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One of my favorite snacks! ♡

Kiwi, banana, raisins, oats, & grated cacao.

Very high carb, lots of healthy natural sugar carbs & fiber carbs. ☆





I love using natural bowls lol

no dish washing! ♡

Banana, cinnamon, almond breakfast!

High fat, high protein, high sugar carb, high calorie! 





Delicious, whole food/minimal plastic groceries.

tangerines, oranges, cashews, coconut, bananas, kiwis, guavas, serrano pepper, watermelon, avocados

Ah, I should have placed the kiwis before the bananas, out of color sequence! :/ :)





lemon, pepper, avocados

Avocados are a major source of healthy fats.

Here I had a simple, fast dinner of 2 avocados, serrano pepper, & lemon juice.♡





100% pure cacao, unsalted/unroasted cashews

Never go wrong with chocolate & nuts!





Get used to eating SIMPLY, like plain, whole fruit.

Not every meal or snack needs to be highly complex.

Persimmons are simply delicious all by themselves!






Healthy goodness.♡♡♡

Keep yourself stocked up on healthy foods.

Have them readily available to eat when you get hungry, to prevent yourself from settling for unhealthy foods that make you look & feel bad!

Deeeelicious....guacamole on the way!



Take up gardening!

These were all grown in a small pot with all natural fertilizers.♡♡♡


Get land & grow!

Please do not use toxic plastics & chemicals! ♡♡




Natural mascara!

Recipe I am working on, in progress, cool!

So I can feel good about what I am using...


Using a regular mascara brush for now until I find something plastic-free.

Save over-ripe avocados!


Cacao powder -dye

Watermelon juice -adhesive

Avocado -thickening agent




Mix & homogenize very well, the less chunks the better!





A delicious fruit makes a wonderful, non-fattening snack.

Like these sweet, cinnamon-y persimmons!




Keep lots of different raw foods around you, & eat something raw every time you feel hungry.




I LOVE cayenne pepper and fruits!

Cayenne is super hot, just a lil' dab will do-ya. ;)-



This salad was SO tasty!

Orange~kale~almond~mustard/ginger salad.









(R.I.P. NYC 💔🖤💝)



Yummy fruits, lettuce,  carrots, & delicious ginger slices!

Plainview,  TX





The 3rd best decision of my life was to go vegan.

The 2nd best decision of my life was to go raw vegan.

The best decision of my life was going high-fat, high-protein, high-carb raw vegan.

All raw plant foods are simply magical, they can cure nearly every illness.

I believe a greater percentage of high-fat, & high-protein, raw plant foods is more beneficial than a lesser percentage. Even, or especially, in illness.

Raw foods are powerful, natural medicines. This fact is severely & tragically overlooked, ignored, & not nearly promoted enough.

I realize there is a collective dislike, even a fear, of uncooked foods, as I used to feel the same way about raw foods.

Most people around the world are raised on cooked food, even from the womb.

It takes some time to adjust to the new flavors and textures.

In my experience, the more raw food I ate, the more I craved it.

I began eating half raw, half cooked meals, and just decreasing cooked foods more and more.

Eventually I was eating full meals of uncooked food, then I was able to go an entire day 100% raw.

Was I starving? Not at all!

Make a raw food grocery list today, and get on the path to feeling & looking your best!

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 Late night, juicy, hydrating bedtime snack, before my daily sleeping fast.

Yellow watermelon, neato!

Delicious, super candy- sweet.




Indulge, in luxurious fresh fruits!

Eat juicy fruits when you are thirsty, there is a lot of delicious, sweet water inside fruit!

If you don't fancy super sweet fruits, make sure you are getting plenty of lesser sweet fruits, such as tomatoes, avocados, and cucumbers!

Mmmm made myself hungry...


Avocado is one of the more "stick to your ribs" type of food.

Perfectly healthy for diabetics, heart patients, cancer patients, & all patients.

There is no need to ever reduce, or moderate, intake of heathly, raw/uncooked plant fats.

Our cells thrive on healthy fats, so high-fat, uncooked plant foods will help cure any health problems.

Avocados help burn body fat, they do not produce excess body weight, that is a myth!

 It is perfectly fine to eat a lot of avocados, every single day!

I love them because they keep my skin plump, smooth, wrinkle-free, and youthful looking, and my tummy feeling full. 


Start buying fruits and vegetables!

All different kinds...


Free, fresh, organic foods are actually waiting to be foraged, all around you!

Go for a hike and keep your eyes open for colors hidden in the natural tones of leaves, rocks, and soil.

Fruits are colorful and shapely for a reason, they want to be found!

I foraged these wild, organic raspberries that are growing in the Colorado mountains!

There is nothing like the joy of eating something you harvested right from plant ;).

Sweet candies I foraged from cactus plants in Colorado! October/2017


Freshly picked foods provide the most immunity strengthening, and repairing, health benefits! This means they are the best at protecting the body from illness, and also CURING ILLNESS, including the top causes of death: heart disease & cancers.

Heart disease & cancers are primarily caused by meats/seafoods, eggs, dairy products that are made from animal milk, alcohol, tobacco products, and toxic processed foods.

Pills, powders, and shots also degrade metabolism, and the immune system, I say these are the cousins of unhealthy foods.

All nutrients we need are provided in natural, whole foods, and are healthiest when consumed this way. Instead of a cabinet full of pill bottles & boxes, switch to a counter full of raw fruits, nuts/seeds, herbs, roots, and veggies!

"Medication"...should actually cure a health problem, not make it worse over time.

A "Drug Store" is not a healthy place. You don't want to suppress your body's natural functions/reactions, and that is basically what pharmaceuticals do.

People consume unhealthy products ~ get sick ~ take unhealthy pharmaceuticals.

This also applies to pets & animals! Humans are pumping large amounts of pharmaceuticals & poisons into dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, zoo animals, etc. and these are no more healthier than what humans are taking themselves.

I believe it best to avoid consistent use of pharmaceuticals.

Eliminate the causes of illness, and you will not be ill!


Start with your grocery list. Buy LOTS of DIFFERENT raw fruits & veggies, and EAT them! 


Are you interested in improving your physical health, mental health, helping to save our sweet animal friends, and helping to protect our beautiful planet? Are you eager to CURE your diseases & health problems, rather than just suppress symptoms with unhealthy pharmaceuticals and treatments?

Great :)


1. What is a raw vegan diet?

A "plant based diet" is a "vegan diet". Basically, you need to start eating only foods that grow on a plant, not things that are born from an animal's womb, hatch or come from an egg, or are made from non-human breast milk. "Raw vegan" foods are fruits, nuts, and vegetables that have not been cooked or heated. Raw, whole plant foods provide the most nutrients, and make people look, and feel, their best. 

*Humans, including babies, should only be consuming HUMAN breast milk. This truly seems logical, when you stop to think about it, does it not? :) Mammal milks are formulated differently, to fit the needs of that particular animal. Non-human milk products (butter, cheese, cream, ice cream, etc.) have an incredibly fattening effect on humans. Humans are not physiologically designed to consume non-human milk, which is why we gain unnecessary, and very unhealthy, excess body fat when we eat dairy products. The foods we are designed to eat, fruits and vegetables, do not create excess body fat, regardless of how much of it we eat. You could eat 10 tons of strawberries, avocados, or kale a day, and remain perfectly lean, that is a fact. 

*It is not important to eat "low calorie" on a raw vegan diet. In fact, I recommend a high calorie, raw vegan diet. 



2. What am I allowed to eat now?!

You can quickly transition away from animal foods by simply replacing meats, seafood, and eggs, with potatoes, rice, beans, even egg-free pastas if you must, such as wheat or spinach pastas (even vegan pasta is still a processed food, and should be eaten in moderation). Large, loaded up, raw food salads are the healthiest way to go, however I do not expect anyone to switch from steak to raw salads overnight, just begin eating raw salads as much as possible. :)

EAT LOTS OF FRUITS! Start buying a large variety of fruits, and eat fruits all day long. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EATING TOO MUCH FRUIT, so indulge as much as you want. Diabetics should be eating fresh fruits all day long. Fresh, whole fruits are healthier than canned or frozen fruits. FRESH PICKED IS THE BEST, FIND AND/OR PLANT SOME FRUIT TREES TO FORAGE & HARVEST FROM. 

*The idea that fruit is threatening to diabetics is outdated, incorrect information, so please disregard anyone who says this to you. Many people have CURED their diabetes by eating a  high fruit vegan diet, just Google this, and you will see the success stories. When I have a minute I will find some and post them, but this is research anyone can do on their own. 

 HEALTHY FATS! Eat plenty of high fat plant foods, such as avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds, beans, peas, olives, etc. FRESH PLANT FATS ARE HEALTHY, please also disregard anyone who tells you these foods cause diabetes, heart disease, or any health problems, this is also incorrect.

*Animal fats and plant fats have contrasting effects on the body, but unfortunately they are being grouped together by the general health industry, which is wrong. High fat plant foods are healthy, and should be consumed in large amounts. Animal fats (other than the natural fats in human breast milk) are not healthy, and should be eliminated.

TASTY HERBS! Add yummy flavors to your new, healthy diet with fresh herbs! Start an herb garden, and add fresh picked herbs to homemade meals. 

DON'T BE CHEESY! Cheese....is killing people, literally. Luckily some great people are helping to battle this unhealthy beast by putting plant based "cheese" on the market. I personally do not buy them, however, if this helps transition the world off artery & colon destroying cow cheese, then fabulous. Look for plant based cheeses in your grocery store, or Google "vegan cheese recipes" and make them at home. More and more pizza restaurants are now offering plant based cheese, however pizza is super delicious without any type of cheese, just load up on sauce & TONS of different veggies and fruits! Raw vegan pizza sounds a little strange, but it is actually wonderfully delicious! Check out some raw vegan pizza recipes here



3. Do I need to incorporate supplements or vitamins with a plant based diet?

NOPE. All of the nutrition we need to be healthy, is provided by natural, whole foods. However, if you are going to use supplements anyway...go for the most natural supplements you can find, with all natural, whole food ingredients, nothing with a chemical name. It is much healthier to obtain nutrients from real, whole foods, not powders or pills, even when bodybuilding.

B12 is one of the most common nutrients discussed when switching to a plant based diet. Eating fresh picked foods, straight off the plant (the way nature intended), with traces of natural organic material from the soil still remaining on the food, not washed away by factory processing, is known to provide B12. A home garden is the healthiest way to eat. 

 Get vitamin D from going outdoors and being in the sunlight, as much as possible. 

But again, if you want to take supplements regardless, look for natural ingredients. 

**Whey powder is another very unhealthy dairy product, and should be avoided. Get healthy, muscle feeding plant based proteins from high protein plant foods such as nuts, seeds, and fruits. Visit nutritiondata.com for protein content of various plant foods. 



4. Can I eat vegan, or raw vegan, at a fast food restaurant, or any restaurant? 

Of course! You may have to change up the meal a bit, and annoy your waiter or waitress, but it is your HEALTH on the line, so it is well worth it. Again, just replace animal flesh with beans, potatoes, rice, or an even healthier raw option such as avocados/guacamole. Tomatoes make a great replacement for cheese, be creative! Thankfully more and more vegan/vegetarian restaurants are opening, and other restaurants are now offering more plant based meals. Chinese and Mexican foods generally have a lot of plant based options, with veggie plates. :)

LINKS TO SAMPLE MEALS BELOW: I will post photos of what I eat soon, but for now, here are some links you can get meal ideas from :). **Some raw vegan recipes use table salts & bottled oils, I advise people to omit these processed food ingredients, and replace with whole foods: avocado, nuts, etc. 






**Nearly ALL health problems people and children suffer from (heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, cancers, liver disease, kidney disease, skin problems, respiratory problems, colon & intestinal diseases, brain malfunctions, strokes, optical problems, infections, inflammation, arthritic/joint problems, sinus problems/mucus buildup, headaches/migraines, body aches, and much more.), are caused by animal foods: meats, eggs, and cow milk products. How, why? Animal foods are extremely unsanitary, are laden with dangerous bacteria, promote infections and inflammation, obstruct blood vessels with plaque, breed cancer cells, lack the dietary fiber necessary to keep our digestive systems clean and functioning properly, and the list goes on. The other principal causes of health problems, and death, are tobacco products, alcohol products, and pharmaceuticals. Headaches, migraines, and even sinus problems are also commonly a symptom of junk food sweets, such as sodas, highly processed cheap cookies, candy bars, cheap baked goods, etc. 

**I myself had to keep a bottle of pain medication in my purse, due to chronic headaches. After transitioning to a healthier diet....NO MORE HEADACHES! It is miraculous and wonderful! :)

Omit (or even just reduce) these unhealthy foods and habits, and be AMAZED at the positive changes that will arise!





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