LOVE this cute little town, gorgeous views, deer everywhere, & I saw a llama farm!
Only $1.50 fee to shower at the
SO nice of them!
Alamosa, Colorado 
Out here in Alamosa!
Getting too cold up north, I had to "get"...
10 lapsies yesterday, that after-lap feeling...
Aaahhhhh, wonderful!
Some laps I swim wall-to-wall using only my arms, & some I swim using only my legs.
Great training for when I find myself having to swim with encumbered legs, or arms.
You never know what is coming next, around the mysterious corner of life!
Filming the lap pool may be restricted , I will find out, for future swimming videos.
I loooooooovvvvveee being in water, will be driving to an ocean soon, maybe California (have not been there in almost 10 years, & I want to hike Mount Whitney)...or maybe Florida again...(or perhaps a foreign beach, who knows!!!) after I explore more of fantastic, beautiful Colorado.
Ahhh, back in a bikini, so comfy.
Missing the warm tropics now!
Leadville, Colorado 
Made it!
What an amazing feeling, finally reaching the summit of the tallest mountain in Colorado, 2nd tallest peak in all the -contiguous- United States, just under Mount Whitney in California.
(Alaska houses all the tallest US mountains,
Standing on the tippy top of Mount Elbert, Mount Massive (2nd highest peak in Colorado) behind me.
My legs & feet are no more!
Approx.14,440 feet...into the sky.
I found a pretty, curvy, sassy aspen this beautiful morning on Elbert!
Continental Divide Trail,  Colorado 
On my way up!
Sunny morning*****
I slept in my truck last night!
It was warmer, I slept well, but weird, scary dreams!
Mineral Belt Trail, beautiful!
Leadville, Colorado 
 I have not done laps in a long time, & slightly different at 10,150' elevation.
Great exercise...XO
(Austin,  TX is 489' elevation, for reference!)
Getting so much more fresh air into my body, sleeping outside all night, feels great!
Despite my extreme exhaustion lol.
I love being nurtured by nature.
tara raw vegan goddess
Blue sky this morning. Beautiful pines & cute critters!
Turquoise Lake, Colorado 
tara raw vegan goddess
Helleewwww lol. Totally comfy & happy, out here in the cold, fun torture!
Tent camping in 50° weather, cold but content.
Turquoise Lake, Colorado 
I have not spent more than 1 night in the same place since I left Trinidad....I am soooo tired.
Looking for the right place to settle, & calm down!
Sleeping in my tent tonight, right next to Turquoise Lake, sooo serene out here, accept for the rude campers blasting their radio, & yelling, disturbing to the animals & other campers.
Please be a quiet, courteous camper, don't be a Loud Lenny or Noisy Nancy!
Turquoise Lake, Colorado 
The floor seriously feels so good!
Helps with upper & lower back pain, relieves tension in the spine.
Cure neck & shoulder pain, go pillow-less, just a thin padding for the cheekbones.
It really works!
Laying flat on a hard surface is absolute heaven for the spine.
Fun, exciting, scary, & delicious hike today!
Berries everywhere, I saw a bear cub!
And a beautiful deer with big, pretty antlers.
Little Cloud Trail
Aspen, Colorado
Aaahhhh, finally, found a motel with a nice, new, clean bathtub, score.
Only showers since I left Texas.
Baths help keep me sane!
I like to take at least 2 baths a day, 1 in morning, & 1 before bed.
So sleepy, all the driving.
Happy to be here!
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Amazing rainbow, passing through New Mexico's glowing red/orange aura.
Spiritual land, love New Mexico.
Clayton, New Mexico
Tummy & tush workout dunn, feeling good. I need to get to tanning again, going to be hiking into the middle of the mountains and laying out nudie!
En route to Colorado. Florida is hot too, I really want to get to a cooler place right now.
I know everyone wants more body pix, but sometimes I feel like a gruesome troll, and do not want to be in front of a camera.
Today I feel like a pretty troll.
With tight tush & tummy after this workout.
Just had a lovely "Spanglish" conversation with the housekeeper.
Tenga una hermana en Colorado.
Abeline, TX
I cannot wait to get to cooool Colorado, yeeeehawwww!
So tired of this sticky heat.
Llano, TX
tara raw vegan goddess
Austin Clubhouse, 8 year anniversary with my little brother Travis, great group of people!
tara raw vegan goddess
Hooooottt+++!!! Outside.
It is cooking us.
I let Rocky in the front yard without a leash, he ran off after a neighborhood cat (I hope he didn't hurt the cat), & the cat scratched his forehead.
I guess letting him out without a leash was not good overall.
tara raw vegan goddess
My first larger rock stacks, I need a crane!
Sculpture Falls
Austin, TX
This girl...
We went for a walk this morning, she was running on all four legs, looks like her paw is healing up. XO
I scavenged through the woods and collected these bones for the big dogs to chew on.
It is good for dogs to have something to chew on and keep themselves occupied, so they do not become bored and get into trouble.
Plastic, synthetic fabric, & chemically dyed fabric toys are not healthy for babies, or pets to chew on.
Neither are processed food products.
Humanely harvested, free, & all natural animal bones are a healthier alternative.
Some dogs like to chew on bones, and some do not.
My mother's poodle does not care for them, but Rocky loves them.
He would grab them and eat them anyway, if he was with me, so, what the hay... I believe it is okay.
They also eat fish bones off the shore, when we go to the lake or beach.
These bones have been in the woods, out in fresh air, & cleaned under the sun.
tara raw vegan goddess
Crazy cat lady, & crazy bug lady...
Cicadas are sooo cute!
Their legs pinch a little bit, but they are not biting.
This one has been sitting on my leg forever, & another beautiful green bug came to visit.
Mosquitos are biting me, they are not fun.
Harley after her killer workout the night of the recent lunar eclipse, running up & down the street on 3 legs (she has a sore foot pad injury on her back, right leg, but it is better today, mending up).
Moon power!
tara pagan
Still alive. Check-in, so hot & suffocating outside. AC too tempting! Thinking of spending the remainder of 2018 hot months in cooler Colorado.
Explore new areas!
Love my new $1.00 elephant notebook, so cute, all mine, you can't have it.
Unless you one..also..
Looking at this notebook transports me to Africa. I can hear the djembe drums when I open it every time I need to write down some boring, annoying information, like how to upload large video files with FTP, I pause and reassure myself... at least I'm in beautiful Africa with the sweet elephants... All thanks to this wonderful notebook.
Hunt elephants...burn in hell...
(God's rules, not mine)
tara raw vegan goddess tara pagan
I don't know...
I was fixing a plate of cabbage for mom's poodle, and it just felt like the right thing to do...
A beautiful tan is hard work!
You got to maintain... Have to sit under the sun and sweat, but that is very good for the metabolism, so it is a win/win... Lots of winning going on here :).
Yet another thing I have always been taught, & recently discovered is completely false, the myth that the sun will destroy the skin.
Sunlight is actually wonderful for the skin.
I have noticed my skin always feels more tight and smooth after a good day of tanning!
Here is a list of things that actually do cause the skin to wrinkle and sag:
Mental stress
Sleep deprivation
Refined salts
Refined sugar/sweeteners
Most store bought skin products
Processed foods/edible products
Cooked food
Lack of raw antioxidants
Lack of raw, plant fats, and proteins
Working in an environment where there is a lot of cigarette smoke
Lack of exercise
Chemical laden or harsh treatments
Continuous bloating & excess weight
Lack of direct sunshine
Lack of fresh, outdoor air
Cold temperatures
Sleeping face down
Raw plant food, particularly a high-fat & high-protein diet, sunshine, exercise, avoiding cigarettes & alcohol, & avoiding unnatural products are all top ways to preserve the skin!
That went off on a tangent, I will create a whole page on this topic.
More muscle now than ever!
Although I did not sleep well last night.. obviously.. not enough beauty sleep, look like the beast!
Meow, chirp, quack, ROARRR, buzz, hiss, neehh, ribbit, squeel, baahaha, moo...all the sounds.
In my mind I am...."Eating Chocolate"
Chocolaaattteee, mmmmm.
I like to support the whole fruit stands at convenience stores.
Many nights I have traveled through remote towns, where a gas station was the only store open!
This store has nice mangos!
Missing the birds terribly. Their sweet little sounds, having them around, watching them, & taking care of them.
A bag of bird seed still sits in the closet. Still finding loose feathers around when I clean, their empty cages...all stabs me in the heart when I see it. Life without them is becoming normal, I hate it.
I do not see how I can ever forgive myself for allowing Harley to be around their cage for too long, without checking up on them. Forgiveness I do not deserve.
"Out of sight, out of mind"...I am forgetting about them more & more, which makes me feel bad.
Throughout the day, every time I remember them, I close my eyes and think to myself "Oh my God, my babies."
Have you eaten any raw, whole, uncooked & unprocessed foods today?
Look young, fight cancers, keep blood, organs, & heart healthy, stay lean, feel proud & happy.. 💙
I am enjoying these beautiful, organic plum, green pear, and banana.
Palo Duro again!
HOT, with very mean lady horse flies, I had to wear leggings they were biting so bad. Known to obtain blood protein, to produce eggs, only the females bite..;)- Yes, we are a bunch of witches...
Walking through this wonderous place was awesome, would love to go back & see more.
Ute Trail...the dandilions love it here, they are huge!
Aspen, CO July 4th, 2018
Twin Lakes, CO
Had to pose inside the cabin..
Gorgeous, chilly mountain morning.
So refreshing, very grateful.
Twin Lakes, CO
tara raw vegan goddess tara pagan
tara raw vegan goddess tara pagan
Bishop Castle, Colorado 7-3-2018
Intriguing place, test your limits..
Trinidad, CO 7-3-2018
Rollercoaster ride continues.. grateful, beautiful morning.
Jacuzzi, pool laps, then sauna :).
More driving today, onward to northwest Colorado..
It is great to be back in beautiful Colorado...Spanish Peaks behind me.
I still feel like literally clawing my own eyes out every time I stop & remember what happened to the birds, but there is nothing I can do about it...
Going to try to enjoy Colorado, but I feel guilty enjoying anything! 💔🖤
Trinidad, CO July 2, 2018
7-2-2018 Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas
Rockwood, TX rest stop.
Adios, Colorado ahora con Tomas...
She has a few things to add...
1 cat left, after her, no more.....fin.
Supposing, I live longer...
I have had this cat nearly 10 years.
I had Honey🐤 about 8 years, Bubby🐦 for about 2 years.
I feel like maybe I should have never adopted the birds,💔 but then they would have never met...they loved each other so much, I hope they are still together.🐤🐦
Sometimes I just have to lay down, literally nauseous/sick to my stomach, I miss my little feather babies.💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
It is really beginning to sink in... the terror & pain they went through.
Imagine, if a giant monster broke into your home, put you in it's mouth, & began chewing on you, until you died.
I am not angry with Harley, she's a dog, & dogs will be dogs.
The accident was not her fault it was my fault.
I know I should not replay the horror film in my head, over and over, only torturing myself, I can only imagine what happened, but I also feel guilty just forgetting about them and acting like everything is fine. 
I know birds and other animals are unfortunately attacked and killed, all day everyday in the wild, but that is not comforting.
I just cannot believe it.
When I was outside this morning I instinctively leaned over and picked some fresh seeds, that I gave to them everyday to eat, but right after I pick the seeds I remembered they are gone.
June 30th, 2018
Organic, Fresh, & Free
Bunches & bunches of organic, wild, seeded grapes, picked some while running with the dogs today, I am going back, with a basket...
Planned a road trip to Colorado a couple weeks ago, boyfriend has never been!
I have to go with a freshly broken heart now. "Happiness is a choice."
Even when your heart is bleeding & your soul is crying...
Lots of fresh grapes for the road, even though I do not deserve them.
I was completely broke & hungry when I made this YouTube video, a while ago..stranded with an empty gas tank, in some little town, not Texas...somewhere in Florida I believe.
I packed a bag with my video camera & bikini, and walked a few blocks, in super hot weather, until I found a nice nature area, to put a smile on my face & film, to generate some business, to get some cash, to buy gasoline, and get something to eat.
I was in that situation many, many times during my travels, it was normal.
Long story short, things are usually not what they seem...😳
Black-eyed peas & yellow bell pepper seeds I planted are sprouting, both organic 💚.
But I don't care.
Any brief distraction from my guilt-ridden grief, is followed by the terrible realization, once again, that my precious little babies🐥🐦suffered a terrifying & painful attack, due to my neglect, & are gone from my life forever.💔🖤.
June 29th 2018
Another aching hole in my heart.🖤
Both my little feather babies died yesterday.🐤🐦💔💔
I had them for many years, & it ends with Harley getting restless, & breaking their cage open.
Show no mercy on my idiot soul!
You can never be too cautious with life.
I am consumed with guilt, and horror. My boyfriend found both of them, they are now wrapped in tissue paper, resting, together, I cannot say goodbye yet.
I don't want to be awake, just go back to sleep, & never wake up🖤💔.
Day 1, without the sound of Bubby's chirping in the morning.
I hope they are happily flying high, together forever, in the clouds.🐤🐦
I cannot believe it, & feel guilty doing anything but grieving.
Don't ever want to adopt another animal again, it's just me in this madness from now on.
Boyfriend is quite the fashion designer, I actually dig it!  Austin, TX April 2018
Austin, TX April 2018
Anastasia State Park, Florida
Valentine's Day 2018
Avalon State Park, Florida
February 2018
January 14th, 2018
Grand Ridge, Florida
I made it back to the tropics!
Ahhhhhh, happy place...
Austin, TX * November 23rd, 2017
I am back in Texas! Just through the holidays, spend time with family, then I'm leaving for another exciting adventure in 2018!
In Lubbock, Texas! XO
November 13, 2017
Apple bath in Clovis, New Mexico XO
Clovis, New Mexico....?
Yes, Clovis, New Mexico. ;)-
November 12, 2017
I drove all the way out here to get some kicks, and such... XO
Santa Rosa~ November 12th, 2017
November 11, 2017
I am actually working...XO
(Grateful for smart phones)
River Park West~Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 10, 2017
Strawberries in the tub~~~
Love the Santa Fe vibe!
November 7, 2017
One day at work, many moons ago, (I was around 24 years old) I was eating a piece of chocolate cake on my break, a male employee walked by (elderly man) and told me "You need to watch what you eat! Keep your shape!". Nearly 15 years later... Hope that cake didn't hurt too much! ;)-
Braidzzz XXX
Nov. 5th, 2017
Persimmon XO
Nov. 5, 2017 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Howdy! The heart
Nov. 4, 2017 / Santa Fe, New Mexico
Hola~ En Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 3, 2017
38 (nearly 39) year old tummy 💜
November 2, 2017
When I am hungry...
Someone exhumed me...
October 29th, 2017
Me lately.... smile! XO
October 27th, 2017
I have been a hermit lately, so glad I got out for a walk today, a glorious time!
I love these plateaus...
Trinidad, Colorado~October 26th, 2017
The view from my motel window in Trinidad, CO! Gorgeous sunrises & sunsets!
October 23rd, 2017
Pen on paper.
Nice after a tiring 3 hour & 40 minute drive.
There is no bad mood a hot bath & fresh watermelon can't fix! 
Unwinding in Trinidad, CO. 
October 14, 2017
I was afraid I was going to die lol, strong, cold winds... steep, scary mountain! My 4th hike on Black Cloud Trail. I got lost off the trail, wasted time, and had to turn back before I reached the top. Have to go back in a few months during summer time! I'm so thankful to still be alive and typing this from a comfy warm bath tub!
Worse than I thought.. drying out & pulling my skin, grrrr, oh well could be worse, applying moisturizer lol.
Scratched my leg on Black Cloud, :(
3rd time hiking Black Cloud Trail.
I began around 12pm, too late again, I had to turn back before sunset. I hiked 2.5 hours in, then back, 5 hour total. 1 hour longer than 2nd time, so I learned a lot! I saw 1 other person the entire time.
Trying my best to lean back and take a cool photo, without sliding down this super steep edge of Mount Elbert!
My first pair of toe-sock thingies!
Weird, it's all....weird.
Enjoying Twin Lakes! Incredible out here.
2nd time on Black Cloud Trail. I got lost!
Going back again lol. I'm standing in front of Black Cloud Creek. ;)
October 7th, 2017
D'Love in Leadville, CO
October 5th, 2017
Beautiful view from Black Cloud Trail!
This is a very steep and brutal hike also!
I only hiked an hour and then turn back, because I got there too late in the day. 
I will go back another day and hike to the summit!
October 4th, 2017
Ahhhhhh first bath in a long time!! Yesss ;)-
My last night in Silverthorne, for now!
October 3rd, 2017
Returned from a lovely night stroll in the snow to la tienda. :) I am enjoying Silverthorne, Colorado :).
October 2nd, 2017
I am in Hawaii with my pet monkey!
October 1st, 2017
Bear Peak in Boulder, Colorado
  • Massive attack hike via Fern Canyon Trail! Whew!! The views from Bear Peak are lovely! Green Mountain behind me.
Jellystone Park in Colorado! 
Sept. 6th, 2017
Golden Community Center ~ Golden, Colorado
10 laps done :). My legs are getting stronger!
I can swim backwards using only my legs, not using my arms at all, without any fatigue now, I feel like I could go forever!
I feel sooo good! Swimming is so refreshing, one of my top favorite ways to exercise. :)
XOXO ~Tara