August 2023
My big awesome
Poor girl afraid of the thunderstorm she is following me around everywhere
I don't know why she never gets used to it year after year.
Easy quick cardio.
Balance & flexibility are good!
Dog & me.
Sunshine on the skin is the best!
April 2020
We visited a new park today &
I got clippings from some pretty plants.
Woohoooooo! Lol
My favorite things.
New workout video
(Do it yourself.)
Black makeup!
Ground plant ashes, easy.
Not touching my eyes is so difficult!
I do better with lipstick and blush. :)-
Suntanning shenanigans.
I think I’ve got the
elbow Brutus thing.
It huuuurrrrtttsss!
I must have hit my elbow on something.
Probably when I was moving furniture around this morning
I did not even notice any pain then later my elbow
gradually began freaking out more & more
now I cannot eve bend or straighten it without pain.
Booooo this is not fun it’s so sore, go away.
Soaking in hot water feels better.
No unhealthy pharma drugs for moi!
The Gulf!
Video coming soon!
100% pure
watermelon juice
lip gloss, yum!
The great outdoors!
Happy place.
Easy & relaxing but strong ab workout,
standing up!
No need to lay down here,
this can be done almost
anytime & anywhere!

Testing handstand endurance.
Easy glut firming exercise to do daily!
Fast & easy exercise you can do in a chair to tighten up the waistline!
15 Minute
Hips, Thighs, & Gluts
If you are wanting to smooth & firm the lower body
Sunny days woohoo!
Banana, strawberry, peanut butter, cacao.
Some spinning to unwind,
a great way to relieve tension and stress mentally and physically is to
stop & dance!
This takes your attention completely away from anything you are worrying about & helps to refresh the
brain & body.
I love doing
(or trying to do LOL)
these ballet turns they take a lot of focus & are fun!
watch out y'all.
Crazy commercials persuading people to do harmful things to themselves.
Doctors, surgeons, etc.,
many of them do great things,
if I break my leg or something I would probably get myself to a hospital,
try to refuse pain pills & pain injections the best I could,
& clearly tell them I do not want any antibiotics or IV,
hospitals are scary all the unhealthy pharmaceuticals they want to pump into your body,
my bones are strong and unbreakable though.
But anyhoo folks just keep in mind that "medical" workers
are also
 This woman was basically trying to get people to believe that they will
be able to lose weight,
eat nothing but iceberg lettuce and still mysteriously be overweight,
until they book an appointment
with her to get
"body fat."
Wow madam.
Smoooooth choice of words,
very conceivable
clap clap.
Million dollar idea,
struck gold with that one.
I don't know how she sleeps at night conning, & butchering,
people but whatever hopefully she will start a new practice doing something healthier than liposuction.
 Maybe she actually & truly believes in her words,
which is even more strange
that a doctor could be so completely wrong but that happens more than people realize.
She is very incorrect & spreading false & even harmful ideas to people.
To clarify & correct her misinformation,
there is no such thing as
"diet resistant" body fat.
 I strongly discourage liposuction, extremely unhealthy and dangerous.
Proper diet is actually the only thing people need to lose weight,
exercise is not even necessary to shed excess pounds &
healthy diet always works.
Safe & delicious results!
Go eat some fruits & a huge avocado salad & lots of nuts, drink large amounts of water from morning to night &
watch the pounds disappear overnight
safely & painlessly &
without spending a fortune. ;)
Kitty therapy!
Get the heart pumping hard.
Gardening in pots is easy lots of plants will grow in pots,
the more you practice the more you know of course.
 Some types of plants will definitely grow in pots without holes,
but for whatever reasons these peanuts seem to prefer pots with holes.
Peanuts! ♡
Just kidding lol.
42 year old
bunz a' bronzin'!
Getting warmer outside to play!
Still 50/60's which is too cold
but not too brutal to go outside,
I built another larger exercise platform next to this young pecan tree. :)-
Tree vibes!♡
Longing for
warm cozy 70°
mornings to come soon!
Straight into a bikini
LOLOL yassss.
Testing out this exercise platform I put together.♡
It's nice to be off the ground away from the buggies.
Tan & tone
at the same time,
Sunscreen/chemical-free & healthy.♡
A low sodium,
whole food plant-based diet
naturally protects against skin cancer.
Workout outdoors
under the healing & nurturing sunshine!
Unhealthy state-wide
Unhealthy people
with a guilty conscious
& no plans to
transition to a
healthier lifestyle:
•lose weight
•quit cigarettes/cigars
•quit alcohol
•eat healthier
•quit other lethal drugs
prefer to believe
masks and shots
are the answer.
COVID blame & shame
removes attention
people's own:
obesity/unhealthy diet
cigarette/cigar smoking
& other
deadly drug use.
All the above
are causes of
underlying diseases.
Masks and shots do not prevent
underlying diseases
which are the actual threats.
Live a healthy plant-based lifestyle and natural immunity will protect us
nature's way is the only way.
This is normally not allowed
now she is going to think she can sleep here every night lol.
She wakes me up all night!
My little horse.
Hello again all.♡
Avocado salad time!
Simple and delicious
& most importantly
high-fat raw vegan
Black pepper 
Cumin seeds
High-fat plant foods
such as:
are high in healthy fats
however, they are
& they do...not
cause fatigue,
or diabetes
& they do...not
need to be eaten in moderation.
Myths, myths, myths.
If you hear or read any of that anywhere,
it is incorrect lol.
Low-fat/low-calorie diets
are unhealthy
& restrictive/no fun.
Don't do that to yourselves y'all.
People should actually be consuming
large amounts of healthy fats
High fat plant foods also
diabetes, heart disease, everything actually &
greatly help with weight loss.
There is a great deal of misinformation regarding avocados, nuts, etc. 
All are very healthy.
This is one of my favorite go-to dishes,
I never get tired of eating this!
SUPER fat-burning meal also,
if you are on a weight loss mission,
eat lettuce every day,
at every meal if you can.
The more lettuce you eat the more excess weight you will burn it's like magic!
(I know there is a play-back issue with these videos & it's very annoying I will look into that this week sorry y'all ugh!)
Dark, dark, darker,
not dark enough.
Tan obsessed.
Hiding from cold temperatures underneath a bunch of clothes
my thighs are pale
whole body is pale!
& me no likey.
Cassia is my new favorite thing.
Cassia is a delicious and nutritious spice,
cassia will cure & prevent illness.
Very strong flavor & fragrance,
all the same genus "cinnamomum"
 a relative of cylon cinnamon,
it's so tasty & good!
Hallelujah water is back dream come true very grateful
thank you
Austin Water.
I called Austin Water earlier today to file a report which I should have done days ago,
& just 3 hours later the plumbing starting humming!
I am in disbelief!
Running hot water at my fingertips!
Conserve is the
don't you know
everybody knows that
conserve is the word
Getting ready to take a bath.
You have to just laugh,
so you don't kill yourself.
This water is good & steaming hot
I boiled it on the gas/electric stove super grateful for power I just wish there was more water lol.
It may be 1 more day & night again without any running water.
Maybe 2!!
Almost all of the snow & ice is gone around the house
what is left to collect has lots of debris in it
but at least the house is still standing,
very grateful for that,
some folks houses & shelters collapsed
& they had to deal with that
what a nightmare.
Our house flooded when I was a kid.
I carried the screaming clawing cats in a laundry basket & walked from the house in hip-high icky water all the way down to the street to get out
not fun!
I still have some snow water that I collected left to drink & use &
the dogs have plenty of water also.
No more blowing through clean water like it grows on trees & is easily replenished,
it isn't in this case,
trying times!
It has been freezing always bundled up in clothes
& I haven't been outside in the sun
so my skin is dry & pale,
At least it is warmer now for everyone & the animals & the plants.
The awful cold is going away!♡
Hallelujah warmer temperatures,
I couldn't believe it when I walked outside later today & didn't feel chilled to the bone.
Bittersweet because we are still without running water, not a drop,
which is rough.
I have been collecting & drinking & cleaning with snow water but the snow is almost all evaporated now but the
plumbing is still out,
it might be 
time to find a nearby creek
to collect water it's getting real down here in Texas.
It's almost funny how dumbfounded we are without our
precious plumbing!
what do we do.
Thumbs twiddling lol.
This will pass.♡
Trying to bathe in 2 inches of water, good times!
6 trips up the stairs carrying a big heavy pot of steaming hot snow water to pour into the bathtub
so I can feel somewhat clean.
 After all that work I only get 2" of water to bathe in.
Oh my gosh.
It is amazing how much we take plumbing for granted.
Doggies need a bath too.
Clothes need washing.
Hopefully getting running water again within the next 48 hours & praying they do not have to switch it off again for more repairs.
I'll live, we'll live,
but this is tough stuff y'all!
We are used to that pampered life.
Another cold day in hell.
A store full of people &
I am quite literally the only
thin person
in here.
Everyone else is shaped like a potato,
every single one.
It isn't "Earth" anymore.
It's "Girth".
Of course all the bread is completely gone, fat folks gotta have their bread.
More nuts left for me then!
Fruit juice.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
What just happened.
Village life!
 I might be wrong but I want to believe everyone has good intentions here and companies are trying the best they can to get all utilities functioning.
 I know it's a possibility but I am hoping that nobody intentionally caused any of this.
 I have been complaining too much, about being hungry lol
and not having water.
 I do not have any urge to bark at utility companies,
I want to believe they are doing the best they can and I sincerely appreciate what they do,
bringing potable water & heat/cooling & power to people.
Muchas gracias.♡
 Nobody should be thirsty,
there is water everywhere right now.
Plenty of healthy fresh water
to drink,
sponge bathe with,
wash & clean with,
Who knows when the plumbing will be restored.
Yikes, it's going DOWN up in here!
I usually drink city water from the faucet or fast flowing creek water. 
I stopped buying plastic bottled water a while ago.
 Natural snow water is much healthier to consume & use than water bottled in plastic.
So I'm going to be collecting snow water all day & night,
I searched landlord's kitchen for any container I could use.
We are super fortunate to at least have electricity/heat.
 The power has been going on and off today actually but it's pretty much stayed on most of the day
& thankfully throughout this entire ordeal.
We at least had power
despite being hungry living off bags of beans & rice
no sweet fruits oh the horror
& not having any water coming out of the faucets no easy showers or baths.
I feel guilty for having power & warmth while others are shivering.
Finally got some food today!
No more going to bed hungry.
Being hungry or freezing?
Which is worse?
Neither are fun!
A hot bath or shower or washing big loads of laundry may not be feasible but nobody should be going thirsty
go outside and get some snow water.
Hard to believe 70+ degree weather is just a few days away,
I cannot wait!!
Suntanning again!
Yassss, melt away,
Rough few days for everyone.
Everyone needs a shower lol.
Let's all take a big Texas-sized community shower together & celebrate!
Food is good.
I like food.
Now I'm eager for the plumbing to start working again so I can take a hot bath.
Practically camping out
no plumbing/running water.
I actually prefer going to the restroom outdoors
better for the environment,
that is only if people eat
& more fun.
 Going to the restroom outdoors is actually a very peaceful & spiritual experience
I recommend it!
The natural way.
Warmer temperatures finally here hallelujah.
Sunny heart warming morning.
The snow will melt soon hang on y'all.
Ahhh I sponged off with a hot wet towel & brushed my teeth & rinsed my face.
I feel clean & refreshed enough to fall asleep,
I cannot fall asleep when I feel icky.
So eager for a warmer day tomorrow & hopefully less ice on the roads to go out & get some food,
so sugar-deprived & hungry right now!
The little
things we take for granted.
Like eating & being clean & having hot water anytime or even just clean cold water,
& warmth and shelter.
I will be so happy to see a snow-free world again.
Be gone monster!
I feel so disgusting I'm dying for a hot bath.
Dying for some fruits. 
Wish I was never born,
life is torturous!
Okay I'm done,
back to reality.
Praying tomorrow will be better pleeeeeeeeaseee have mercy on us all
stupid universe.
Get this f----ing snow & ice out of here.
I officially hate snow it is evil.
The white devil.
I usually always take a bath before bed it helps me sleep.
Have to sponge the best I can
yaye, uhg.
I knowwww it could be worse & I need to stop complaining.
But it still suuuuuucks.
Why is life so brutal.
Give us a break!!!
Hopefully not!
I am hungry & need a bath,
feeling great.
Hmmm I wonder how tree bark tastes?
Too afraid to drive to a store in this weather,
ice roads of doom
& nothing close enough to walk to,
supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow!
Hopefully by tomorrow I can get some fruit & not die after all
& plumbing will be on.
Find something productive to focus on while this storm passes.✓
Difficult to believe folks lived without these things in the past
friggin warriors!
Hardly any food or water
but the electricity remains,
so I can stay warm &
record & post my slow death.✓
If you like horror films
stay tuned.
Nothing but
apple cider vinegar & water
on my hair lately.
No big deal getting apple cider vinegar in my mouth & bloodstream
while bathing 
unlike toxic shampoos and conditioners, blahhkk!!
Poisoning me!
Much better.
If it isn't edible,
it isn't healthy to use.
Weird world!
I scrapped up the remaining bits of leftover fruits & made a smoothie. 
Cantaloupe, kiwi, coconut, anise.
& icicles?!
This one is huge!
Another freezing morning I am tired of this brutal cold weather!
Go away,
never return here!
On the bright side it is a sunny day!
Sunny but painfully cold uhhhggg
frozen fingers
and face and toes.
I hate that!
I like being warm & cozy
no frozen body parts.
My teeth are stained with coffee lol sorry y'all.
Coffee is my morning friend especially on cold days!
Hellllllp meeeee
I need to collect some snow today
before it melts I want to drink it.
Still snowed in
I laid down for a nap & then slept the entire afternoon away because I stayed up so late last night.
I should have photographed the sunset it was bright and colorful and beautiful.
I woke up just in time to see it.
Trimmed my hair,
Praying this weather event passes smoothly.☆
Rare occasion aqui en Texas.
Snow is pretty but painful.
I worry about the freezing creatures suffering in the cold.
I feel guilty warm and comfy.
On the bright side
snow is exciting for a hot Texan!
Spoiled rotten I am.
Bananie, cacao, & anise smoochie in a hot bath I am not worthy.
Seriously doh'
everyone should practice the
art of relaxation.
 Stress is always coming
Getting that physical & mental stress
is critical,
find ways to relax & pamper yourself.
As much as possible daily.
Tara finally got some food.
Everyone can now emerge from
their bunkers,
my bad mood is over,
it is safe to come out now.
Sorry y'all.
We made it back without crashing into anything
or slipping on ice & breaking our tail bones,
grateful & relieved.
I know I look awful right now this cold weather makes me look
Standing in the looooong line
this nice woman around my age
asked me if I could watch her bags
"I'm trying to find frozen meat balls."
She says to me.
"Oh, I have no idea,
I'm vegan."
I say to her lol.
Asking the
wrong person honey!
She sadly returned from the
store's morgue
with her meatballs.
I cannot believe I used to eat it too!
I stayed silent though,
already told her I was vegan just leave it at that.
We continued to chat while
waiting in line,
she was very cool,
 I tried to be as friendly as I could,
I didn't want to come across as a rude & judgmental vegan,
which I totally am.
LOLOL kidding. 
Hoping I lit the vegan match & ignited her interest in veganism perhaps!
I wish food wasn't necessary to live having to eat is annoying!
Mmmmmmm though.
Ooookaaay fiiiine,
I will say it,
See I am not a total scrooge all the time.
I feel like a complete tool
but I
said it
Everyone happy??
The only reason I wear a bandana or scarf over my face
mostly just over my mouth
inside public buildings
is because I am not trying to get any staff members in trouble.
Strong natural immunity cancels a necessity to obstruct airways in general.
The actual reason people are suffering and dying is
because of what people are consuming into their bodies
with diet & other products.
"Underlying diseases" have been stated as the most critical concern.
These "underlying diseases"
are caused by:
1. Animal based foods
2. Alcohol/wine/liquor
3. Cigarettes/cigars/nicotine products
4. Artificial/synthetic drugs
People can:
•eat lots of raw plant foods
•drink lots of fresh water
•stay active
•avoid animal foods/products
•avoid alcohol/wine/liquor
•avoid cigarettes/cigars/nicotine products
•avoid artificial/synthetic drugs
•avoid excess bodyweight
•spend time outside often
to avoid falling ill.
Prevention & cures.
Covering airways traps pollution inside the body which is extremely unhealthy.
Especially during intense physical activity, hot weather, etc.
which increases the heart rate & breathing
producing & trapping even greater levels of harmful material & chemicals inside the body.
Consuming unsanitary & toxic products such as the ones listed significantly further increases levels of  pollution produced and then trapped inside the body
causing illnesses.
I hope a
natural/mask-free &
returns soon.
Literally could not pay me 1 trillion dollars to live up north
in the cold
& live like this all the time,
this weather is so miserable!
Even Texas is too cold during winter.
It is awful when you do not even want to go outside,
for me at least.
I am about to chew my own arm off I am so hungry didn't plan well for this horrible weather.
Mad at nature right now lol.
Although it's probably humans that cause this extreme weather.
I'll bet once upon a time the world was perfect
until we came along.
Because why would nature do this to us.
I didn't plan well for this crap should have stocked up on food, I'm a clueless Texan lol not used to this nonsense.
I don't know how snowbirds up north do it those folks are seriously not human.
I am chewing on a piece of ginger btw
not gum lol,
I don't chew gum.
I am so hungry wish there was a store right across the street I could walk to I am afraid to drive on ice.
Dang I need to move to the Bahamas screw this!!
So jealous of these people right now,
I hate you all.
I am driving down to the Keys again & never f-ing coming back.
I ♡ Texas,
f#@! Texas.
Kidding. No, I'm not kidding.
Totally serious,
I'm outta here!
 Why are food and drink companies so careless & stupid?
 I guess I'm the stupid one
for buying their stupid unhealthy products
 But yeah I always remove the contents from tea bags even though there's probably still traces of chemicals in the herbs.
 I do not know what dioxin or epichlorohydrin is but neither sound healthy.
 Even "organic" floofy-doofy pricey tea
 which is supposed to
be healthier lol
like what I had in my hand,
is packaged in bleached bags.
so organic after all?
 Some tea bags even are made of plastic,
can y'all believe that sh%#.
I don't think I'm gonna buy tea bags anymore.
Problem solved.
Moving on.
The news is saying massive pile up crash on the highway in Fort Worth
does not look like 100 cars to me in the videos but I don't know.
It was a lot of cars & some 18 wheelers.
The footage is horrible.
I wish I was there to help look for & rescue victims I would be climbing into those cars no problem.
But they probably wouldn't even allow me to do that I suppose.
"Ma'am, ma'am,
you need to get out of here,
you are not allowed here."
I want to help!!!
Tragic, heart broken for these people & their families & friends.
So important to drive
slowly and safely,
never tailgate vehicles in front of you stay far behind.
Especially in dangerous weather.
 I do not know if speeding & tailgating was a factor I'm just saying.
I hope the survivors all recover well & quickly.
Too much pain.
It is tough to watch what is happening truly is.
How to get through to people?
I am just so grateful for my brain right now more than ever.
I wish fresh air & clean blood for everyone.
Say no to the masks and needles.
Gray hair
don't care.
No hair dye for moi.
I'm doin' it
rock & roll.
The real me y'all!
Graying gracefully lol.
Is it
"grey" or "gray"?
I don't know,
who cares lol.
Somewhere in between black and white is what I'm trying to say lol.
I have a BFA in illustration,
I should know these things I suppose!
I totally abandoned my art since college which is a shame because I'm a freaking fabulous artist I will start posting art soon.
All my interest has been in food and diet and nutrition and fitness & all that stuff lately.
Which is good but I need to combine the two!
Art supplies are soooo toxic that is one major reason why I'm not really into art that much anymore but I just need to find natural eco-friendly art supplies.
Nice quick 10 minute run
ME time.
With Harley-boo.
I am not a sad
living in a paranoid delusion
& harassing innocent people everywhere,
having a deranged urge to see everyone suffocating including children
making life miserable for others.
Thank heavens!
I am doing okay in life,
I am not a Covidiot,
I am a good person.
✓ :)
That insane woman should be more worried about the 30 pounds of excess weight around her waist than my exposed nose,
but that is exactly the reason why
Cheese sausage eating
Alcohol drinking
Cigarette/cigar smoking
Pill popping
love this
because they do not have to focus on their own self-inflicted health issues
they get to point fingers instead.
All alleged "coronavirus"
symptoms & deaths
are originally due to:
1. Animal products
2. Ultra processed foods/drinks
3. Alcohol
4. Tobacco/nicotine products
5. Pharmaceuticals.
6. Obesity
Avoiding all of those things will prevent the suffering and death
which is being blamed on a fictional virus character,
the root cause of suffering & death
aka "underlying disease"
is not being addressed
& so suffering and death continues.
Why is the root cause of suffering and death being ignored?
Because then people would
have to:
1. Stop eating animal products.
2. Stop drinking alcohol.
3. Stop smoking cigarettes/cigars.
4. Stop taking pills and shots.
5. Eat more whole foods and less processed foods and drinks.
6. Maintain a healthy lean body & keep excess pounds off.
People do not want to do these things,
severe addiction,
& prefer to divert from methods relating to healthier diet and habits.
Masks and pills and shots are the
easy & delusional
The face masks and social distancing & pharmaceuticals
do not keep anyone from becoming sick.
These orders are quite obviously about compliance rather than actual public health,
as deadly killer industries such as
Big Tobacco & alcoholic beverage companies are protected and allowed to poison & kill people all day every day.
It is a person's own responsibility to keep themselves from becoming sick not anyone else's.
After this appalling woman told me I am going to kill people,
 I lost my temper and told the woman the truth,
that she is an idiot.
She said "I am not an idiot."
I said
"Yes you are,
you're a sad idiot."
Sorry to say.
 I am wondering if this crazy simpleton woman
honestly believes
that I have deadly stuff in my nose breathing on everyone like some
killer dragon?
 are these insane mask people just simply wanting to see everyone
"She's not following the rules!
Get her!"
 I guess I really cannot get mad at ignorant people,
are ignorant folks kind of like little kids?
You shouldn't get mad at them?
Because they don't know any better?
I need more patience & a more tolerating attitude with these people?
These are adults though.
My favorite thing!
Another glorious
alcohol, cigarette, pill, &
needle-free day.♡
Feels great!
A happy mask-free friendly face of peace from me to you.
Very sleepy!
:)- About to go bye-bye.
Morning arm toning with handstands and pushups.
Keep those arms
Grrrrrrr ♡
Momma kitty is happy
so I am happy.
Her happiness makes me happyyyyyyy.
Here's a happy
face for ya.
I hope it's contagious
I hope you are now
riddled with long-term
happiness & are
breathing properly♡
the way
Who is wearing a facemask in the bible?
Bible experts where you at lol?
 Jesus would be disturbed
seeing everyone
especially little children
wearing a tight
face mask &
suffocating themselves
& pricking eachother with needles.
 Jesus loves us and he wants us breathing well
& living pain-free.♡
Jesus worshipers, isn't that right?
God I hate cold weather.
With a passion!
Y'all northern snowbirds in cold all the time are not human lol
yer' aliens
from the outer planets.
I may be wrong about that.
Snowbirds be like
"50 degrees today!
Hot bikini weather!"
Umm, no.
50 degrees is hell,
you need to move south lol.
Texas sucks too during winter though!
Brrrrrrrrr I hate it
Doggy-sitting mother's poodle uhg,
what a chore,
I cannot leave her in a room alone she starts whining,
she's a total pain :)-
makes me so grateful that I do not have any children lololol.
Not the life for me!
I don't need any kids this dog is enough.
 I decided to just grab a bed sheet & strap her spoiled little butt to my body I cannot be carrying her around 24/7!
She actually enjoying herself in there.
Hope for the best.♡
Sweet dreams!☆
Onion & avocado are
lovers forever.
Whew this onion is STRONG!
I can breathe now lol!
Onion for breathing problems y'all
natural plant medicine is the only cure.♡
Onion is also quite fragrant just breathing it into the body is nourishing also,
sometimes eating or drinking is temporarily not possible
nature has that covered,
aromatherapy is very healing.
Me & Missy girl.
We'z all clean now!
Fragrant yummy orange peel bath
Hits the spot y'all.
Bathwater is easy to make use any fruit & let soak at least several hours in a large container filled with water
cover with a lid to keep little fruit flies from drowning & buggy-ing up the water.
Pour all the fruit water into bathtub when ready
heal, smell, & relax!
Soooo refreshing.
I rinse my hair in it also
& afterwards I leave the orange water in the bathtub a while to clean the bathtub
all-in-one cleanser!
The fruit can be reused a few times then eventually replaced with fresh fruit.
This batch has been soaking
for weeks!
It is super strong
my skin & hair feels awwwwwesome even has my heart beating faster
INtense lololol.
Vanilla bean candy mmmmmm.
Love chewing on this!
Fun hike today✓
God spoke to me.
She said
"It is time,
for you to get a
nose ring."
Decorate my big nose lol?
Of course!
It will be just a clip-on
no piercing, ouch!
God is so wise,
that crazy gyal.
Yea thanks for the big nose God,
very funny.
She said she knows how much I love smelling flowers so she thought she was doing me a favor.
"Cedar fever".
It's awful, whatever it is.
Supposedly it is caused by pollen.
Terribly itchy & watery eyes,
nose runs like a faucet,
sneezing repeatedly,
I have been sick from it before.
Like most environmental threats
a person's symptoms & 
of symptoms
depends upon how well rested and nourished the body is.
I find when I get adequate sleep,
eat/drink healthy,
take lots of baths,
breathe fresh air,
& stay well hydrated,
I am not affected.
It is a perfect example of how the alleged "coronavirus" works.
It all depends upon
the individual,
keeping their own body in good shape
to prevent sickness.
Personal responsibility.
Okay so if you are suffering from cedar fever symptoms:
1. Open the windows & breathe fresh air into your body.
2. Sleep/shut your eyes & rest.
3. Drink lots of water
4. Eat strong herbs such as ginger & hot peppers
5. Rest, rest, rest.
6. Avoid consuming sodas & junk foods.
7. REST!
8. Warm drinks such as tea & coffee help clear nasal congestion.
Be sure drinks are dairy-free
dairy causes nasal congestion,
never add cow milk or whipped cream or anything made from animal milk.
Drink only pure coffee and tea no artificial ingredients added.
9. Dust & clean living quarters regularly without using toxic cleansers hot water and lemon juice is all people need to clean.
10. Rest, get plenty of sleep.
I find simply laying down and shutting my eyes to be amazingly effective.
Breathing fresh outdoor air is also very important.
People think closing up the room and shutting out the pollen is the way to go but that's actually counterproductive a stuffy room & ac air will cause more sickness.
Again it is the condition in which the body is in,
not so much the pollen.
If your body is tired/stressed and malnourished & dehydrated,
the pollen
or whatever it is
will get you.
Environmental germs work the same way,
such germs will not harm people if their bodies are in good shape and natural immunity is kept strong.
Personal responsibility,
it is up to the individual to keep themselves healthy to avoid sickness.
Expecting other people to wear a suffocating facemask to keep you healthy is not only
completely nonsensical
it is also
cruel & immoral.
Last but certainly not least do not
smoke chemically treated cigarettes/cigars,
do not drink poison/alcohol,
do not take any unhealthy
OTC or prescription drugs stick with healthy natural remedies.
People should also
pills, powders, and shots,
"vitamins" and "supplements"
& "vaccines"
are bogus,
this is the truth.
Lying to people does not help anyone.
 I'm just honestly dumbfounded at how many wimpy scared men I see walking around with facemasks on,
in places where masks are not even mandated,
 like their own residence,
they obviously want to have the thing on their face.
Come on guys toughen up.
 Stop suffocating yourselves
por favor.
 I know I must refrain from getting angry and upset & just have more patience with people who are misinformed.
 I am trying!
 I just saw yet another young man walk by out of his apartment all alone nobody with him &
he had a mask on
it's just unreal.
They are either honestly afraid that they're going to die from this thing, or it is simply just for show.
"Look what a good person I am,
I have a mask on..."
Or lastly they are simply Democrats  displaying their opposition to the current mask-less president
by suffocating themselves.
"Oh, the president doesn't like to wear a mask,
so I'm going to wear a mask!"
 I know people think wearing a facemask is kind of like going to church,
trying to display that they are a good person.
 It is sad people have been suckered into believing that suffocating themselves indicates they are a decent human being.
Not necessary y'all.
 Honestly wearing a face mask just makes people look quite ignorant.
 Because wearing a face mask is very unhealthy.
 I wish people would stop it,
it is sad seeing all these people willfully harming themselves & their kids.
 Wearing a facemask traps germs inside your body is very counterproductive.
 Especially for people who eat a
germ-filled diet of animal products.
I trimmed my hair,
do I look perrrty???
Do I look presentable for a change?
Do y'all like me now??!!!
Pleeeease like meeee!!!!
I kidz. ♡♡♡
 I am not into hair salons,
some stranger messing with my hair
& having to make small talk,
awkward for me lolol.
 That's just me everyone is different.
Some people probably love going to a hair salon and that's cool.
Also nowadays
thanks to these horrible, awful politicians & government officials & business owners,
& people supporting tyranny,
you are required to suffocate yourself if you want to go get your hair "did"
 & I ain't gunna' do that.
How is 2021 treating everyone so far?
Glad to hear it!
I got hardly any sleep last night
3 maybe 4 hours
nap time,
make rest & sleep a priority very important!
Well a little short nap ended up lasting 6 hours lol I totally
zonked OUT!
My mother didn't notice I was asleep on the couch
& she texted me asking
"Where are you? Hellooo?"
I texted back like
"Ummmm, on the couch
not very far away."
I'm going right back to sleep though lol I have a great deal of sleep to catch up on.
Hail here in Tejas
we don't get much hail
'round these here parts.
I was sitting here the whole time I thought it was just raining I looked up and there is hail on the windshield I'm like "Oh it's hailing!"
The ice goddess.
Who is the mythological ice goddess lol?
Surely there is a name I have to Google.
I have important questions!!
I hate to think about all the drunk driving that will be happening this evening in this wet weather,
I will not be going anywhere tonight
& no poison-drinking for me,
 staying indoors safe and sound &
no hangover!
It is sad but statistically some people will probably lose their lives to alcohol tonight.
More so than usual that is,
every day alcohol takes lives in some way.
Alcohol is the devil's drink.
Be careful out there y'all.
2020 out!
~Thank you for not using
frightening, disturbing,
dangerous, &
toxic fireworks.~
Cold & wet weather
Grateful for this hot bath,
healing water.
Simply taking a bath or shower helps the body cure & prevent illness
very relaxing, detoxing, & medicinal,
great for the mind and body.
Sun gazing I love it!
Staring directly into the sun until my eyes tell me to look away then repeat.
VERY stress reducing!
Great eye therapy & relieves pressure in the temples it feels so great.
Stare the sky right in it’s
Watch it shimmer.
A gorgeous almighty orb.
Old chubby photos of myself,
no Photoshop my hips & thighs really were that big.
I think I was pretty much chubby throughout all my teen years into my twenties also.
I was always self-conscious about it and didn't like myself because of it.
41 now & feeling much better
& more confident,
I was always so uncomfortable in my skin when I was overweight.
It was a terrible feeling I always dreamed of having a thigh gap lol.
I would look at all the supermodels and get so jealous and sad.
I made that dream come true woohoo!!
what on Earth was I eating to make myself like this?
Tons of beef & cheese & bacon hamburgers, tons of white bread, tons of cow milk ice cream,
cheese on everything,
butter on everything,
dead fish & crabs,
cakes/cookies/cupcakes/donuts filled with eggs and dairy,
soda all the time,
pork chops,
(good God, barf!)
and of course huuuge amounts of bloating table salt,
and tons of table sugar,
the S.A.D. diet basically,
I also drank poison/alcohol regularly and I smoked cigarettes.
I cannot believe I made it out alive.
I was definitely on a fast track to
-heart disease-
leading to
a stroke, heart attack,
cancers & diabetes were also a risk,
you name it.
And I always felt sick,
headaches all the time,
indigestion almost daily after every awful meal I ate,
vomiting at times,
always had a head full of mucus constantly blowing my nose all the time and winter time was always a nightmare,
I never get sick during winter anymore & I literally cannot remember the last time I have thrown up, it has been years,
it is so great.
The sad diet is the real pandemic "covid" is a bunch of nonsense.
Coronavirus is a scapegoat,
for the S.A.D. diet
& alcohol and cigarette
& pharmaceutical use.
These fraudulent politicians & officials pretend they are saving people's lives with their goofy & pointless orders and restrictions it is hilarious.
Hilarious and irritating.
The SAD diet
cigarettes & cigars
& pharmaceuticals
are the real reason why people are sick and dying,
people are in hospitals because of what they are putting into their bodies.
And these people and their friends and family are blaming their sickness on people who don't wear a mask which is utterly absurd and completely wrong.
It is time people take responsibility for their self-inflicted illnesses and stop blaming their illness on others.
People are giving themselves heart disease and cancer and such and making themselves vulnerable,
that is nobody's fault but theirs,
so this ignorant blame-game needs to stop and
no, I do not have to suffocate myself just because somebody chooses to eat horribly and smoke cigarettes and drink poison/alcohol and ruin their natural immunity,
I have nothing in my body that will make anybody sick anyway,
excuse you.
If you eat healthy don't drink or smoke poison you will not get sick simple as that.
I do not have to obstruct my airways because people choose to live unhealthy,
that is their problem.
Those people are the ones who can stay at home and suffocate themselves all day & get unhealthy mixtures injected into their blood just because some Bozo in a white coat or a suit and tie told them to.
If people do not want to eat healthy or stop smoking cigarettes or stop drinking alcohol or stop filling their bodies with pharmaceuticals that is their choice but do not dare blame their consequential diseases on others.
People are not in the hospitals because of covid,
covid symptoms are a result of putting unhealthy junk into the body.
People are in hospitals because of their diet and habit choices.
If you don't want to get sick,
get on a healthier path today.
This is the real protection people need not an idiotic unhealthy face mask or a needle full of gross stuff.
It's time for people to accept that they need to change and stop trying to take a magic pill or shot so they can keep living unhealthy there is no such thing.
It is not torturous to eat healthy and not drink or smoke poisons it is easy & feels great!
 I collected a bunch of
fresh creek water today
 from a fast-flowing creek,
clear as a bell, & tastes
so refreshing and delicious,
no chemical flavor &
 did not cost me
one single penny.
Ha lol.
 Bottled water is one of the biggest scams, I fell for it too,
I bought it for many years,
I was an idiot lol.
 Bottled water is highly contaminated with all kinds of junk yet people have been suckered into believing that they are drinking clean water
& even more silly,
paying money for it.
 I'll take city water or natural land water over bottled water any day.
 I put fresh grapefruit peels in to fortify
This stuff is scrrrrong!!
 Natural land water is the most nourishing water to drink
 it is filled with lots of
healthy natural nutrients.
 Nature's way is the best way always.
Today in
Buda, Texas
How-deee ♡
I dig Buda cute little town I like it here much better than noisy & crowded Austin!
Much more open-aired and breathable,
no tall ugly buildings blocking the view of the beautiful sky
and more quiet/peaceful in Buda.
Me likey! ♡
  I prefer small towns much more than claustrophobic & air-polluted
big cities,
 I feels sooooo great to be out of Austin!
Oooommmmmm :)
I drove by a grapefruit tree these were on the ground/ripe saying
"Eat me!".
Super powerful nutrition I can literally feel it cleansing me,
my heart is beating faster,
no unhealthy facemask for me
I gots grapefruit!
Edible exercise!
Where can I go?
What's up with this blood,
I thought I was a goddess,
"After the blood,
come the boys!"
One of my favorite lines from
I tripped over rocks wasn't being careful. :/
I'll live!
I'm sure some people on this planet would try to blame my bleeding on covid
it wouldn't surprise me.
The covid nonsense grows more insane by the hour it seems.
Okay here's the blood,
where are the boys,
bring me the boys now.
LOLOL  ;)-
Or men rather,
I am done with boys.
A silly photo from a few weeks ago 
park day!
Go "V" ♡
My favorite outfit is 
my birthday suit!
This year is almost done y'all hang in there every storm passes &
the sunshine comes out
let it rain
let change happen
look for the good
positivity & action
achieve goals &
make dreams come true.
(What lol?)
Eating breakfast
I hiked a new trail I had never been to before yesterday
beautiful rock wall to climb on,
Feels SO great to get out in
pretty pure nature &
monkey around
my favorite thing!
New quick 3 minute
workout video,
getting goofy on
my brother's punching bag &
tearing myself up because I did not wear any skin protection.
P.S. I am a grown woman & 
I am allowed to twerk if
I am so inclined
to do so &
the twerking spirit
moves me.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Apple check!♡
Milking the nourishing
Some healthy perspiration!
Yesterday's suntanning.
Suntanning is like medicine literally,
essential daily ritual.
Freee-keeee ;)-
Mua ha haaa!
New bf,
he's raw vegan!
He only eats seaweed.
We look awesome together,
I think I'm ready for marriage,
waiting for him to propose
with a pearl ring,
I hope his mother likes me.
Get the stress
very important!
Exercise is a
natural & healthy,
effective antidepressant.
Exercise stimulates positive emotions & decreases negative emotions.
Stay pill-free!
Antidepressant pills
are very unhealthy.
Pills are made from
toxic synthetic materials 
& unsanitary animal-based products
both cause health problems
& ironically inflict damage on the brain & body overall.
Pills & shots are
never a solution
to diet and lifestyle related
mental or physical health issues.
Healthy foods and drinks & healthy habits are the only real cure for those issues.
I try to keep active all day for greater serenity. :)-
TOP of the morning
up early &
getting my
I beat the sun
still dark outside,
I love watching the sunrise.
Sunny D!
Stay flexible!
New video
New pole workout video
Grateful for a nice
sunset hike & run.
Leisure outdoors is a great luxury never take it for granted.
One of my favorite things
all natural in the sun!