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Why do people kill & eat animals?

Mostly because, for whatever reason,

humans have been led to believe eating animals & dairy products is required to be healthy.


If you walked through a restaurant's kitchen,

& saw this...

dead animals dripping in their own blood,

dangling from the ceiling,

how would you feel?

Assuming you are a somewhat modernized person who is no longer exposed to these scenes.


My great grandmother had to literally slaughter her own animals for meat.

My mother told me she was traumatized

as a girl watching great gramma

spin chickens around by their necks,

until their necks broke, & they died.

Surely the poor chickens did not go silently.

Great gramma did it because she thought she had to.

I think that is one reason g-gramma always had a sadness in her eyes, from having to slaughter screaming animals with her own hands, until they stopped screaming....but she was otherwise the sweetest, most soft spoken, kindest women I knew.



I am thankful I never had to witness those

types of things as a child, or do them,

my parents bought it already packaged.

I grew up completely disconnecting meat & dairy from real animals, that feel distress & pain.


The truth is,

humans are healthier on

plant based diets.


Torturing & killing animals is not necessary.


All animal products come from

a life

that once lived.


Animals suffer greatly during slaughter,

mental terror & unbearable physical pain,

before they finally die.


Eat plant based instead?

Spare animals, & also healthier?

I think so. ♡





I don't know why I thought I could sleep outside in a tent in 30° weather lol,

duh Tara.

I bought a new tent,

(Old tent has wind damage & needs repair.)

set it up,

& then "slept" (sort of, not really),

in my truck, because it was freezing!

I still froze in my truck!

How did people live before heaters & air conditioners???!!!


For tent camping, the temperature has got to be in the 70's, day & night.

Anything above or below is rough!

I knew this already but sometimes your body doesn't listen to your brain lol.

My body said it wouldn't be that bad lol.


Comal river!


New Braunfels, TX



Foods & drinks on the go!

Coconut juice, fresh fruit, raw/unsalted nuts.




Eating healthy makes traveling more fun,

because it keeps you feeling GOOD,

not sick!

So you can enjoy yourself!





From one side of town to the other in 15 minutes!

Love small towns lol,

less stress! ♡

New Braunfels, TX




Download my video of Tool live!


Video is 5 minutes long.

Then wretched camera cut off too early,


Awesome show last night! ♡

Now, just hire me to go-go dance on stage too during the show, woohooooo!

O gratis lol. ♡








Visiting New Braunfels, hallooo!





Tan maintenance!

In the sun, :) all's well.






First time trying this,

coconut, banana, cinnamon,

delicious of course! ☆




Trying to eat at least 1/2 a coconut,

every day!

1/2- 1 whole coconut,

or more!


The more coconut you eat,

the more youthful your skin will be.

Reversing 40 years of bad habits,

mental stress, air pollution,

(Another reason I like smaller cities.)


Everything that negatively effects skin.


Coconut is a fountain of youth food,

very hydrating & moisturizing. ☆

De-bloats eyelids, cheeks, etc.

Repairs/lifts/tightens sagging, &

literally eliminates wrinkles, by

simply re-hydrating the skin.

You have to actually ingest it,

the more the better,

not just rub oil on the skin. ;)


I just have to learn to not touch my face!

That has been such a hard thing to kick!

I have a nervous, face-scratching habit,

ever since I was little!

Anxiety I guess?

Keeping my hands off my face is such a challenge for me, I have to counsel myself lol.


2 bananas, lots of coconut meat, ginger, & juniper in this delicious smoothie!


Raw greens are another great

fountain of youth food,

super cleansing/healing. ☆

Fruits & herbs are also necessary,

the entire plant food world.




Gorgeous yellow squash flowers!

They are a morning flower.☆






I swear my chest gets fuller when I

put ginger in my smoothies,

don't think it's just wishful thinking, LOL

I think it's really a thing!


There is 1 more atom in there,

at least,

I can feel it!!!



I need to be eating a whole truck full of ginger every day LOL.


Banana, cacao, ginger, juniper berry juice, & apple!






Just heard this song for the 1st time today...?

Love it! ☆


The entire song begins at 1:20.

I literally almost never turn the radio on lol Pandora all the time, that's where I heard this song. ;)

I have been listening to classical music radio stations while I drive lately to help ease road rage lol! 

People driving crazy.

Pandora played the polished studio version then I looked & found this awesome live video on YouTube!

I like to see & hear live performance recordings.

I read the lyrics were inspired by the movie Scarface.


Emily Haines singing & playing with her awesome band!






Sweeeeet ♡

Coconut crumble, 100% pure cacao, raw/unsalted walnuts, & organic maple syrup! ☆





So good it's hard to put down!

Gulp, gulp, gulp!

Mmmm, 1/2 mango, 2 bananas, whole ginger,

pure cacao, juniper juice, & coconut!

I ate the rest of the mango whole.♡





Easy to make juice/medicine concentrates,

pour a little bit of potent juice into everything you eat & drink, for extra flavor & nutrition! ☆

This is juniper berry juice,

I have been flavoring my water with it,

delicious! ♡



Oats, coconut & juice, & maple syrup!






Very interesting point...

I say,

just quickly, get


step 1.

At the very least, hurry up and make it legal for people to buy, & use, the plant,

without fear, paranoia, guilt, severe mental stress,

job loss, debt, time away from family, etc.

Free the people from that oppression, asap.


Even if it means delaying the right to grow at home, until that changes, at least people can use legally without authorities arresting them. is legal,

for people to drive to a bar,

liquor store, convenience store,

& become as completely hammered

as they please until they can no longer

speak, or move.

Many people die from using alcohol,

from alcohol poisoning,

or an alcohol related issue.


It is also legal for people to pollute everyone's, including children & babies', air

with cancerous & highly deadly

cigarette smoke...

Marijuana smoke, on the other hand, does not kill people as cigarettes do, nor does it cause any debilitating conditions as cigarettes do.


Home grown, & other details can be worked out immediately after initial legalization of recreational,

that is step 2.

The corporations have home cultivation on their list,

they are just trying to get recreational legalized,

asap, however they can,

which I agree with!







If you receive a "Make It Legal" letter in your mailbox please support & sign, click on photo to read article:


This "MAKE IT LEGAL" petition reportedly is the petition that may finally

legalize recreational marijuana

in Florida. :)

"Make It Legal" is said to have the greatest financial backing for promoting the petition & collecting more signatures, to ultimately change the current law.

They need all Floridian signatures on the petition

before January.


I am certain we can continue to modify the new laws, & ensure Floridians & all people will be able to grow at home in the coming years. ;)


As of now, it is only legal to treat a short list of health issues with marijuana.

Naturally & safely treating any other health problems

risks people being convicted of a crime,

confined inside a locked cage,

& charged large amounts money.

Help America progress from this!

Free Florida! ☆



Also has a petition circulating,

click on photo for information.

This petition allows home growing.








Fresh batch of yummy coconut crumble, ready to sprinkle on everything & everyone LOL ♡


some pure, raw coconut milk,

mostly gone already lol.

Very easy to make just blend with a little water, strain, done!


Makes a wonderful, super soft & shiny lotion for the skin, nails, & hair also!

My hands get dry, :(

from washing dishes in hot water,

gardening, & doing rough labor with my hands,

happy I found a great moisturizer! ♡☆


The "milk" gives pretty, shiny nail look,

without toxic nail polish!

Keeewwwl. ;)-

Just rub it into the nails, easy.

I'm going to dye the milk with beets & strawberries & see if I can make a red polish. ♡ ;)-

I'm a mad woman!

How long does it last?

Not sure yet,

likely to wash off a bit every time I wash my hands, may have to quickly reapply throughout the day,

just like blush or lipstick.

Avoiding the chemicals & keeping nails healthier is worth it! ;)


The consistent moisturizing does result in an overall shinier appearance, after absorbing the oil all day,

so the milk makes the nails shinier & healthier,

in general, :)

even without a fresh application!

Eager to try it on my hair! ♡


Coconut & coconut milk are also powerful medicines,

drink it, eat it, & use it topically as well,

but remember good health & healing

always starts internally,

topical use will help heal superficially.


Coconut is highly antibacterial & antiviral, flushes toxins from the body, dilates blood & air vessels, improves digestion, natural diuretic,

repairs damage,

all systems benefit,

cures everything...☆

The same can be said for all plant foods!

All fruits and veggies are food and medicines.







Great New Mexico!

Support for January & the state's

smart governor!

Am I moving to New Mexico soon lol?

Florida is also making progress & will hopefully get the job done in 2020! 







Good, smart, courageous men. ☆

Doing actual great work, instead of hiding dirty deeds under a bible. ;)

Making huge progress in the northeast,

come on south/central America! 






Pennsylvania advancing on the right track to

progress & peace. ☆

Great work Pennsylvania! ♡


Learn how to support

Pennsylvania here!







¡Gran trabajo

Estados Mexicanos Unidos!


The entire country of the

United Mexican States

is soon to become one of the pioneers

of global progress, & peace!

Go Mexico!!!


Marijuana use does not justify incarceration.

Who knows how much money is used to arrest, transport, process, hold, transport, & release, etc. people who are detained for having marijuana.

Rather than go towards caging people for marijuana,

(taking people away from their families & creating more problems for people with mental/medical conditions),

funds could instead be used to help people in need with free child care, free medical care, etc. things of such nature which benefit people.


The marijuana plant is non-deadly,

not linked to health problems,


& is used as medicine for many ailments

from minor to lethal.

Smoking marijuana does not impair movement.

People can easily pass a

Standardized Field Sobriety Test

after smoking marijuana.

People do not become hospitalized or die after smoking high amounts of marijuana.

2nd hand marijuana smoke does not pose any level of health risk to people.


Help make America

greater...♡ :)

End marijuana prohibition in the USA! ♡









This smells SO good! ♡

Fresh picked, juniper berry mouth swish/body fragrance/salad dressing,

whatever lol! ♡

Edible & applicable lol.

Yummmm ☆

Blended & strained muy smooth!

The super fragrant & antibacterial pulp is perfect for an abrasive bathtub cleaner!

Ultra detoxing plant,

cures everything,

growing everywhere,

juniper! ♡







Oinking out! ♡


I made banana coconut ginger sauce!

I cut up another coconut it takes about 8 minutes to do all of it.

Lots of coconut every day! ♡









Chocolate coconut, kiwi, raisins, y banana!

My sweet cactus plant I grew from seed!

Going to try eating one of those mean leaves soon!

I have never eaten a cactus leaf before lol.☆






The best!!!! ☆

Fresh coconut juice.♡





Finishing up the chocolate coconut mix con oats & maple syrup & brother's smoothie leftovers lol.

He does not eat strawberry leaves like I do.

Nnnooooo, don't throw those away!


I plant the rest,

learning how to grow strawberries.







Cacao/coconut crumble on banana with maple syrup seriously y'all!!!






Hard work & patience but

well worth it!

Fresh coconut meat,

ready to eat! ♡

I already drank the coconut juice it was so sweet & delicious! ♡

Big, gorgeous yellow squash flowers are blooming away, yummy oregano growing on the left!♡




 If you want to age, without becoming wrinkled,

you have to eat plenty of fat & protein y'all.♡

Avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds, beans, & peas.

Eat...lots of these things,


all you can limit.

 Very important for preserving the skin,

& keeping it well conditioned,

next to avoiding alcohol/wine, cigarettes,

animal products, table salt/sugar,

breads, & other processed foods.

A low-fat, low-protein, vegan diet will not do the trick,

skin will become weak(sag) & dehydrated(wrinkled).


Happy skin needs fat & protein to stay strong & plump amigos! ☆

 And remember you can always rehydrate, and improve the condition of your skin, wrinkling & sagging is reversible! ♡


The skin aging factor I struggle with the most,

is mental stress....grief.

This is not diet related, & not always possible to control of course.

Finding ways to release that stress & agony from your brain, is critical,

getting outdoors, hot baths, play with animals, watch funny shows that make you laugh, eating a healthy raw meal, exercise, intimacy(Even sensual self-gratification if you know what I mean lol, is very healthy!), gardening, socializing, etc.

Whatever brings you serenity & joy.





Super simple, & super delicious, bedtime snack,

cinnamon ow-ange slices!



Great way to hydrate before sleep.

I should have sprinkled more cinnamon,

loooove cinnamon.

Whole cinnamon sticks are best,

I'm going to look for some,

but powder will also get'er dunn.




I never get tired of this sweet bowl!

Kiwi, banana, raisins, dry oats, & shredded ginger.

Sugar, sugar, SUGAR!

Very high-carb snack. :)





Oh my gourd,

y'all have no idear,

how GOOD this is!!


My goal is to eat salad for lunch and dinner.

And at least 1 other raw vegetable.

Onions are a delicious veggie!

Kale(veggie), 2 avocados(fruit), cayenne(fruit), black pepper(fruit), lemon juice(fruit), red onion(veggie), turmeric(veggie/root), I think that is all.

About 60+ grams of healthy fat in here,

8.5 grams of healthy saturated fat.

Around 700 calories & 10 grams of protein.

Who is malnourished & hungry?

Not I....♡


Seriously sooo good, omg!!!

Less than 5 minutes to prepare a delicious, healthy, 100% non-fattening meal!


Raw veganism is a

completely different ball game,

a much higher, more spiritual level

than plant based processed food diets.


Eating a plant-based processed food diet, is basically still living in a world of sickness, & bad health.

Stomach aches, cramps/bloating/gas, constipation, joint pain, obesity, & many other ailments are still prevalent while eating plant-based processed foods.

Take the next step, & improve even more,

by eating raw foods!

Raw is what the body wants, & needs.♡





Spicy momma smoothie, yum!

Bananas, cinnamon, cacao, cloves, & ginger!


This smoothie will turn you into a spicy momma,


Herbs, herbs, HERBS.

Herb is the word!

The "hotness" of herbs, is ultra-healing,

dilates all the vessels,

(blood vessels & airways)

gets the heart pumping, bowels moving,

blood & oxygen flowing,

body detoxing, inflammation reducing,

& fat burning!

Get LOTS of herbs into your body,

they are natural medicines,

quickly cures almost any health problems,

from heart disease & cancers

to the common cold,

without any harmful side effects or risks that pharmaceuticals & clinical treatments,

like chemotherapy or surgeries, cause.


However people cannot consume herbs,

while continuously eating fried chicken

& cheese sticks,

may not see much of an improvement if animal products/disease foods are not eliminated.




Experimenting with DIY toothpaste.


I just do not like buying anything from a store anymore lol.


This is fresh aloe vera straight from the leaf & fresh ginger root.

Both are highly antibacterial & the ginger is very fragrant!

Super easy to quickly crush up a fresh amount of toothpaste morning & night.








That Starbucks does not have any plant based options in their pastry/sammich display??





I mean seriously are they living under a rock...

Starbucks, of all places, & still,

animal products in everything!

Except for the tiny packages of candy on the side of the counter or whatever.

Maybe some locations in larger cities possibly have plant based options but I have not seen any so far.

They will make banana & water smoothies if you ask for it. :)


No more table sugar or table salt in EVERYTHING would also be fantastic,♡♡♡

both cause a tremendous amount of illness/health care costs!

Hellooooo up/down there...

Universe...make it happen.☆

Many people go to Starbucks!






See ya later summer...

Texas is becoming uninhabitable,

doggies do not even want to go outside,


Too cold to suntan too. :(

I must prepare to migrate to a bikini friendly place.






Silly Harley jumped up here & made herself comfy taking all my space!

Natural tan fan!☆☆☆☆☆

Much prettier tones!♡

& far healthier than any artificial tanning method!



Tanning is hard, sweaty work!





Raisins rolled in 100% cacao, nutmeg, & cinnamon!

+ tiny bit of fresh fruit juice.

Quick, photo before they are gone!

Endless possibilities with these delicious,

healthy/100% non-fattening

little sweeties!♡♡♡




High fat, whole foods:





Are not fattening,

they do not cause weight gain.

That is myth, & is 100% false.


The opposite is actually true,

high fat, whole plant foods

cause weight loss.

(In overweight people.)


• Only animal products & processed foods actually have the capability to create excess pounds.

• Bottled oils are a processed food not a whole food.


I am going to have to say this repeatedly because of the unfortunate fat phobia that has plagued the plant based medical community, ah!

There must be a voice for


Eat it lol!

Lots of it!


Most plant-based doctors are

recommending a low-fat,

some even low-protein also,


And incorrectly stating that high-fat,

whole plant foods cause weight gain.

However, a high-fat,


whole food, plant-based diet,

is the healthiest way to eat,

and aids in weight loss,

not weight gain.


You could literally eat 50+ avocados a day on a whole food/plant-based diet weight loss plan,

and still lose weight.


3 more years, (sniffle)

with a





:( :( :(

Very embarrassing, Texas!!!!!

Texas needs to EVOLVE.

Stop acting like a bunch of intoxicated,

bull-testicle eating, calf-roping, pig-mudding,

bible-beating Bo-Billy's

& attempt to look like intelligent

human beings for a change.

We can be southern AND SMART.

End marijuana prohibition in


Progress Texas....

Please ♡♡♡ Thank You.


Imagine☆ if Texas, had an awesome,

modernized, &

more peaceful government,

rather than a brutal, oppressive government that is stuck in the 19th century.

The star of the lone star state would shine much brighter!!!!


 Deadly & legalized


are being shoveled out to people,

in replace of

non-lethal & illegal


People are suffering greatly & dying

from pharmaceutical

side effects,

because of marijuana prohibition.







Funny fact:

Reportedly the

LARGEST gas station


is in New Braunfels, Texas!


I am thinking of taking a break from crowded Austin & chilling down in New Braunfels for a bit.

Howdy & Hallo!







Mother's sister (1 of 3),

my beautiful & sweet auntie Pamela!♡

Same place at lake Travis today,

& 50 years ago!



(I wasn't there, photo by mom.)





The best way to


Juicy fruits.♡

Not a true

fruit-head unless you

bring them in the tub with you lol.


I am very codependent.

I'm scared,



Fruit to the rescue.♡













I know because I have never done it.


I do know women who have!

Over in a jiffy...♡

No unhealthy drugs-mother sober for the experience, & no unhealthy drug side effect risks

to mothers or babies.






I thought I was going to die,

last night in this traffic!

So ready to leave Austin &

go on a trip, asap!

Only 11.5 hours to Navarre, FL.

Hmmmmm... ;)

I want to go!






I mixed avocado with kiwi,

fruiting delicious!

Banana, raisins, & oats too.♡

Already ate 1/2.



If course, I did not hook up

with my drug dealer!

I hooked up with his roommate LOL.

:)-  :)-  :)-

Buhdadaump bump-bump.









1:30am snack♡♡♡

Grateful & thankful to be alive.

Yummmmm!! E!!

Oats, avocado, banana, raisins!



I try to be asleep long before 1:30am,

doesn't always allow!





I say,

can I get'a


Praise tha lawd, yessa'.



Kiwi, banana, oats, raisins.☆


Raw fruits & veggies help with


I know, because I have severe anxiety issues,

sometimes it gets so bad,

I get sharp, stabbing pains,

right where my heart is,

this began around 1/2 years ago.

I Googled out of concern & learned anxiety can literally cause chest pains, no nausea or dizziness, sweating, or anything like that,

just sharp pains.

Raw plant foods help calm the brain!

Going crazy?

Stomach full of butterflies, on cocaine,

& cannot relax lol???






I saw this online,

look at this sweet little piggy,

trying to get warm.



every time people buy bacon or pork,

they are supporting an industry that

painfully slaughters these innocent animals, after enduring a shortened lifetime of unthinkable misery & torture.

Gased with CO2 "carbon dioxide stunning" & slowly suffocated to death, stunned (sometimes only partially & remaining somewhat conscious)

with a bolt gun to the head,

or throat cut open & slowly bled to death,

are common killing options.

The animals are then submerged into a vat of

boiling hot water,

to remove hair,

before being butchered,

sometimes they are conscious while being boiled.


Bacon & pork is not the least bit healthy.

Pork products are a major cause of many lethal health problems such as

heart attacks,


& many types of cancers.

As are all animal products,

including dairy,

which all cause the same health issues,

& are produced by torturing and then painfully killing animals.

Dairy cows are slaughtered after they are used for their milk. All male calves born in the dairy industry are slaughtered immediately after birth to produce "veal".

Female calves are sent to the milking machines eventually to produce milk, then killed for beef after their peak production years are over.


I stopped eating animals in 2011 & have enjoyed many improvements to my health:

•No more sinus infections.

•No more winter sickness.

•No more earwax.

•No more "goopy" eyes in the morning.

•No more coughing.

•No more indigestion or diarrhea.

•No more digestive odor. 

•No more gas/bloating.

•Weight loss.

•No more fatigue.

•No more sneezing.

•Improved eyesight.

And more, I am surely forgetting some.

The entire body becomes much more



Animal products are not necessary

for good health, &

killing animals is unnecessary.

Eating a plant based diet not only

greatly improves people's health,

it also declines to support

such industries.



I get a lot of messages from customers,

thanking me lol,

for improving their health... ;)

One specific customer, literally,

told me that doctors should prescribe my videos

for erectile dysfunction.

Woaw lol!

I was shocked to hear that.

  Several other customers have also

told me similar stories,

saying they have seen major improvements,

and have not felt so.....healthy lol,

"in years".

Awkward as it may be lol,

I am glad to help!

 That issue can really negatively impact people's lives,

 not only the ones affected but also their partners.

 One customer even told me

"My girlfriend thanks you too!"

Awwww, lol, yaye. ;)-


Sensuality is a major contributor to stress relief

& helps to literally cure illness

& improve overall health,

gets rid of headaches, reduces fevers,

clears up sinus infections,

many healing capabilities!

Never...take pharmaceuticals for E.D.

Extremely unhealthy, many awful side effects.

Meats, eggs, dairy products, pills,

alcohol, & tobacco products are

all main causes of E.D.

Stress & lack of exercise also, but it is primarily diet and lifestyle/product related.

Very preventable health issue,

and also curable! :) :) ;)-


 I personally do not feel right charging people for health, fitness, and diet information,

 I want to make all that available to people

completely free of charge,

so those videos are complimentary.


Fleshy videos are honestly the only thing I really feel justified in charging for lol!

 And I actually enjoy making them,

so it is a win-win!

 Or artwork,

(I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, I attended a private art college & majored in illustration, for anyone who does not know lol.)

however, I am kind of turned off of from art lately, because most art supplies are SO toxic!


 I do plan on adding more artwork to my website soon however, just for cuteness. :)-

 Painting is also very messy, creates a great deal of clutter, and selling paintings is much more difficult and complex than producing and selling videos.

 It is an actual physical product, that you have to package, transport or ship to customers, etc.

 Digital downloads are very simple and easy to deal with.


 I plan on creating an illustrated high-fat raw vegan guide/e-book and/or printed book perhaps, in the near future but the price point will probably be at or under $5.00.

Very affordable, and anyone who doesn't have $5 can just simply email me and request a free copy,

and you got it.♡

 But if you have $5, then please do lol.

 I also have bills to pay! :/

 I have already started writing it, but still brainstorming about it.


 I'm very happy to hear my videos are improving people's lives!

Warm & cozy lol.









What's the deal with fasting,

do I ever fast...not eat?

Yes, every night,

while I sleep. ;)

During the day, I EEEAT.♡

I know many people are hard into fasting,

whatever floats your boat,

I am not here to tell anyone what to do,

just sharing my beliefs (facts lol).

● Is fasting required to lose weight?


● Is fasting required to cure illness?


● Is fasting required to "detox/cleanse"?




I believe fasting during the day is


You feel hungry for a reason,

the body is saying

"I need some fuel/nutrients."

Depriving the body & brain of nutrients is not good.

 I think the reason people fast is because it makes them feel super self-disciplined, like they are conquering a challenge,

which is understandable & admirable,

people who challenge themselves

& go after it are awesome.

 Just know, that fasting is definitely not required to be healthy, lose weight, or detox,

 I think eating raw foods all day, helps much better with all of those things.

 The nutrients/fiber are what get all of those things done.

We "fast" every night,

during our slumberrrr,

I think that is all the fasting we need to do.

Just my opinion on that subject.♡

 And who really enjoys feeling hungry,

& going without food?

 I think that is unnecessary stress & irritation.

 Starving people in 3rd world countries would look at fasting westerners like they are nuts.

:( :( :(

Eat, drink, & be merry...♡♡♡




I do not see anything wrong with raw "gourmet" foods,

the only comment I have about raw gourmet foods is that I see a lot of those recipes calling for

table salts & bottled oils....

2 unhealthy things that contribute to weight gain & should not be included.

I just rarely have the patience or desire to mold my food into fancy shapes before I eat it lol.

I just eat. ;)

But raw gourmet can be fun for giving gifts & parties, making money selling raw gourmet,

& situations like that.

Pretty, tasty, healthy treats are fun to make,

& very delightful,

I totally get it.

As long as it is RAW, no salts or oils,

knock yourself out!

I do definitely believe foods are in their most nutritionally potent stage when the are whole...

& people should not depend so much on highly complex meals, eating simply is best.

Raw gourmet will still certainly help people get lean & cure their health problems!

I actually encourage people to open raw gourmet restaurants/food trucks/cafes...

(No salts or oils in the foods.)

Paper packaging, no plastics/styrofoam.


It would be fantastic to have raw vegan gourmet places abundant in every city.

Or even better, start a farm.

Growing the food is the single most important thing anyone can do,

farmers are the absolute best.








Breakfast ♡♡♡

Watermelon & dates!

Soooo juicy, chewy, & sweet,

absolutely delicious.

October is here.♡





So terrible, just literally makes my heart ache,

for those poor little babies. :(

Coming out of the womb already with

clogged arteries.

Birth defects, child cancers, any health issues with children in general....animal products & processed foods/drinks are the cause, like 99% of the time.

Meat, eggs, & dairy are the last things pregnant women should be eating.

So sad.

I have never before heard of inducing labor with unhealthy food.

Coincidence? Psychosomatic?

Or maybe it is a thing,

the body freaking out,

or, the baby freaking out:

"I gotta get out of here, now!

Grease attack!!"









A yummy way to simply get some raw greens into your body, sweet date wraps!




 The presidency is seriously becoming a big joke, more & more, every election, no American really holds any respect for this office anymore, except for a few, can we please just call it quits already, easy to do, everyone simply stop voting in presidential elections, show the government the people have had quite enough of the charade.

Completely empty voting lines come election time, lol,

just lonely voting machines & cricket sounds.


Nobody to FIGHT about!

That sounds SO exciting!

We are FREEEE!

Well not really, we would still argue about Congress & judges.

Uhg, just get rid of ALL of it already...

Yayeeee, peace at last!♡


 One issue is, so many people, are followers,

who do not want to make their own decisions,

they just want to follow other people.

"Tell me, what to do."

 I guess there are just 2 types of people in this world, leaders, and followers.










I have been walking Missy in this field for 10 years,

now I do not want to bring her here anymore.

Today I came across this very sad scene,

still trying to Google around & find out what exactly this stuff is,

guarantee it is chemically treated/toxic,

dangerous for animals, unhealthy for the soil,

& the entire environment.

 As you can see it is interlaced with some type of synthetic thread,

& I am not sure if this is some type of natural straw,

or a synthetic/non-biodegradable material.

 I am guessing on non-biodegradable since they probably want it to last & not decay.

 However I'm not 100% certain.


I cannot believe the landowners put this stuff down.

I cannot believe some company somewhere manufactures this stuff.

This is another major cause of

climate change

all of these toxic things


are doing to the planet.

 It is time to stop blaming everything on politicians,

the masses are just as much at fault.

 I'm not defending politicians' carelessness,

just saying amigos...

 I do not want my dog walking on this stuff and getting chemicals all over her paws,

whatever it is.

 When it rains, the chemicals are going to leak everywhere, negatively affecting the soil, the water, the plants, the animals, & the air. 

A very-very bad decision here. :(

For what?

Preventing the grass from growing?

So floofy, wimpy people will have something "clean" to walk on?

 I do not know what the reason is.

 This is very ugly and tacky whatever it is,

and very bad for the environment.



 I am trying very hard, to hold my tongue, and not stoop to a lower level and use words like

"idiot, moron, dumbăšş..." .


I realize that is not nice, and doesn't help anything lol.


 I mean if I tell someone they're an idiot, will they stop being an idiot?

 Or will they continue to be an idiot, just out of spite?

 Because that is the way humans are.


 Humans are very antagonistic,

even if it means being immoral, unethical, or destroying the environment.

Or even putting their own health at risk,

like those protesters, who chow-down on raw rat brains or whatever, at vegan festivals.


If somebody knows that you don't like something, they're going to want to push that button...

"Oh, you don't like it, when people molest little children? Well then, I'm going to go find a child to molest right now, just to make you mad!!".

Seriously lol.


 Just put it calmly, and nicely.

This is not good for the environment, or animals, or people, or the scenery, please kindly stop...

Does that work? :)



Love Johnny Cash.♡

 Everything is about "riding" in his songs lol.

The rider, is gettin' ready to ride, & ridin' out...

Basically lol.

 I adore the duets Johnny and

June Carter Cash did together,

such cute songs,

the affection between them literally brings tears to my eyes. ♡

"You long...legged, guitar-pickin' man!"


June rocks love her voice & she was so beautiful.

"You big-talkin' man..." lol

Aren't they all lol.

Look how lean & handsome Johnny was in this video!


June died after heart surgery in 2003,

& Johnny decided to go after her

just 4 months later,

he died of severe diabetes also in 2003.








Grateful for this delicious, healthy meal,


extremely grateful for everything

I was blessed with in life.

I feel guilty, for having so much!

If you are not sleeping under a noisy freeway every night,

then you should give thanks....♡







America, 2019

This is nothing,

other areas of Austin, TX

are far worse.

And I know some other American cities are much worse than Austin.


I saw a woman here,

sweeping the street curb

outside her "home", with a broom,

as if it was her front porch.


Automobiles wizzing by,

just inches away from her,

as she swept.

I was afraid she was going to be hit by a car.







This is awesome.

All the racists are going to go broke.

Serves them right.

Great, bold stance against racism!

Nice NYC!

"Illegal alien" is one of the most ignorant terms in the human language, and everyone who uses that term sounds like a complete moron.

No such thing exists.


Lolol following my post about snobby white men lol.

I was not being full blown racist,

just speaking in terms of relationships.

I'm not trying to build a wall between myself and all white men LOL.


People who are not racist,

do not care...

who comes to the USA,

or how they do it.

Because it is not a big deal.

Unless you are racist lol.

"Costing America money they are!"

Racist Yoda says.


How much money is the wall, border patrol agent payroll, patrol stations, detention, etc. costing America lol?

That is the American government's choice to waste all that money, not the fault of desperate immigrants fleeing deadly corruption.

There is no parallel between Hispanics and crime,

plenty of white American citizens commit criminal acts just as much, whether or not they are ever held accountable for it.




I avoid situations involving alcohol

& loaded guns,

call me crazy...

so I had to miss my little 2nd cousin's

wedding this weekend.

Lots of gun loving people in the crowd

& they mostly all drink,

I would literally be afraid for my life,

on pins & needles the entire time,

surrounded by the "open carry" people.


Note to these people, everywhere:

Thanks, I suppose, for your so-called "protection",

but you are the one freaking me out,

making the situation dangerous,

& putting people at risk.


Posting this, to try & make a point,

not trying to be mean.


Also I am just not into weddings lol.





I have noticed a trend throughout my 40 year old life.

"Caucasian/white" men, are stuck up.

They act like I should be chasing after them.


They pout forever & hold grudges forever,

silent treatment, don't call, or return messages,

very immature, & effeminate.

I believe that is why I always gravitate towards Hispanic & black men,

for long term relationships.

They are generally more chill & humble,

they do not pout & grudge,

maybe for like 1 hour, then they are over it lol,

I like that much better,

just more masculine, overall.


My 1st long term relationship was with a 1/2 Hispanic, 1/2 Greek.

But with "white" men, never lasts very long,


Y'all can have them ladies,

I am not attracted to pompous, pretentious,

arrogant men.

Of course there are exceptions,

I am sure there is a cool white dude,

somewhere on the planet.

No hard feelings ♡ just a funny observation!

Prove me wrong fellas.... :)-♡




Banana~kiwi breakfast again,

totally hooked on this sweet dish!

This time I used dates instead of raisins,


Next time, both!

Dates AND raisins!

I think I am literally getting a sugar high, lol so much sugar in this bowl!

Very high carb!♡





Scrumptious dinna'!






Breakfast was SO delicious,

made it again for a pre-dinner snack lol.


Kiwi, banana, raisins.☆

"Pre-dinner snack"...LOL

I think that is called an "appetizer" Tara,

derp. :)-



Circumcision is


100% unnecessary,

unhealthy, painful, scary,

cruel, & should be banned.

One of many needless surgeries people are brainwashed to believe are essential,

like tonsil removal.

"The tonsils are immunocompetent organs which serve as the immune system's first line of defense against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens."


I still remember laying in a hospital bed, with a sore throat, after my surgery when I was young,

thinking to myself "this suçķš, why..."

mother hovering over me

talking about icecream,

I remember blood.


Very annoying that some idiot

convinced my mother to remove

my tonsils so they can make a buck,

and inject me with disgusting vaccines.

I want my tonsils back,


Nature put them in my throat, for a reason,



Mother said I was getting infections in my tonsils,

I said "Because of all the germy animal products I was eating...."

Eat clean, no infections.


Nature also created foreskin for a reason.

Do not believe the lies some surgeons

(looking to get paid) & some nurses try to tell you.

Foreskin does not cause infections, it actually protects against infections.

Foreskin protects glans, acts as a lubricant,

& enhances sexual pleasure,

to name a few functions.


Please, do not do this to baby boys,

& please, spread the word.♡

No baby tears, or blood...

Baby girls as well,

no genital mutilation.





I just have to say it is very unattractive

when men eat unhealthy food,

drink unhealthy drinks & alcohol,

smoke cigarettes, fish, hunt, love guns,

or are materialistic.

Men who take care of their bodies & health, & do not kill or injure animals for "fun",

are suuuuper hot!


Nobody may care what I think LOL,

& I am not implying that I am 100% perfect,

always looking to improve,

but just felt like getting that out there. ;)-


All of those things are a turn off.


Raw/ethical vegan men who exercise, don't drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes are the absolute sexiest.


Okay I need a cold shower lololol.





Delicious, high sugar carb breakfast.♡








The concept makes sense,

but the researchers',

who are not yet up to date on diet,

recommendations are not good.


Go for fresh, raw coconut water straight from a coconut, & raw, unpasteurized fruit juices, from citrus, melons, etc.

Not cow milk, not unhealthy processed drinks such Pedialyte, & definitely not soda.

Not store bought, pasteurized/cooked fruit juices either, get fruit juice from real fruits, raw/uncooked.


very confusing & misleading information, stuff rather, in this article.






 Milk, milk, milk, only babies really need milk, LOL


Plant-based "milk", is not even necessary folks lol.

 "Oh my Gøď, what type of MILK do I drink now???!!!"

Who cares, you don't even need it lol.

 Babies should be drinking true, breast milk,

human breast milk.

(Sounds logical right? A human baby...drinking human breast milk.)

However pure, plant base "milk" is also completely fine for children, don't believe this newfound hype.

 You want to make your own plant based milk at home, or buy the most pure brand you can find, a lot of the mainstream brands are filled with unhealthy ingredients, but still, even those are leaps & bounds healthier for a child than cow milk.





"Performance Dog" brand.

Raw dog food.

Make sure your fur babies are safe & not eating this!









Oooohhhhh, Gøď....


Love ya, sweet honey,


this is bullşhţ.


Lumpy...doesn't look nice,

& I know darn well,

it does not feel good,

when your thighs are smashing

against each other,

it feels disgusting lol.


She is totally lying to everyone.



Jesus Chŕįşț.


Beautiful woman but no.♡

( I don't think she looks at my website, lol.)

 Waiting for a hate message.


The journalist who got alllll

excited, to write this



could also stand to lose a few pounds.

 No offense!♡

It is annoying, because all of these

delusional, pro-obesity chicks, are


Straight up.

"Healthy, well-fed" my aśş.

Just, seriously. Ya.

The female thigh gap is one of nature's most beautiful creations, really should not fudge it up ladies.♡





A much healthier alternative to all the processed meat pet foods,

which cause disease & fleas/heart worms in animals,

brown rice oiled up with healthy avocado.♡

These dogs are not given any type of pesticides to ingest, aka flea/heart worm "medications",

not medication at all,

they are straight up pesticides,

like I said before,

open your dog's mouth and spray "Raid" in there,

not much difference.







Lol I love funny people!

Good one. :)-

I wonder if something happened on this road,

lots of houses have these signs up all of a sudden.

Speeding through a residential neighborhood is especially careless,

15...20mph tops, por favor.♡

There are kids, squirrels,

people's pets....Pokemon.


Actually driving recklessly anywhere is not cool.

Be safe, don't speed!♡




 Children's b-day parties, & daily diets

are FILLED with table sugar....

then parents get upset when their little tiny kids have to get their teeth drilled out by a dentist.

 Candy, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. also make children irritable, not to mention the destruction to their bodies & weight gain.


Children LOVE fruits,

& fruits on the other hand

CALM children

& put them in a good mood.♡

 They're also actually healthy,

unlike that other garbage.

 Fruits are perfect for little kids, colorful, fun shapes, delicious flavors, make the switch today, never put another piece of unhealthy candy or sugary drink in your child's mouth!

 That's what I would do at least lol.

 But whatevz, it is your child!






Simple oats, 1 whole orange, & cashews.


New exercise video!









I just kissed one of my plants & said

"Goodnight sweety, I LOVE you."

No joke, I really did lol.

Uh oh.

The beginning of the end, lololol.






"War on drugs"

Really? Where...?

 From the looks of it,

deadly drugs,

are 100% legal.


 Stay away from these places,

they will kill you.

 Don't allow some pill-pushing doctor to get you hooked on pills!

Or inject you with hormones or steroids,

those will also kill you.

 Such a sad, tragic situation.

 The way the government permits some people to sell lethal drugs, as above,

and puts other people in jail,

for selling lethal drugs.

 Pharmacies are no better than meth labs or crack houses.

And many doctors are basically lethal drug dealers.







My little brother is down to 203 pounds!♡

A few months ago he was 230,

last year he was 250!!

Waistline 45" down to 41" so far.

Yayeeeee ♡♡♡♡

Warm & cozy.♡

He's taking it slow.

 If he reeeeally worked harder,

100% pure diet &

tons of daily exercise,

he could be losing 3,4,5 pounds

PER day,

no joke, it is possible.

But, it's okay,

he is doing great!

I am so happy he is getting healthier. :)


I got him to:

 1. Decrease his doughy food intake,


2. Decrease his beer drinking,


3. Increase exercise.

4. Increase whole fruit, nut, and vegetable intake.

5. Decrease processed food intake.

6. Decrease processed drink intake,

tremendously, pure water only.

7. Stop chewing gum every day.

Gum is terrible,

filled with garbage ingredients,

screws up metabolism,

causes weight gain.


 And I nag him daily, to


 And nobody gets hurt lol.

 Big sister cracking the whip.


He dropped animal products years ago.

 When I changed my diet, in 2011,

I threw an,

until he agreed to do it also, lol

and my mother.


 Actually it was pretty easy for him

to make up his mind,

after I sat him down and

forced him to watch some

horrible animal slaughter videos.

"Pretty awful right...?"

I asked him.

"Yea." He said.

Without hesitation.

Done deal.


Just getting him to be healthy vegan,

not junkie, plant-based, processed food,

overweight unhealthy person.

Getting there!♡




Plant foods do not cause gas,

the fiber, in plant foods, helps

push gas out of the body

that was already in there...

cleans out the digestive system.


Only animal products & processed foods cause gas.

 So there's a huge misunderstanding.

People mistakingly think that because they

begin to release gas,

after they eat whole plant foods,

then fruits and vegetables must cause gas.

No. :)


 All that hype about beans causing gas,

is an enormous myth,

beans do not cause gas,

they are just pushing trapped gas

out of the body.

  So if you're feeling bloated and uncomfortable,

and cramping,

(filled with gas)

from eating animal products and processed foods,

eat some whole plant foods, to release all that gas, and don't eat that stuff again lol!


 There is also no unpleasant odor,

in the bathroom....he-hem,

on a raw plant diet.

 Actually has a fruity aroma,



 Nature's foods are not offensive lol.


 When people eat dead animals..


and sour cow milk/cheese...

then, yes..of course,

hold your nose, for dear life.

 That odor is caused by all the bacteria.

 Cow milk formula is also what makes babies' diapers smell horrendous!


 The reason why I prefer to find a bush somewhere rather than walk into a public restroom.


 There is also a myth that combining some certain raw foods the "wrong way",

will create gas inside the body,

that is completely,


 No raw plant foods cause gas,

no matter what you combine with what.

 I know from experience.

 "Food combining" is completely unnecessary

in my opinion,

I never worry about that, &

never have any issues,

silly, stressful rules. 








I looked up local dentists on Google maps,

now suddenly, I am seeing a bunch of dentist ads in my Facebook feed,

spying, sneaky weirdos....ewe.

Creepy feeling!

Looking into getting the old, damaged bonding work on my teeth fixed soon,

finally. ;)-


I had it first done when I was 12 years old,

replaced in my early 30's,

& one of the new ones completely fell off,

making my teeth asymmetrical now,

& the other is damaged.

I have been putting it off for far too long!

Tired of my teeth looking bad,

(Yes, I am well aware y'allz lol)

time to get in there.

Dentist chaaaiirrrsss...

muaaa-haa-haaaaa, yikes.


Pain in the neck, & costing me money,

I pay cash no dental insurance,

I wish I had never had it done!

I was 12 years old didn't know any better.

My adult lateral incisors were undersized compared to my other teeth,

& mom was not happy with it,

so she took me in for the procedure,

she meant well.♡♡♡

But that's the way nature made me!


 It's brilliant technology don't get me wrong, and some people could really use it,

 I don't think my case was that desperate however.

 I just kind of look like a chipmunk lol,

but that's fine with me.

Chipmunks are adorable. ;)-







I do not believe disease is genetic.

 Disease does not "run in the family",

unhealthy diet habits run in the family,

everyone eating & drinking the same garbage.

 I feel so bad for those little children,

it is likely only a matter of time...

1 of those little boys already getting a poochy belly.


 Obesity is not okay,

people really need to stop pretending like it is.

 Oh God, is the middle woman pregnant?

I cannot even tell, hard to decipher.


 Some kind of permit, before people can have children,

actually does not sound like a terrible idea to me.

 People should undergo physical and psychiatric exams before being allowed to reproduce.



No, this crazy.

Having a child obese by the time they are just a few years old, is crazy.

 I don't know how on Earth that program could ever be implemented however lol.


It is time to speak out against this,

stop being afraid to talk about it.

Enabling people's bad habits does not help them.

Nothing personal, it is a war against disease not the people themselves.


I threw a fit & griped at my brother incessantly until he stopped smoking cigarettes,

& I text him daily to make sure he does his situps.


Because I love him....

Tough love.


There have been plenty of times that I have shaped up,

from being rightfully criticized,

I have no issue with admitting my faults,

& it was to my benefit, overall.


I had modeling agencies tell me I needed to lose weight, when I was younger,

and I knew they were right,

I was not offended.

The diet advice they gave me was terrible lol,

"If you're going to eat bread, toast it."

Yea needless to say, that did not help me lose weight.





Here we go, giddy-up.

I can't believe this ball finally got to rolling.

Grab some butter-free popcorn!


It would be nice if we could simply make this

our last president,

who needs this headache?


sounds so nice & peaceful.

 I do not believe impeachment or removal from office will happen,

(Impeachment perhaps, but not removal.)


I may be wrong!


"In the Senate, Republicans hold a 53-47 advantage over Democrats.

To remove... from office, Democrats would have to persuade at least 20 Republicans to vote for his conviction.

That won’t happen unless something extraordinary happens to cause his support to dwindle among GOP senators."



So far, no American president has actually ever been removed from office by impeachment.

Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

Andrew Johnson & Clinton were impeached,

but later acquitted by the Senate.





I am truly baffled, that I keep seeing more & more headlines such as this everywhere recently.

No concern from the black house,

or news from the media,

about what regular cigarettes are doing to people...?

Or, alcohol?

Or animal products?


I believe,

government & Big Tobacco,

possibly even some folks in the medical industry,

have teamed up,

to destroy the vaping industry,

so people will buy more cigarettes.

Just a thought!


Or maybe not,

perhaps the administration is actually

that air-headed.

Focusing all attention on vaping & completely ignoring the fatalities regular cigarettes are causing,

on a daily basis.

Vaping constantly is not healthy either,

don't get me wrong.


"Hundreds" of cases suddenly reported in 1 week,

the whole thing is fishy,

I call conspiracy.


"total number of fatalities in the U.S. to


9 alleged deaths....


 You can literally count on both of your hands the number of people who have supposedly 

died from vaping

in the entire country.

Meanwhile thousands upon thousands of people are dying from traditional cigarettes

& nobody seems to care....?









This very nice woman,

simply trying to help all the obese,

sick people get off unhealthy processed foods,

such as...pasta,

lose weight,

& heal themselves,

gets mocked & roasted.

"How dare you threaten our

fattening processed foods,

off with her head!"

Brush it off girl you are better than those ignorant people including the brainless journalist who wrote this article.

I am sure she already knows this.


Smart, confident women.


Message to this journalist:

A healthy diet does actually protect against brain & skin abnormalities, such as autism & Eczema,

so, Ullenka is absolutely correct,

you moron lol,

& I fully believe her,

when she tries to convince all these imbeciles that she cured her children's health issues by not feeding them garbage & giving them some real nutrients instead.

No offense lol.♡

Perhaps it can fix stupid also,

you should give it a try. ;)-

I know people are just misguided,

I do not mean to sound so mean, lol

but seriously...

getting mad at this super compassionate woman simply because she is trying to get people to eat healthier, and not suffer through miserable health problems...?



Everyone should watch this video she made

& listen to her tearful,

(Brought tears to my eyes.)

amazing story of how she healed her children





There is plenty the people themselves can do,

to at least slow down inevitable climate change,

rather than place 100% responsibility in the hands of some politicians who are in bed with the fossil fuel industry.

These politicians are going to protect fossil fuel profits, not the planet,

because wifey wants a new Mercedes.

Stop buying so much non-biodegradable junk we do not need,

(Such as this woman I saw at the store buying a huge pile of funky plastic party favors for a kids birthday party....for example.

"Did we get enough party hats for all of us?"

I heard her say.

No, I don't think you did,

someone get this woman some more hats!

There are other ways to celebrate. )

stop buying & using plastic bags/garbage bags,

opt for items packaged in paper/glass/metal,

stop polluting bodies of water with frivolous motorized watercraft recreation,

(Putting around on the water just for fun,

spilling gasoline into the water, killing wildlife, & contributing to severe algae blooms,

use sails or row yourself!)

Countless ways for the people to take action,

 since the people themselves are also greatly contributing to the problem,

rather than pointing all fingers & blame to these politicians who are not going to listen.

Progress, also, depends greatly

on the consumers

making better choices.

Just because a product is for sale doesn't mean we must by it.

In fact I would say change depends

more on the people

rather than government.


The challenge is,

all of these things,

that are causing climate change,

are somebody's livelihood,

somebody's business,

somebody's paycheck...

Equal to people who work in animal agriculture & want the public to remain in the dark about the dangers of animal products.

Some doctors like some politicians, are on the wrong team, endorsing harmful propaganda promoting meat, eggs, & dairy.

For example:


This campaign is a bunch of fluff,

desperate dairy industry in action,

please do not fall for it.

Cow milk & processed cow milk formulas

will kill your child,

or make them very sick.

Cow milk also causes child obesity.

Some parents seem to be oblivious to the fact that their children are obese, see nothing wrong with it, & actually believe their heavy children are healthy,

a harmful effect of the fat acceptance movement.


No business wants their earnings to decrease,

people have kids to feed, & bills to pay,

& superfluous, materialistic desires to fulfill.


(Live humbly.)

Their strategy is to convince the masses that everything is dandy & their product isn't dangerous.

These people must find a new line of work.

I am at fault also, I buy gasoline to drive.


It's a mess,

just start buying less,

consuming less,

a tremendous amount of fossil fuels are completely wasted producing nonessential items & plastics.

A high GDP is not exactly a good thing,

it means people are polluting the Earth like crazy.









2 whole avocados in here,

I wanted a super thick dressing.

Soooo guuuuudz.

Kale, avocado, onion, & pepper.

High fat raw vegan is the best y'all,

coommme to the liiiight...


I honestly feel very sorry for low-fat vegans who think healthy fats are not healthy, & eat a fat-deficient diet,

that must really suçķ, lol,

don't fear the fat y'all!♡

The body looooves fat,

for a reason,

it is essential!

 A high fat diet also protects against skin aging,

keeps the skin healthy, thick & plump,

moisturizes the hair and nails,

& keeps internal organs &

all body cells super healthy. :)






So many employers,

are clueless, & inconsiderate.

I would never expect any employees to work super long shifts, 12,11,10 hours straight.

Especially if the job requires them to stand...on..their..feet...the entire shift.

That is too much.


Shifts need to be shorter, & rotate employees, so nobody goes home with completely numb feet & legs,

or butt from being forced to sit in a chair

hour after hour,

& then expected to be chipper & happy & energetic at work, when they are sore as hell,

and tired,

that is just cruel.

Put yourself in your employee's position,

owners & managers are generally free to sit & stand throughout the day as they please.

Not cool at all,

work places need to provide opportunity to sit & stand intermittently throughout people's shifts.

Not for just 1 little break during the entire day.




A gorgeous 19 year old girl messaged me today telling me she wants to get heavy into yoga & exercise,

to tone up,

however she has arthritis in her knees.

She said she has "terrible knees".

I asked her

"What's wrong with your knees exactly?"

& she told me she has arthritis.

First thing I told her,

start eating a whole-food, plant based diet, high raw, avoid inflammatory 

animal products & processed foods/breads,

table salt & table sugar.

Like, today, now lol.

Thankfully she seems receptive to the idea & excited to go to the grocery store & stock up on fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables.♡

I feel warm & cozy.

:) :) :)

So disappointing when some people just argue with me when I try to help them. :/

I told her after her knees start to feel better,

yoga & exercise will become easier,

& then she can kill it!


I healed my 10...year wrist pain & soreness simply,

with a cleaner diet, no joke,

sometimes I cannot even believe it!

No pharmaceuticals, no surgeries,

just healthy, anti-inflammatory foods,

& just pure water to drink,

none of that fountain drink/processed drink garbage everyone is addicted to.

It can be done!♡

Wish I had gone vegan at 19!!!

From birth actually, oh well better late than never!


I also told her


including wine,

alcohol is not good for joint health either.

She said no problem, she doesn't drink,

smart gyal!

I said "Good, don't start!"

I told her not drinking will also help

keep her looking young,

as she gets older. :)



It's funny when women post selfies like:

"Look, no makeup!"

With obviously false eyelashes coming out of their eyelids or mascara on... :)


I beg to differ sweet madame!

Not quite there yet suga'.









Look what appeared in my Facebook feed,


Facebook does not know me very well.


I am not a sheep-tool-sucka'.


Not voting for this nonsense, nobody should.

 Let's vote, to put a couple of people in the lap of "luxury" inside a mansion,

& dress them in multi-thousand dollar outfits,

(Is there anything on Earth more lame than the high fashion industry, like, seriously...),

be waited on hand & foot

like helpless infants,

 be "in charge"

& glorified,

while everyone else in the country

goes hungry,

& sleeps on dirt,

brilliant idear....


(I honestly become literally nauseated every time I have to look at photos of these people,

or listen to them speak.)

Not just the current administration, from the past as well.

Same scenario.

Nothing personal,

it is just extremely inappropriate.

A "president" who can live humbly...

as they should.

Then, maybe.

Actually no, I still do not like the idea of a president,

it is just stupid, straight up!

Inarguably tears the country apart also,

these dumb presidential elections,

enough already.












Avocado salad & sun!


Salad looks tiny in this big bowl, lol,

about 5 huge collard green leaves in there.

1 avocado,onion (just ripped up by hand),

& peppa'.♡

Pretty simple salad, quick/standard.

Hearty, high-fat/stick to the ribs,

& full of flavor!







Paperwork, fooey!

Been flinging receipts around all morning,

finally done, woohoo!!!

Still adjusting to self employment,

& filing taxes as such.

Deductions are my life now.

I feel all organized & cool, yaye. :)

My secretaries are on vacation LOL.





People are living in there,

like, insects.

:(  :(


when is the administration going to


"Lift every American out of poverty."?



Any day now.

That could actually easily be achieved,

with all of that b.s. moron-wall money...

Billions, being completely wasted.

Great move.


Let's just declare some colorful plans,

with no real intention of actually executing them,

& all the gullibles will believe me,

& cheer me on.

What a joke.

Saddening scenes such as this,

can be found in every US state,

in nearly every American city,

this is just 1 little street corner in Austin, Texas.


Meanwhile, in La-La Land....

This is why I hold no reverence:


I think I will start photographing

every horrifying ghetto,

located in


There are quite a few,

I have driven through some of them,

in utter disbelief,

& they will likely still remain during,

& long after, this administration.


Well, let's see how it goes... ;)

To anyone who disagrees with me, & actually believes the current, or any future president, is actually going to eradicate poverty as they claim they will.

This is why I do not vote in presidential elections.

Just simply stop voting. :)

The office of president will then have to be eliminated, & a better system established.


I will say again, the very

first step

in improving America's poverty situation is to

ban alcohol & tobacco products

in this country.

I would say at least 90%, probably more,

of the people living in these conditions,

are strung out on cigarettes & alcohol.





Good move, smh.


I cannot even count, the number of humiliating,

awful, & even frightening experiences I endured while at school, every grade, under college.

College was cool,

everyone was chill,

totally different.

I hated high school with a passion,

could not wait to graduate and get out,

I ate lunch alone my last 2 years lol.

I even ate lunch alone in the bathroom a few times

my senior year,

because I was not friends with anyone lol.

My junior year I ate lunch outside, alone.

My boyfriend at the time was a few years older,

long gone out of high school.

No way in hell I would send my children to one of those places, public or private,

I have attended both, & both were bad.


Private schools are deemed more sophisticated,


the 1st and only time I had to witness a teacher assault a student,

right in front of me,

was at a private/psychotic Lutheran school.

Other students were in the room also,

& I do not believe any of us had the courage to report that lunatic to the principal,

he was a well respected teacher for some reason,

so we were all afraid to tell on him.

We were just kids.

I am pretty sure that teacher did not suffer any consequences.

This teacher was at least 6' tall maybe more,

taller than that I think,

and big/obese,

grabbed this very-very lean, & very sweet,

male student by his shirt,

and SLAMMED him up against the wall.


Because the boy put his hand on the teacher's shoulder & said hello to him.

Afterwards the teacher said something like:

"Sorry, just don't touch me okay..."

Total psycho.

I felt so, sorry, for that poor, completely traumatized boy, don't remember his name.

He was such a gentle, friendly, nice guy too.


I attended that school my sophomore year

& then told my mother,

I do not want to go back there next year!



1 day they corralled us into the gym,

had us voluntarily walk up to a desk & write down all of our sins on a sheet of paper,

I stayed seated through the madness,

did not participate,

just sitting in my chair thinking to myself,

WŤ going on


these crazy people/staff,

taped all the sins to a big, 5' tall(or larger maybe) wooden cross,

and then literally lit the cross on fire.


I am not joking.

How was school today honey?

I had to sit in a dangerous, inflamed gym

& watch a wooden cross burn,

that's how my day was mom...


Good God.

Ahhhh, religion.

I think religion is evil LOL.

I do, I am serious.

Oh the irony.


Poor little boy,

poor decision,

but hey, everyone makes mistakes.


Of course a lawsuit is being filed lol.

Sue, sue, sue. Sueland.

Lawsuits makes life complicated for everyone.

I 100% understand the parents anger but seriously, 

a lawsuit....?

Just circulate that photo everywhere, 

raise awareness,

switch schools or start homeschooling.

I imagine those parents do have a lot of extra expenses however & could use the cash.


And to all the jealous bitç#'s,

who bullied me in school,

go hug a landmine....

♡ :)

Kidding, I forgive all you fugly witches.


Ha. Lol

Just make sure we never bump into each other again....consider this a warning...tick-tock.


Kidding, I am not ghetto.

I was much different when I was younger,

extremely shy & quite,

can you

I was frequently picked on by other girls in school & rarely stood up for myself,

which makes me angry when I think about it!

I am totally different now,

so, best watch it, høë.

LOL Kidddiiiiinnngggg♡

I admit I feel warm & cozy inside anytime I come across one of their social media profiles & see they have gained about 50+ pounds since high school,

& look like śh--.

Justice, won the day...LOL.

Sorry, bad. ;)-

Bad Tara.

The anti-Tara is difficult for me to control sometimes.


Uhg, thank God that stage of my life is over!

These poor kids having to spend 5 days a week in those places.

Children endure much mental and even physical trauma while in school!

Or worse.... :(

I will say, I did also have some teachers who were wonderful, sane people, lol,

& I truly enjoyed their classes.♡

The rest of the day not so much LOL.






I looooooooove

avocado & onion♡

Wonderful combo!

Trying to eat more carrots doc.

I pepper everything,

♡ the pepper!

The good side of life.

I just nibble on onion like it's an apple,

while I'm eating. :)-

The less chopping the better,

I do not have the patience.

What is the point,

it all gets devoured the same way lol.




One reason why I have no desire to bring any children into this dangerous, ignorant society....

War, war, war, knuckle-dragging neanderthals.

When will it end?

Probably never,


All countries,

resorting to armed/violent conflict

are at fault.

Use your brains like civilized,

intelligent human beings,

rather than just grunting incoherently

& grabbing weapons.


Troops will be

"Defensive in nature."

?, ooookay, weird description,

are they b.s.-ing everyone?

Deploying armed troops onto a region,

is an offensive act.

They are not visiting to sit down

& have a cup of tea.


 All people, in all countries,

should stop enlisting,

no soldiers, no wars.

Stop putting yourselves in danger,

especially people who have children,

while the "suits" who send people to die,

sit back & chill,

in a comfortable, safe place,

at home with their families,

just wrong....

 And if you live in a country with a terrible government that forces their citizens to fight and risk their lives, then get the h*** out of there.

 Easier said than done I know,

just sad.





Unfortunately only steamed cashews are available in stores,

I have to find some cashew trees.

The raw police are going to get me, lol.

I think they are steamed while still

inside their shell,

no direct contact.

Of course if raw was available,

I would buy raw cashews,

but that is not the case,

just get unsalted, without any added oils,

just pure/natural cashews,

& they are still not fattening,

all good.

I eat plenty of raw nuts also.

I just love that cashew flavor!

I am pretty sure I could eat cashews straight of the tree, raw, and be fine,

another silly myth, I think.

Rumor is,

if you eat raw/uncooked cashews,

you will explode into tiny pieces.


I disagree,

where's a cashew tree,

I'm going to bust that myth!


Yes, they are heated while still in their shell.

After watching this video....

I feel bad for buying cashews!

These good people, are working so hard...

supplying cashews, to my spoiled face,

that scene at the end, with

all the women in the shop,

makes me feel bad!


Maybe I am overreacting.

I guess they need to sell their cashews.

I just hope those hard working people

are well compensated,

they definitely should be.


Cacoa is not toxic to dogs,

another myth,

I feed my dogs 100% cacao chocolate all the time

& have been for years,

they have never become sick,

super healthy doggies.♡

Milk chocolate...not healthy for dogs,

or humans.

Do not believe everything you read or hear!




I am getting grey, eyebrow hairs...


Gonna be looking like Einstein pretty soon LOL.

Awesome. ;)-

I'm cool.♡

The theory of relativity...

that was my idea,

I have the eyebrows to prove it,

but I'll let him have it.




Weddings are so boring LOL.

I do not believe I will attend any more weddings as long as I live.

So, don't invite me...LOL.

Just sitting there, like,

"Der-de-derrrr, okay,

put the dang ring on her finger already,

let's wrap this up,

I'm tired of sitting in this weird church,

listening to all this nonsense,

hopefully y'alls future divorce goes smoothly."


Ohhh, well, congrats....

Um, yea, er,

I am busy that day,

I believe.


Sorry just honestly,

being real which'yall.

And hełł naw,

I ain't never getting hitched, granny.


Getting the courts all involved in my life,

for some goofy ceremony,

no gracias I am good. ;)

Although I would look stunning in a wedding dress, derp, but still not my thing, hard pass LOL.

I'ma walk down the aisle in a


much more comfy!

yeaaaa, right...

surrre you are. ;)

White is suppose to be for virgins, & none of them Jezebel brides be virgins LOL.

I think red is more appropriate.

Or black, death of freedom...LOL.






What a bimbo.


And she's a mother, how unfortunate,

someone sterilize that idiot....

The way people butcher all those

poor feral cats,

just "catch and release" her,

without ovaries,

so she cannot inflict anymore

damage onto the planet.

She definitely should not be breeding,

more of her kind,

dangerous, armed, gun-crazed people,

the last thing the world needs.

"Derrrrr, I'm carrying a gun around everywhere, totally peaceful & fine."


"I have four children, I am 5-foot-0, 100 pounds, I cannot really defend myself with a fist..."

Moron acting like she got a line of criminals outside her door waiting to break into her house.


Trigger happy lunatic.....

 Gonna be a sad day when one of her children blows their own head off,

or grabs her wittle gun &

commits mass murder,

will be her fault...

If I was in that crowd I'd smack her LOL.

I kid.♡

Not a fair fight, she's too little.

I don't need a gun... ;)

Kidding, I am not ghetto lol.

I was raised by a single, teeny-tiny,

very petite mother,

she never had a neurotic obsession to keep

guns & amo in the house,

around her children.

Good mother...



Gotta ask yourself, do you have a refrigerator,

or a morgue,

in your kitchen?

Do you eat the dead carcasses from your kitchen morgue every day?

Would you go into a hospital morgue

& eat the dead bodies...?

No difference.

Something to ponder...♡

Switch to a clean, vegan diet, where you are not eating dead bodies, like a zombie vulture,

promise you will ♡ it!

I am honestly amazed that stuff doesn't kill people instantly...

And I cannot believe I used to eat it.

It's like a nightmare I finally awoke from,

so eternally grateful!





Yummy antioxidants...♡♡♡


has separated humans from our natural diet that keeps us healthy, & unfortunately has transitioned humanity onto a processed food

& drink diet that kills us.

More so, premodern humans were already killing themselves by eating meat/eggs & dairy,

before processed foods

(other than breads, a historical processed food)

& processed drinks were introduced.

Heart disease & cancers from eating animal products have been afflicting people since ancient times.

Modern processed foods & drinks have worsened the situation.


Everyone is desperate for ways to earn money,

to function in the money-dependent society humans have created,

we all are, no fault in that,

but there are many different ways to gain income other than producing & selling unhealthy foods and drinks,

damaging people's health....

& even killing people.

Why not sell fresh, organic fruits & veggies rather than cheesecake...which gives people cancer & makes people obese?

For example....


Plant based, fattening junk foods also,

nobody needs that.

(Cue the uproar from the junk food vegan, love y'all. ♡)

"But..we need plant based junk food,

to wean people off animal based junk food."

No, we do not.

"Sorry, not giving up my Daiya!!"

Seriously...? LOL

Jesus, Daiya isn't water.

How ridiculous.

A sad woman actually said that to me once.


Actually, I do not consider unhealthy, fattening processed foods to be truly vegan.

"Vegan" is good health, & nature oriented.

Plant-based junk food is a better term.

Any food or drink that is fattening,

just needs to go, period.

Obesity isn't good for anyone,

obesity makes people physically & mentally miserable & also kills people.

Nobody should suffer or die from a totally preventable diet & lifestyle related illness, &

nobody should endure the pain of having to watch a loved one suffer, or grieve over the loss of a loved one, because of a preventable diet & lifestyle related illness.

The large majority of non-accident related health problems, are simply diet & lifestyle related!

In other words, most deaths & illnesses are caused by unhealthy foods/drinks, alcohol, & tobacco products,

totally avoidable,

it is a tragic crisis.


Enough, the time to abolish this fat & disease acceptance movement, is now...♡

Return to nature, & good health!♡



Women pile on makeup, glue on eyelashes, & have plastic surgery, etc. because they think looking "perfect" attracts men,

however the ironic thing is....

men actually prefer a more natural look,

with a few natural flaws here & there.


I am also very strongly against

extremely unhealthy

breast implants,

& definitely recommend


going through that terrible, painful surgery,

which is not a 1 time surgery to begin with,

they must be removed and replaced after a few years!

That little minor detail is not disclosed as much,

breast augmentation is marketed as a piece of cake surgery that women only have to endure once & that is it, very misleading,

nothing of the sort.

"Come on in today, for your breast augmentation!

20% off!"

Easy-breasy...not true.

Breast augmentation is extremely painful,

it is not fun.

 Pretty much every female I have ever encountered with breast implants has expressed regret.

It is awful, 18 year old girls are scheduling breast implant surgery & getting butchered, should be illegal.


Eating a whole food plant based, & not smoking tobacco products, or drinking alcohol,

will help prevent breast cancer.


 Women with breast cancer should immediately stop drinking/smoking, & switch to a healthy plant based/whole food-raw diet,

saturate the body with cancer killing antioxidants,

literally, cram veggies, fruits, & tons of raw herbs down the throat, all day every day,

drink gallons of water daily,

exercise daily, & suntan outdoors/detox,

rather than schedule a mastectomy, &

then breast implant surgery.


Showing a person the real you is one of the most genuine & sincere things you can do, & it shows people you are being honest with them,

which people appreciate.

Women should really chill....♡

You were born beautiful without all the makeup & dermatology clinic visits.♡♡♡



I have posted several times in the past lots of tips on how to prevent skin aging,

I should make an entire video,

will do.♡

Step 1:

Stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes, & switch to a whole-food/raw plant

based diet-void of table sugar & table salt,

get good sleep nightly. :)

Those 4 are the most important for preserving the skin.

Wrinkles and sagging are also reversible,

all you have to do is STOP

doing things that dehydrate & weaken the skin,

all the things I listed above,

(Animal products, table salt, table sugar, no sleep, cigarettes/alcohol/pills/lethal drugs.)

& start doing more to

hydrate & strengthen the skin.

(Sleep, WATER, high-fat/high-protein

raw plant food diet.)

The skin will begin to plump out, & tighten up,

wrinkles diminished, sagging lifted,

when it is rehydrated, & fortified. :)




The sun is one of your skin's best friends.

Sunlight will clean out & tighten pores,

tone, firm, & lift the skin,

& also nourishes the skin.

The sun does not cause skin cancer.

It is the animal products, meat/eggs/dairy infect the skin, & cause skin cancer.

I would say alcohol & tobacco products also contribute to skin cancer,

both damage immunity/the body's ability to prevent diseases.

Sunscreen is unnatural & unhealthy,

nature did not create sunscreen... ;)


Sunshine actually helps prevent skin cancer.

Sun light nourishes skin cells, detoxes the skin, heals the skin, & boosts immunity against skin cancer.

Who'da thunk?

I'm telling y'all, almost everything in society is backwards.


Because humans think animal products are necessary for good health, so all of these facts are being overlooked & unexamined.

Meat/eggs/dairy have not been under enough scrutiny or suspect,

because they are mistakenly believed to be healthy & essential.







Check out this hospital food!


I kid,

I am not in the hospital...

This is just 1 avocado,

if you need more to fill you up,

you could put 10 avocados in there, ;)

totally fine.

Sooo good!

Spicy-sweet raw carrot chips

fresh picked green onions,

black pepper,




I cut these carrot chips horribly lol.

I didn't give a fudge, I'm hungry.

They must be perfectly...uniform,

or they become inedible.

Whateverrrrr, chomp!





Lots of rain coming, & hot outside,



Are on their way!

One of my favorite hobbies,

crawling around in the woods lol,

hunting for delicious shroomies...♡♡♡

So much fun, I cannot wait to find some new varieties that I have never picked before!

I know a wonderful chanterelle spot,

excited for them to start popping up!







Karen Jones, doing great work, wasting people's time writing these bogus articles trying to slander plant based eating, spreading lies, & putting people's health at risk, by encouraging the public to continue eating meat.

Yes, all vegans in the world including myself are reading this silly article,

from our hospital beds...



Very sorry to hear that, hope this woman fully recovers, lives long & prospers...however,

she was obviously doing something unhealthy to herself, whatever it was.

I do not recommend a diet based on processed soy products, although I do not believe that is even what put her in the hospital.

A whole, raw, plain soybean, is very healthy, but not all the processed foods made from soy that include many unhealthy ingredients, & do not provide much nutrition, as no sterile processed food product does.

Only this woman knows what she was doing behind closed doors, so I never waste my time trying to figure out what is wrong with people,

who knows.


I think it is important to include a photo of

the pro-meat journalist who is

circulating this tall tale of an article:

(A healthy vegan diet will never inflame the intestines lol quite the opposite.)


Bio here.

Nothing personal, just evidence.


I have had people try & convince me that fruits make them fat, people are very confused & often want to blame health problems on healthy foods so they don't have to eat it lol.


It is also rather heartbreaking seeing a little child eating meat, or dairy, terrible. :(

Clogging those little arteries, filling their little bodies with bacteria & mucus, & forming malignant tumors.

Meat & dairy is so extremely unhealthy.

If your child is coughing frequently, nose filled with mucus all the time, over weight/obese, irritable, fevers, diarrhea/tummy aches/vomiting, bacterial infection, viral infection, etc., or even has cancer..that is all because of animal products & processed foods, typically.

All of those things, even cancer, can be -quickly- cured with a raw, plant based diet.

High fat, high protein, high sugar, high calorie,


An overall high-nutrient diet.


Bottom line, this story is unusual,

not common at all for a vegan,

fear not,

go veg!








An online critic of the new White House makeover.

Um, why don't you try to

"stay classy"...?

He is the one throwing the "w" word around,

which is not classy behavior at all.

He is mad because he cannot convince 1 single solitary "w" on Earth to accept his money,

has a grudge. LOL

Very hypocritical lol.

Your mamma....


I kid.

I do not give a hoot about super expensive decor, personally, there are far more important things in life. ;)

I actually love just a clean, empty, room, lots of space to

I don't kick anything over lol.

The room does look almost exactly like the painting however LOL I will give him that.


Moving on.





Well ain't this a


Ouch :(

Well, I am going to have a scratched up leg, in all my next few videos lol. Dernit.

I get a little clumsy when

I don't have my glasses on.

Totally tripped LOLOL,

I'm sure it looked hilarious LOL.


I am soon going to work on healing or almost healing my eyesight naturally,

with diet, eye exercises,

& not wearing my glasses as much.

Have to print out some eye exam alphabet letter boards & start testing my own eyesight every month. 

My prescription has already decreased since I changed my diet, the optometrist told me my eyesight had improved!


Yet another thing that animal products

& processed foods/drinks destroy,

is eyesight...

When I was a little girl

my mother noticed me squinting,

trying to see things,

so she took me in & we

discovered I was nearsighted,

wearing contacts & glasses ever since.

I stopped wearing contacts years ago though,

only glasses now.



everything far away, or

not right in front of my face rather,

is fuzzy.

I landed right on the tibia,

:( ouch.

Aloe time!

Great healing agent,

heals wounds in a jiffy!

I am about to eat that cantaloupe,

that will make it all better!♡





I cannot wait to eat this...♡

Okay, addio.




Cory Booker is afraid if he tells the US to go vegan he will not be elected.

I understand that, he wants to win,

& all the bacon & cheeseburger addicted,

I-don't-give-a-hoot-about-my-health-or-animals-or-logic type of Americans

will flip out.

But, it is actually in every American's best interest to eat plant based, what an awesome candidate & president that would be to put the US on a healthier track.

I guess.

Unless everyone eats a junk food, plant-based diet & nobody really loses any weight because that stuff is equally fattening.

If those processed food companies

(plant-based & animal-based both!)

would stop producing all of that unhealthy stuff, keeping people obese & sick,

that would be grrrrrreat.

Make life easier for people,

stop tempting everyone with disease

& weight gain.

Chocolate Ding-Dongs in your face everywhere you go, not a good thing!


Or, is it.... :)-


I ate sooo many Ding-Dongs before going vegan,

they were my faaaavorite,

back in the day when they were packaged individually in silver foil, & each one was like opening a wonderful present, but, they made me fat, & sick!

Not the chocolate...♡

the dairy, eggs, table sugar, flour, additives, & preservatives.


On day 1 the new "president" needs to ban animal agriculture, & a long list of unhealthy ingredients that are added to processed foods.

Major updates to the FDA are needed.

(But first, deal with these pesky Hispanic gangsters, that is top priority, definitely the biggest threat to Americans by far, LOLOLOL. Okay.)

Whatever. :/

This country can stay obese on a junk food, plant-based diet,

(Embarrassing, not a strong/positive image for America.),

but at least spare the animals.♡

And our planet,

animal agriculture is responsible for a colossal amount of

forest destruction,

air pollution,

water pollution, and last but not least,

disease in humans.

Also the reason why I absolutely dread having to drive through north Texas, not pleasant.

Meat & dairy farms are awful places.


I encourage everyone to Google animal slaughter videos & force yourself to witness what is going on behind the scenes.

Utterly unimaginable horror, & -human beings- are doing these things,

to innocent, sweet animals,

all day, every day,

without any legal consequences.


 Never be embarrassed to be vegan,

meat eaters should be embarrassed.

100% insane, unhealthy, & immoral.


Most people believe they need animal products

to be healthy, &

killing animals is just a sad necessity,

not so much just from being a deranged, blood-thirsty person who oddly enjoys killing animals.

Good news! No killing needed!

So everyone can stop!


There are people who are simply unaware, & then there are the people who are

actively protesting against healthier,

plant based eating.

Make the switch today!♡


It would be super bold, & bad-aśš if

Cory would come out like

"YO! Everyone needs to go vegan, now!"

He can always run again later after more Americans become "woke".♡

Beto is bold, caring, & awesome, & needs to go vegan.

Bernie is a sweety, Joe is a sweety.

Yang is bold & awesome, love his no-tie stance.

Pete is a sweety.

Nice, smart women in the lineup.

All the D candidates are ethical, great people.♡

But, I am not voting for a president,

I do not see the need for one,

and I feel like a total tool standing in those voter lines lol.

I have stated who I like/prefer, right here....

Hoping all goes smoothly & peacefully as possible.






Anyone else terrified of flying in planes?
I am starting to look into this!
I'm hopping a tramp -freighter-
& paddling to Europe.






"God" help us.

An "elevator" from the Earth to the moon.

Are you out of your minds,

well, ya must be.

Climate change,

growing garbage patches & landfills,

mad scientists...

Poor Mother Earth.

Meanwhile China trying to put an artificial moon in the sky, another very-very bad idea.


Leave everything alone.

I do not see a need for humans to travel to other planets.





The most nutritious kind of o.j.

straight from the orange...♡

I already ate it up lol.

And drank it.

Same as a glass of o.j.

juicy fruits are food & drink packaged together, 



Store bought fruit juices are pasteurized/heated/denatured,

& may contribute to weight gain,

especially if table sugar, any type of laboratory made sweetener, or

additives and preservatives are in there!

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing at the grocery store....

What is said on the front of the label is usually a bunch of b.s., always flip over & read the, entire, ingredients list, & see all the unhealthy/fattening things that are also going into your body!

Lies...all lies I tell you.





People stress themselves waaaay too much about



Can you imagine having to wear all this crap all the time...LOL how uncomfortable & it looks rather silly, like...why...what is the

Good thing I wasn't living during the Victorian period lol.

Cannot play or have any fun in all of that garb...just sit around all day & be a fancy/silly clothes hanger I guess, living it up lol.


Sooooo, when is the bird going to fly down,

& lay eggs in her poofy weird unnecessary hat....?


Or maybe the hat actually serves a purpose it's keeping her hair completely still,

very important lol.

Kidding, she looks great.

She looks very comfortable lol.

Beautiful woman in the photo,

 don't get me wrong!


Clothing is superficial,

the body underneath is the important thing.

I respect a healthy body far more than costly clothes.

Staying physically fit should be priority over hoarding expensive clothing, the way people are brainwashed into doing.

I use to be that way, it is really dumb lol,

good health is much more vital,

not some pieces of fabric.


"The clothes make the man."

I hiiiiiighly disagree.

I prefer a physically fit, completely naked man(lol) over a pregnant bellied man in

a useless $100,000 suit,

any day of the week,

for example.

"Useless" items are basically any item that is


Because life boils down to food...

Without food, we die.

Nourishing foods are

the most valuable thing

to humanity.

(Water & air, etc. also, obviously.)

Fruit & vegetable farmers deserve much more praise, for feeding everyone.

Farmers are generally viewed as more lowly people, which is completely backwards,

farmers deserve all the respect! ♡

They keep us alive,

fruit & vegetable farmers do great work for humanity.



Nothing personal just being honest,

bad health is far too rampant &

people care more about their clothes,

than their own bodies.



Babies are also much more comfy & happy when they are nudie, free from restrictive clothing.♡


I know, because I don't have any LOL.


The smiling baby in the photo is happy to be outside in the sunshine however, that is evident.

Of course! ♡



I am so tired of the concept of "marriage",

it is so dumb,


I think marriage is oppressive, depressing, out-dated, costly, & causes a tremendous amount of heartbreak, ruins lives, & even contributes to suicide.



Jealousy is also dumb,

caused by insecurity.

I love not being a jealous person,

as I use to be....

Just bat-crazy mad all the time,

crying, super upset &

feeling like my life is over


For what....??

Nothing really.

I do not care who does what with whom now,

have fun.

It is just love,

nothing evil,

so I do not see any problem

with "open love".

People are seriously tripping,

stressing themselves out,

and really need to chill.

There are plenty of truly horrifying things happening in the world, natural sexual attraction between people is not one of them.



Stupid concepts.


As if making love to a person or kissing someone ranks right up there with robbing a bank or murdering a person...

Religious b.s.




 Men who want to be fathers,

need to stay healthy, & strong...

Kick all the deadly & debilitating habits:





Pills, steroids, & other lethal drugs

Junk food & drink diet

"Couch potato" life



I think that makes a little sense.

Same for mommies....

Mommies should not drink wine all day,

I see that is a trend in society,

wine-addicted women,

 as if alcoholism is glamorous & attractive,

& it is unfortunate.

Alcohol & children,

not the perfect combination!


Just a thought:

A person could easily pass a Standardized Field Sobriety Test after smoking marijuana.

After drinking alcohol,

not so much!

Apples & oranges.

Completely different effects.

One is physically crippling, the other isn't.

Aaaaand alcohol is legal, & marijuana isn't?









Here we go,

homemade, 100% cotton bikinis!

My first attempt!

This will be interesting lol.

I have no seamstress experience!

Great skill to have,

I must learn!

I am going to try just precision cutting & avoid any sewing, much faster & easier,

but I may have to stitch also.

I have no idea lol just diving in!


I am going to start buying un-dyed cotton fabric and dying it myself with natural pigments.

I bought the hue that matched my skin color the best,

my skintone has more red in it,

I could dye it more exact! ;)-

Invisible bikini!




Morning banana, pretty much daily!

Meaning I eat a banana or a few bites at least with breakfast, or just for breakfast, if I am not very hungry.

Sometimes I am not feeling hungry at all,

but I force myself to eat some banana anyway,

just for the fuel/nutrients.

Otherwise I become weak & dizzy towards  the end of the day from not eating lol!

Excitement decreases hunger,

make sure your life never becomes boring lol!

Bored...junk food binging.... :(

Being physically heavy, & feeling fatigued, & sick,

not the best mood to get up & exercise!

Thankfully people can lose weight super fast & easily just through a raw-whole food plant based diet, & then later, after decreasing to a lighter weight, exercise can then be done more comfortably.


Get the whole fruits in early,

this encourages a desire to make healthier food & drink choices, for the rest of the day....

Great way to cure obesity

& other diseases as well!



Poor boyfriend, woke up to a dead rat in his bed this morning!

The cat thought he would appreciate it I guess.

She comes & goes outside from an open window.

:( :( :(

Poor little ratties,

I love rats.

Time to wash bedding today.


Why is life so freaky!?

Here one second & gone the next.

I love my sweet kitty but she is also mean predator!

With a sick sense of humor!!

It isn't funny. :( :(

It is terrible.

Imagine dying that way....






That "I have watermelon!!" feeling...♡

Yayeee! Slurrrrp.

Soooo good, & healthy.♡






I missed it just now watching off & on.

Play nice!!!♡♡♡


Do parents need childcare, or can we create a society where parents can take care of their children themselves?

I don't know, I do not have children just a thought.



I believe the office of president can be retired now.

It is just a nightmare, every election,

we can do without it.

Extremely stressful!

Especially for the candidates!


Health care can be much more easily managed if people eat healthy, stop smoking tobacco products, stop drinking alcohol, stop consuming all the OTC products, & toxic topical products, exercise, & live a healthier lifestyle overall.

End unnecessary usage of pharmaceuticals.

"How are people going to get their pills and treatments??!!!",

would not be such a crisis.

Far less people would be on pills &

treatments in the first place. :)

Pills & unhealthy treatments do not actually cure disease anyhow.


It is truly an incredibly wasteful situation,

spending billions..trillions...

producing & selling pills,

that do not even cure disease,

they actually worsen people's health in the long run.

Making & taking pills for nothing,

wasting money manufacturing pills

& wasting money buying pills,

they are useless overall.

Particularly pills used to treat diet &

lifestyle related illnesses.

I do think pain relief drugs can be helpful for people who were physically injured in an accident

& are in pain, for example.

Taking pain pills to relieve aches and pains simply caused by an inflammatory, unhealthy diet & lifestyle is more nonsensical!


Climate change....

I am sorry to say,

this planet is screwed.

The colossal amount of non-biodegradable pollution humans/companies are creating,


is not ceasing, or even decreasing,

& I don't see it ever ceasing or decreasing.



This is another reason why I have no urge to bring children into this world,

because water/air, etc. is being destroyed very rapidly.

Just enjoy your days while you are here.






Mum's papaya tree I've been growing organically from seed, beginning to bloom...♡♡♡


Flowers smell fabulous!!

Strong, tropical scent.

It is growing in the ground just outside her patio, from a stray seed I threw in a pot that got away!

It has survived at least 2 Texas winters,

without any cover,

maybe 3 or more years,

I do not recall.

Strong gyal! ♡



Milky, sticky liquid can be used as a topical or edible adhesive, very utilitarian & yummy plant,




☆Texas☆ organic papayas ♡♡♡.

My organic papaya farm in Texas coming soon lol!!


Free organic papayas for all!

Donations excepted! LOL



Turn the frightful beef & dairy land in Texas (I have driven through it, cholesterol factories-heartbreaking scenes & a not so pleasant smell, a negative image for Texas.) into beautiful, fragrant, wonderful papaya orchids...yes?

Yes ♡

Give Texas a more tropical vibe,

we are right on the ocean!





A major question:

What line of work can dairy farmers/beef farmers, etc. transition to.....?

Everyone has to make a living.

So, let's think about that.

However ultimately any adult should be able to control their own career themselves without anyone's help,

a person can find a new job anytime they are determined to! :) ♡








Why would I want to bring a child into this world,

just so it can get shot with bullets...?

I'm already on pins & needles hoping I get through the day without catching a bullet myself.

No way I am ever bringing children into this horrible, gun crazed society,

that would be nuts.

 I wish people weren't so crazy,

it's a huge bummer.

Guns are evil & people who looooooooooooove guns (weird) are simply a menace to society,

enough already.

 I'm really considering getting out of America, I feel like I'm living in a giant mental ward,

mental patients with loaded guns running around free everywhere, great.

Screaming about "illegal aliens "!!!

Oh, shut....up already, please.

I prefer peaceful, un-armed Hispanics in this country over a bunch of wacko, trigger-happy Americans,

any day.


Plus, I am too old to get pregnant now. :)-


Ha haaa, now I have a good excuse,



 Kidding, I haven't hit menopause yet, unfortunately,

I cannot wait, bring it!!!


 Nothing personal against anyone, I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, I am just exhausted, of all this unnecessary danger.

 There are already countless ways to kill each other, why make killing fast, convenient, and easy?

 All that does is increase the number of deaths.

And suicides.

 Because of war, I know, most inventions in society were spawned by wars, like guns.

War is evil.

We do not need guns on our planet...♡

 Women, need to stop acting like a

bunch of "gold-diggers",

who only care about wearing

$10 thousand dollar shoes on their feet,

start acting right,

& then maybe...

men, will stop fighting, for money

(to attract shallow women) & power.



:) ♡

My 2 cents.









Every, day!

So healthy and delicious!






People think my customers are just a

bunch of out-of-shape

Not...really, :)-

have a look at this customer lol....♡


And, I think I am talking him into going plant based,

so it will get even better y'all!

(His face is also gorgeous & personality is adorable!)


Here is another one of my customers...♡

(Who buy my videos, thank you!)

I verify their identities lol,

they are real.



I love my job!!!


Thank you to everyone.♡






How funny LOL.

I suppose I must read this.

Everything in here better be GOOD!